Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Hacker News stories for 12 PM on Wednesday Mar 07, 2012

0.937 Seth Godin on Libraries, Literary Agents and the Future of Book Publishing comments

0.882 The HyperCard Legacy: Programming for the People | CreativeApplications.Net comments

0.859 White House Works With Startups to Push QA Positions comments

0.858 How an online service is hosted, tested and backed-up with cloud managed hosting comments

0.835 Why I CAN test my own code comments

0.833 Rails Lightweight Stack. comments

0.818 Dark Matter, Dark Energy And The Shadow Universe comments

0.775 Is U.S. energy independence finally within reach? comments

0.771 Jersey RESTful webservice practices Stackoverflow question comments

0.770 The Single Chart That Proves Tim Cook Is Right About the Post-PC World comments

0.752 Overview of the basics of versioning comments

0.748 Key/value is dead. Long live tuples: Pangool for Hadoop comments

0.738 Silicon Valley leaders take up the Dream on behalf of young migrants comments

0.720 Work at a Startup 2012 comments

0.717 How to be effective (Philip Guo) comments

0.717 Nike’s Flyknit Sock-Like Shoe (may cut out Asia as producer) comments

0.713 Free Jeremy Hammond? comments

0.705 Startup Secret 43: It’s not you, it’s me comments

0.696 Golang last build soon to be tagged RC for Go 1 comments

0.695 11 Bizarrely Wrong Beliefs Americans Have About Themselves comments

0.682 Work aversion disorder comments

0.681 Groupon’s whale problem comments

0.676 Ember.js States and Routes comments

0.667 PragPub March ‘12 is out (Pragmatic Bookshelf magazine) comments

0.661 Launch Conference Livestream comments

0.661 Anons fight panic after Sabu betrayal comments

0.646 The Nest of Car Stereos comments

0.646 Iteration is Hard comments

0.636 Awful Recruiters comments

0.629 Designing in Data Quality with the User Interface comments

0.615 Awesome bash one-liners, shell script tips and tricks comments

0.614 Get better data from user studies: 16 interviewing tips comments

0.603 How to create realistic candles in Photoshop comments

0.602 Why Keyowrd Variation is Important in Link Building comments

0.594 The QWERTY Effect: How typing shapes the meanings of words. comments

0.586 How Exercise Can Change Your DNA comments

0.578 Adam Gopnik on Favourite Essay Collections comments

0.571 Tweeet and save to your hopper comments

0.563 Constructing Your Seed Round Syndicate comments

0.545 Everything is broken comments

0.542 Battle: Internet Engineer vs Physicist. Which side are you on? comments

0.540 To bootstrap or not to bootstrap comments

0.523 Scale Indefinitely On S3 With These Secrets Of The S3 Masters comments

0.516 1 pic = 1K words. Hollywood pollutes my personalized Google News comments

0.512 A digest of Eastern European startup news comments

0.511 How Facebook’s New Ads Can Deliver More for Less | comments

0.511 Will sites that cross-post blog posts be penalized by Google’s new algorithm? comments

0.510 On The MacBook Air And SSD Performance comments

0.507 Securing Your Domain Against Seizure: Where Is Safe to Register a Domain Name? comments

0.504 ‘New iPad’ key details: 4G LTE, Retina Display, March 16th release comments

