Thursday, March 29, 2012

Hacker News stories for 6 PM on Thursday Mar 29, 2012

0.999 3 Quick Tips for Writing Tests in Node.JS (after some rambling) comments

0.896 How not to write Python: Part 1 (Courtesy of Adobe) comments

0.891 White House ‘Big Data’ Push Means Big Bucks for Drone Brains comments

0.763 Diagnoses Of Autism On the Rise, Report Says comments

0.753 Kill the Blockbuster comments

0.637 Bount - Django deployments made easy comments

0.621 What Ion Propulsion Means for Boeing—And Our Future in Space comments

0.619 A modern, concurrent web server for ruby comments

0.617 Why Kickstarter Outfunding the NEA Isn’t a Good Thing comments

0.606 Could This Male Contraceptive Pill Make A Vas Deferens In The Fight Against HIV? comments

0.595 Education Colleges Cry Foul on Ratings comments

0.583 Codiqa - the jQuery Mobile Prototype Builder comments

0.545 Be Brave Enough to Fail comments

0.465 Computer correctly identifies liars more than 80 percent of the time comments

0.433 Why Bayes Rules: The History of a Formula That Drives Modern Life comments

0.431 Google Analytics gets a home page redesign. comments

0.422 The Making of Prince of Persia: Journals 1985-1993 comments

0.420 Vint Cerf attacks European Internet policy comments

0.403 Final and last Beta (2) for Ubuntu 12.04 LTS released comments

0.383 C++ Academy - My New Project comments

0.312 Is FAME awesome, or spammy? comments

0.259 Americans Flush $5 Billion Down the Toilet Every Year comments

0.255 Curing Cancer with the Cloud comments

0.164 Using Varnish to help with A/B Testing comments

0.156 Texas man sues Path, claims it stole more than just his contacts comments

0.096 Hackers Stealing Your Identity Through Your Old Xbox comments

0.030 Show HN: Video-JS Social Media Plugins. comments

0.024 Tell HN: Come out and show some support comments

0.008 How Not to market an iPhone app comments

0.005 Tell HN: minor bug (feature?) of the YC app comments

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