Thursday, March 29, 2012

Hacker News stories for 5 AM on Thursday Mar 29, 2012

0.984 SocketStream - a fast, modular Node.js web framework comments

0.950 What are the best ways to learn Python if you are a beginner? comments

0.942 Megaupload Drops Mega Song Lawsuit to Focus on “Nonsense” US Charges comments

0.864 LG begins mass production of first flexible e-ink displays comments

0.827 Meet the Pioneers in Programming Languages comments

0.545 FoundersCard: The elite ‘black card’ for entrepreneurs comments

0.509 Saving the world is easy. Adam Smith showed us how. comments

0.508 Amazon UK homepage takes a trip back to 1999 to promote new Kindle comments

0.488 Nobody Really Knows How Many FBI GPS Trackers Are Out There comments

0.406 Do Newspapers Matter? comments

0.383 Boston Dynamics Sand Flea Robot Demonstrates Astonishing Jumping Skills comments

0.375 How I built a website about learning JavaScript in 20 hours comments

0.346 India news comments

0.333 WebSockets Follow-Up comments

0.318 RoboBonobo: Giving Apes Control of Their Own Robot comments

0.308 Pet Project for development job positions in Berlin comments

0.308 Trendy Gadgets for your iDevices: March Edition comments

0.294 IETF attendees reengineer their hotel’s Wi-Fi network comments

0.286 1333333333 is coming comments

0.279 Ivy.FM - Grails Based New Online Music Service comments

0.263 Teacher’s aide suspended for not providing school with access to Facebook page comments

0.182 Open source dead simple Youtube playlists with real-time changes comments

0.143 Continuous Integration Kills Large projects (2006- Still valid?) comments

0.121 is the modern way of making a totem comments

0.111 Beta Users Now comments

0.100 The World’s Largest Atlas: Cheers Bests Klencke comments


0.035 Scaffold + Tools for developing pyramid applications on App Engine comments

0.017 Ask HN: Denied US Visa As I am too young to be a CTO, Now What? comments

0.010 A boy and his father playing portal. comments

0.009 Show HN: Level-Up “game” for Weight watchers comments

0.009 Ask HN: Donate? Please… comments

0.006 Why you should create your app for iPhone first comments

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