0.501 Asus Padfone 3 in 1 Specifications comments

0.500 Seth Godin on the tribes we lead comments

0.494 Living in the Prove It Culture comments

0.494 Three 70% Deltas Affecting Your AdWords Account: Secondary Metrics comments

0.484 How to completely, utterly destroy an employee’s work life comments

0.481 7 Things You Never Have to Do comments

0.480 Drudge Report Looks Old-School, but Its Ad Targeting Is State-of-the-Art comments

0.477 The Mystery of the Duqu Framework comments

0.468 Google UK MD Speaking at GBBO Wales comments

0.467 Negative Proximity comments

0.467 I’m Ashamed comments

0.461 Anonymous Lays Siege To The Vatican comments

0.458 KONY 2012 viewed critically comments

0.458 Will slowdown in U.S. labor productivity spur hiring binge? comments

0.454 Community request for Apache 2.4 in Ubuntu 12.04 LTS comments

0.421 Why Bootstrap might be very important comments

0.403 1.0 released, list of features comments

0.397 Stop using grey: Color resources for web design comments

0.394 How to Design a Better UX Resume comments

0.394 Seismic waves from Tohoku earthquake converted into sound comments

0.391 Web Worker Sandbox comments

0.389 Font Awesome comments

0.375 GOTO operator and PHP comments

0.370 Tevatron confirms a 115-135 GeV Higgs comments

0.363 Pagekite free for FOSS comments

0.346 Why are you on Facebook? comments

0.337 Chinese Firewall’s most blocked terms comments

0.333 Clarified CQRS comments

0.333 The best Apple Livestream today comments

0.331 Twitter Now Available in Right-to-Left Languages comments

0.328 The USE Method: Linux server performance checklist comments

0.328 The Financial Cost of an Execution on Death Row comments

0.308 Huge Solar Flare’s Magnetic Storm May Disrupt Satellites, Power Grids comments

0.298 Power of the crowd « Studyers blog comments

0.290 I need advice on our company’s CFO position? comments

0.288 The Anatomy of an Anonymous Attack comments

0.278 NASA chief:IT security issues will not hurt missions – Congress wants details comments

0.276 Awesome Programmer, Co-Founder wanted for Food Sharing App comments

0.275 Richard Stallman coming to Singapore comments

0.270 The Print Handbook - The best design reference I have seen in quite some time. comments

0.269 Building Better Stories with Location and Friends comments

0.257 Stumped by a problem? This technique unsticks you comments

0.251 RSA Animate - Changing Education Paradigms comments

0.250 Apple Announces A Retina-Equipped iPad (It’s Just Called iPad) comments

0.236 Youtube restricts “How To Get Anything Through TSA Nude Body Scanners” comments

0.228 Another rant about academia and open source comments

0.223 Neighborhood social platform built by Redditor. 6000+ neighborhoods later… comments

0.199 New Apple TV Launches with 1080P iTunes and Netflix comments

0.193 I Kissed an iPad and I Liked (on release of iPad 1) comments

0.188 Live Blogging Apple’s iPad Event comments

0.183 How To Watch Today’s Apple iPad 3 Event Live comments

0.172 Amateur Astronomers Flash the Space Station comments

0.169 Council bans daughter contact over child images comments

0.152 Colllor - Turn one color into many alternative ones comments

0.148 Send your code to the final frontier and catch objects tubling in zero-G comments

0.145 Space Plane Has Been in Orbit For a Whole Year comments

0.144 A 1-star, unfiltered user review of Yelp comments

0.143 Gizmodo iPad HD Liveblog comments

0.134 iPad 3 event liveblog comments

0.123 Readability, Meet Android comments

0.119 WSJ iPad Stream comments

0.117 Apple iPad with Retina Display makes its debut comments

0.116 Who sent out GitHub’s security notice during the iPad3 announcement? comments

0.112 Good SEO Articles comments

0.109 Think twice before buying Kony 2012 comments

0.101 Buttons were an inspired UI hack, but now we’ve got better options comments

0.089 Live Apple iPad 3 event coverage comments

0.085 Pinterest’s Founding Designer Shares His Dead-Simple Design Philosophy comments

0.084 Cucumber/Functional tests for Android and iOS comments

0.084 Apps are, often, better when they are written with “no code”. comments

0.078 Google+ Posts in Timeline View comments

0.075 A New Look for the +1 Button comments

0.070 International 4G LTE iPads appear in Apple inventory system comments

0.066 Apple Unveils New iPad With 4G LTE, Retina Display & A5X processor comments

0.065 Anonymous Attacks Panda Security After LulzSec Arrests comments

0.063 iPad 3 announced with LTE, Retina Display, A5X processor with quad-core graphics comments

0.059 Http:// comments

0.055 Apple releases Ipad 3 comments

0.053 New iPad is official: 2048x1536 retina display comments

0.052 Ask HN: Best place to learn stuff I didn’t learn getting CS degree comments

0.045 The new iPad technical specifications comments

0.043 Apple iPad 3 comments

0.041 Why the iPad 3 Retina display changes everything comments

0.040 The new iPad comments

0.040 The new iPad comments

0.038 Apple announces new iPad with 3.1M-pixel Retina Display, 4G LTE, voice dictation comments

0.038 Apple Launches New iPad comments

0.035 Github hack: How to protect your Rails apps against a similar hack comments

0.035 Employers Asking Applicants for Facebook Passwords comments

0.031 Ask HN: Go it alone or try and find a partner? comments

0.031 You Won’t Believe the Scale of This Video Game World comments

0.027 SSH Key Audit on Github (required) comments

0.026 How Hacker News Changed My Life comments

0.026 Apple Sold More iPads In Q4 Than Any Single Manufacturer Sold PC Devices comments

0.024 IPad with retina display, quad core graphics ships March 16 comments

0.020 GitHub SSH key audit comments

0.020 Github SSH Key Audit comments

0.020 Apple announces the new iPad comments

0.017 New iPad is Apple’s first LTE product, coming to Verizon and AT&T comments

0.014 Ask HN: Do Startups Want Design Intern? comments

0.012 GitHub Vulnerability Audit - Requires Approval of SSH Keys comments

0.010 “The New iPad” Announced; Price Details; Available on March 16 comments

0.008 Introducing the new iPad comments

0.007 The New Ipad (Video) comments

0.006 Apple drops iPad 2 price by $100 comments

0.004 Show HN: Bet on Sports, Keep Your Money comments

0.002 Show HN: Scoretastic, the beautiful score keeper app comments

0.000 New iPad has 2048x1536 retina display, quad-core graphics, 1080p video recording comments

0.000 Ask HN: Github SSH Key Vulnerability Email Real or Hoax? comments

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