Thursday, March 22, 2012

Hacker News stories for 8 AM on Thursday Mar 22, 2012

0.956 More people with genius IQs living in China than people in total in the U.S. comments

0.954 MPAA Asks For Megaupload Data So It Can Sue Users. Then says SIKE comments

0.820 Switching From Coffee to Caffeine Pills comments

0.791 Minimum Viable Product vs. Minimum Delightful Product comments

0.780 How Do You Say ‘Disagreement’ in Pirahã? comments

0.777 How to get my ex back comments

0.749 Comparison of open-source licenses comments

0.743 Dynamic Brand Building through Consumer Experience Marketing comments

0.736 Nicolas Sarkozy is going insane - Deep Packet Inspection for all comments

0.720 Wijmo: A More Expansive jQuery UI | Joe Zim’s JavaScript Blog comments

0.707 Increase NASA’s Budget to 1 Penny on the Dollar comments

0.699 Colors for data scientists comments

0.676 Visualizing Packet Captures For Fun and Profit comments

0.667 Intermediate Floating-Point Precision comments

0.644 Internet Censorship Revealed Through the Haze of Malware Pollution comments

0.644 Australian Gov:Public shouldn’t know about secret antipiracy negotiations comments

0.566 A MESSENGER to Mercury reveals a strange little planet comments

0.565 Promotional materials alienate and offend people comments

0.563 Managing people like they do in the movies comments

0.534 12 Essential Skills for Software Architects comments

0.500 Apple files patent on haptic touch interface comments

0.486 Dollar Shave Club Raise $1MM from Big VCs comments

0.467 OH HAI SEXISM comments

0.464 What Kind of Startup Is Right for You? comments

0.454 What’s Driving Big Valuations in E-Commerce? comments

0.453 Partial Application in JavaScript Revisited comments

0.441 Debugging code running 100 million miles away comments

0.438 PIMPL vs Pure Virtual Interfaces comments

0.421 Do we need copyright? comments

0.411 Printing on the web - a run down of some popular website’s print styles comments

0.405 My first Start-Up Chile reimbursement - How the $40K grant works comments

0.393 Shogun 2 patch incoming comments

0.391 The Feature comments

0.368 The Psychology of Great Game Design comments

0.337 The 400 horsepower device comments

0.325 Ask Ars: how safe is my data stored in iCloud? comments

0.314 How to handle price objections comments

0.309 Google Input/Output comments

0.300 March Madness - SQL Azure - sys.dm_db_partition_stats - Row Cost comments

0.289 DEAR FRIEND IN GOD comments

0.261 Digital Ping Pong League in NYC launches open source Django website comments

0.256 Google takes on Amazon - visit the Amazon on Google maps comments

0.254 Facebook is down for some accounts: Account Temporarily Unavailable comments

0.250 Nvidia GeForce GTX 680 Reviewed comments

0.232 How Developers can bootstrap coverage for their project. comments

0.189 1985 AT&T film: Come for the archive footage, stay for the unintentional sexism comments

0.152 Windows 64-bit: The ‘Program Files (x86)’ and ‘SysWOW64’ folders explained comments

0.132 Robots that eat slugs, will humans be on the menu soon? comments

0.124 This is probably the first time in history that the frisbee has ever been cool. comments

0.121 How to Protect Yourself on Pinterest comments

0.093 Google Research: The YouTube Social Network comments

0.085 The Ultimate in Mobile Gaming? comments

0.077 The Rise of Digital Influence comments

0.077 Building web apps using jQuery Mobile comments

0.069 Root Firewall - a Internet Firewall for rooted Android users comments

0.067 Gnome 2.x, I’ll miss you comments

0.049 Apple’s iPhone tops BlackBerry in RIM’s home of Canada for first time comments

0.048 Picozu - best attempt at a browser HTML5 Adobe Photoshop clone comments

0.042 Text on the iPad from the perspective of a magazine publisher comments

0.001 Ask HN: Need an iOS developer to build an app for us comments

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