Friday, March 30, 2012

Hacker News stories for 10 AM on Friday Mar 30, 2012

0.910 How Hollywood uses Megaupload comments

0.905 Australian court awards damages for unjustified copyright threats comments

0.898 99Dresses Emerges as Hottest Startup at Y Combinator Winter 2012 comments

0.891 Finally a unified Python solution for OAuth 1.0/a, 2.0 (oh and Ofly) comments

0.885 Can Tunisia Become the Silicon Valley of the Arab World? comments

0.851 How long did it take you to learn how to program? comments

0.849 Reviews and Natural Language Processing: Clustering comments

0.820 Endless scroll design patterns comments

0.803 The Future Of Apps comments

0.771 How to handle the first VC meeting comments

0.668 Congress: How Are Developers Using Personal Data? comments

0.635 JOBS Act to allow hedge funds and private equity firms to market to investors comments

0.626 US Govt Domains comments

0.604 The Sky Is Rising | Techdirt. comments

0.576 Mathematical Constraints on Financially Viable Public Policy comments

0.576 Pizza v. Pizza - Real Life UX: comments

0.562 Netflix buys domain name comments

0.559 Hate screencasting? Try this…. comments

0.548 How to chose a license for your own work comments

0.470 redirects to Netflix’s DVD home page, hinting at a domain purchase comments

0.467 How transhumanism failed in the 1900s comments

0.458 HTC One X vs One S vs One V Comparison Table comments

0.429 The quietest revolution ever comments

0.424 Know Your YC Partners comments

0.420 NASA Introduces A New Mentoring Program For Girls comments

0.419 I can manipulate your Amazon recommendations without IFrames comments

0.417 Roy Fielding’s Talks comments

0.410 White Label SEO comments

0.402 What went wrong with the Hubble Space Telescope comments

0.395 Let the Games Begin; No Hunger Involved comments

0.338 Game of Thrones – Season 2 Episode 1 Clips comments

0.301 This Week In Social Media comments

0.297 Planned $300 million cable to make NYC-London trading 5.2 milliseconds faster comments

0.273 Apple May Give Up “Thermonuclear War” With Android comments

0.255 Kernel Debugging 101 comments

0.253 Fabric Engine: JavaScript as fast as C++ comments

0.222 Why “Hits” is a misleading website performance indicator comments

0.222 Mobile Acquisition Transparancy Alliance comments

0.221 Second best is usually still damn good. comments

0.199 Math pastebin with LaTeX support and live preview comments

0.199 Blackberry surrenders to iPhone comments

0.194 Twitter Breaks Copy/Paste on tweet pages comments

0.190 Site Owner News comments

0.185 Dear Technology World – Please Stop Trying To Give Me An Erection comments

0.166 Man faces libel allegations over Amazon book review comments

0.143 Comparative Technical Review of Windows Phone 7.5 comments

0.142 JQuery.cssMinMax Polyfill Plugin - CSS3 min() and max() today comments

0.124 6 Ways Spotify Could Improve Its Mobile User Experience comments

0.119 What we need is music, music and diagrams… comments

0.109 Anti-Sec: Son of LulzSec and Anonymous comments

0.091 Facebook Ads Now Anchoring Atop the Ticker comments

0.085 Malawi Police Make First Arrest over Facebook Post comments

0.079 SalesPortal Will Have a Booth at ad:tech San Francisco 2012 comments

0.071 Interview with Aleem Mawani of Streak, Inbox CRM powered by Context.IO comments

0.063 Will hacker group Anonymous bring down the Internet on 31 March? comments

0.048 Show HN: Screw statistics, here’s a hangman guesser that’s always optimal comments

0.036 Instagram for iPad comments

0.033 Katz kickstarts project for better Rails on Mac OS X comments

0.031 Ask HN: Where to sell my awesome domain? comments

0.031 Facebook’s Timeline is coming for your Pages today, whether you like it or not comments

0.023 UI responsiveness: OSX vs. Windows, iOS vs. Android comments

0.017 User uploads to YouTube hit one hour per second comments

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