Friday, March 30, 2012

Hacker News stories for 3 PM on Friday Mar 30, 2012

0.947 Compared to other groups, conservatives have least confidence in science comments

0.936 Quick(ish) video tutorial - Scala Typeclasses: Decoupling comments

0.903 Duck-checker in Python: does one exist? comments

0.879 Colgate-Palmolive Pledges to Reduce Water Consumption 40% comments

0.867 17 Game-Changing Health Start-ups comments

0.820 Backbone.js and Tornado comments

0.779 Things I Learned the Hard Way at comments

0.701 Catching A Falling Blackberry comments

0.678 The Great Startup Prank War of Boulder, Colorado comments

0.672 Predictability comments

0.667 Train Your Own AI Army comments

0.644 Busy Building Things ships killer prints to inspire creators & makers comments

0.624 The open Internet’s five deadliest enemies comments

0.534 MIX: A compiler from SQL to Erlang code using Amazon DynamoDB comments

0.521 #1 CSRF Is A Vulnerability In All Browsers - You MUST Deny It ASAP comments

0.502 It’s open STARTUP season in Chile comments

0.472 Life-extending drug without the negative side effects comments

0.467 Nonstartr comments

0.467 Blade Runner Sketchbook comments

0.424 Using remarketing to sell more software comments

0.405 TED 4Geeks, are U in? comments

0.404 3 Positive Feedback Traps Startups Should Be Wary Of comments

0.370 “Major” credit-card breach reportedly hits Visa, MasterCard comments

0.354 Harvard and the Making of the Unabomber comments

0.333 Robots that fly … and cooperate comments

0.322 Canabalt, QWOP, Steambirds: Survival Devs on Adobe’s Premium Charges comments

0.314 Captain Cook Sails to China comments

0.264 The Girls Around Me App Takes Creepy to a New Level comments

0.247 RIM is now a startup: focused, honest, hungry comments

0.192 How A 7 Day Old Blog Attracted 500 Visitors And Over $1,000,000 In New Customers comments

0.171 On Building Flipboard for iPhone comments

0.167 Paper makes me smile while I pay them comments

0.153 Images capture split personality of dense suspensions comments

0.088 Groupon’s Profit In 2011 Was Actually $22.6 Million Less Than Previously comments

0.076 First User Of Google’s Self-Driving Car Is Legally Blind comments

0.074 Signals Show Facebook IPO Imminent comments

0.042 TweetDeck taken offline after bug allows access to hundreds of accounts comments

0.025 Graphing on - Now in 3D comments

0.024 Google Adds Traffic To Real Time Maps comments

0.015 I’m a non-hacker and my weekend project took 1,670 + days comments

0.002 Show HN: password protected messages comments

0.001 Demo HTML5 video on a 3d CSS CUBE comments

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