Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Hacker News stories for 1 PM on Wednesday Mar 07, 2012

0.982 Markets May Become Unruly When Machines Rule comments

0.974 FAQs on Mathematics Education for Exceptionally Young or Bright Learners comments

0.888 Super Tuesday & Social Media: Women Predict Primaries comments

0.818 How can we improve Netflix? A survey comments

0.814 Alone in a Crowd: How Crowdfunding Could Strand Startups comments

0.809 Don’t Read Tech Blogs: 10 Pieces of Startup Advice from Backupify’s Rob May comments

0.786 How Do Entrepreneurs who “Make something for yourself” fare? comments

0.762 Kony2012 - Stop Child Solidering - Invisible Children comments

0.667 Man Barred From Being Alone With Daughter After Informing Police of Porn On PC comments

0.615 APA report on willpower, the science of self-control comments

0.592 Rapportive Announces Acquisition By LinkedIn comments

0.588 Mentors: A Young Entrepreneur’s Secret Weapon comments

0.556 Linsanity on Zaarly - A 263% spike in Knicks Tickets Requests… comments

0.506 Siri’s big brother from Google comments

0.500 W-2 v. 1099, SuperDuperMegaGuide comments

0.500 How to win a hackathon comments

0.465 What the Frack is in That Water? comments

0.333 Limbo, or the Limits of Language comments

0.317 Why Proprietary Source Is Worse Than Open Source comments

0.291 How To: Lower Your Bounce Rate in Google Analytics comments

0.277 Twitter to Sell Two Years’ Worth of Old Tweets comments

0.263 Backup your Linux remotely using rsync command comments

0.250 Giant Solar Flare, Everyone Panic comments

0.217 Image recognition technology goes shopping comments

0.217 Martin Fowler on Command Query Responsibility Segregation (CQRS) comments

0.198 Apple Special Event March 2012 video comments

0.175 Daylight saving time awakens cyberslacking zombies comments

0.169 How To Get Anything Through TSA Nude Body Scanners (Video) comments

0.107 The Making of a UI/UX Designer comments

0.100 Stable release Wine 1.4 is now available for linux comments

0.089 Chrome exploit and sandbox escape demonstrated at CanSecWest, $60k awarded comments

0.088 The “new” iPad is here comments

0.088 Hands On With The New iPad comments

0.086 Form and Fortune: Steve Jobs’s pursuit of perfection—and the consequences. comments

0.051 How Apple squeezed all of that tech into the new iPad comments

0.051 iOS 5.1 final release now available comments

0.035 Has the Facebook Friend Bubble Burst? comments

0.033 IPad 3 comments

0.032 iPad 4G LTE Data Plan Prices for AT&T and Verizon comments

0.029 Here’s what Spirits will look like on the new iPad comments

0.029 Apple’s new iPad now available for pre-order comments

0.022 IPad 3 Announced - Quad Core A5 Chip, Retina Display, 4G LTE comments

0.018 New iPad first hands-on, detailed pictures, and more comments

0.015 The Apple Store is busy updating their store comments

0.012 A new, high-definition iPad from Apple comments

0.008 Offer HN: Website/UI Redesign comments

0.006 Ask HN: Junk Mail comments

0.002 Apple Boosts Over-the-Air App Store Download Limits to 50 MB comments

0.002 Apple’s iOS 5.1 update is now available for download comments

0.001 Adobe Shadow – a new way to debug mobile web sites and apps comments

0.001 Ask HN: How would you scale Apple’s web store? comments

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