Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Hacker News stories for 2 PM on Tuesday Mar 27, 2012

0.935 Quick Analysis of Skills.to comments

0.930 Why Doing Something Today (Even If You Fail) Is Better Than Tomorrow comments

0.896 The Only Three Things You Need to Know To Succeed comments

0.856 Hulu’s custom clips fight piracy and enable fans comments

0.846 How A Startup Lobbied For It’s Right To Survive comments

0.743 10 Hiring Shortcuts No Young Company Can Afford comments

0.684 Adding acknowledgement semantics to a persistent Python queue using ZODB comments

0.673 Zappos CEO buys Las Vegas motel, strikes deal with Venture for America comments

0.667 An Invisibility Cloak for Heat comments

0.662 Why Third Parties Don’t Ever Succeed comments

0.657 Coding Horror: Working with the Chaos Monkey comments

0.571 Strftime: helper for building date formatting strings comments

0.557 7 Ways to Avoid a Poor First Impression in Business comments

0.521 Why San Francisco is the new capital of Silicon Valley comments

0.500 I’ll sleep when I’m dead comments

0.468 Arista 7124FX - 24 ports of 10G with user programable FPGA comments

0.427 Kevin Korb’s Jokes: Care and Feeding of Your Hacker comments

0.396 Haskell web application with Server Events, on Heroku comments

0.368 Citizen Surveillance and the Coming Challenge for Public Institutions comments

0.357 There’s no struggle in our lives comments

0.333 ITAPPMONROBOT comments

0.333 Messin with core.logic comments

0.289 Video: Dead-Simple Dependency Injection in Scala comments

0.286 Glibc steering committee dissolving comments

0.276 How I failed and failed some more, but in the end persevered. comments

0.259 OMG Make The Auto-Replies Go Away (Introducing ReplyTo) comments

0.248 Who Killed Download Software? comments

0.225 A Pinterest spammer tells all comments

0.221 Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen’s identity stolen by AWOL soldier comments

0.217 Starbucks Does Not Use Two-Phase Commit comments

0.188 Hacker Challenge: Crack Blind Quantum Computing, We Dare You comments

0.184 Mozilla launches multiplayer browser adventure to showcase HTML5 gaming comments

0.150 Making Peace With HTTP APIs comments

0.128 36-hour face transplant ‘most extensive’ ever comments

0.124 Embedded apps to ease latency in new Ethernet switches comments

0.114 Uncrackable Password Generator comments

0.107 Don’t Talk to Cops comments

0.072 OpenTLD a.k.a Predator, tracking objects in video. comments

0.063 7Labs’ pick of 10 Useful Web-Based Apps comments

0.050 Okay, SciFi Fans, What Comes After iPad? comments

0.046 Look Ma, No Trackpad Flutter Lets You Control Your Mac With Gestures comments

0.037 Poll: Web forms vs email? comments

0.013 Poll: Which mobile OS do you develop for? comments

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