Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Hacker News stories for 9 AM on Wednesday Mar 07, 2012

0.994 Flow-Based Programming for Node.js comments

0.979 Silicon Seven: 70 lessons from the valley in 7 days told in 7 minutes comments

0.968 ShellJS: A port of Unix shell commands to Node.js comments

0.939 How to deploy Node.js application to the (Nodester) cloud comments

0.919 Functional thinking: Functional design patterns, (groovy, mostly)Part 1 comments

0.867 The NOR machine comments

0.760 Python from scratch- RegEx comments

0.714 Specific Antibodies Halt Alzheimer’s Disease in Mice comments

0.695 Judy Arrays comments

0.679 Health Datapalooza: Calling all Food & Tech Innovators to the comments

0.677 Startup Accelerators On Both Sides Of The Pond comments

0.667 The March PragPub Is Out. comments

0.656 Chatsworth fire damage restoration comments

0.603 My First 90 days in a StartUp comments

0.590 Kongregate talks about making money from online games comments

0.585 The Truth About Estimates in Software Development comments

0.579 Facebook and Twitter are just the start comments

0.571 Kiip founder Brian Wong: Hustle and Hustle Smart in Startups comments

0.568 Django + Vagrant quick start comments

0.555 Early-Stage Startups Need Friends, Family, and Fools comments

0.554 Making a Done List comments

0.540 Those three ‘A’s comments

0.531 How Insignificant is IE these days? comments

0.489 Feedback loops, tight ones: interface design, business management & tickling comments

0.482 So how does this work? comments

0.472 Cutting Agile Down To Size comments

0.467 Toy Shining comments

0.464 Where “Spam” comes from#Etymology) comments

0.444 Bones of the Book comments

0.432 Demo Day comments

0.422 Announcing gist-deleter v0.0.1 comments

0.420 After Ratings Drop, Ford Reworks Touch Screens comments

0.419 Google Analytics Doldrums comments

0.410 Is it bootstrap? comments

0.404 Google (translate) is stupid - NOTst doof) comments

0.399 Neil deGrasse Tyson on Space Exploration comments

0.391 IPad3 event liveblog - Engadget comments

0.363 Server names in the business world: Putting the fun in functional comments

0.357 Throwing Eggs outside windows comments

0.333 Atlassian acquires HipChat comments

0.333 Atlassian acquires HipChat comments

0.322 A Zuckerberg like is the ultimate launch strategy comments

0.313 7 Unexpected Benefits of Being a Blogger comments

0.308 The Cost of Doing Public Cloud with VMware comments

0.302 Creating Metro Style Icons with Metro Studio comments

0.283 We’re Underestimating the Risk of Human Extinction comments

0.277 Whispers of a Responsive OS: Windows 8 comments

0.257 The Story of Read-Only Collection Interfaces in .NET comments

0.255 Pushover: Simple Mobile Notifications comments

0.255 French Looking to Regulate Connected TV comments

0.236 10 web development concepts designers should know comments

0.224 Kony 2012 - Bring Kony To Justice comments

0.208 Great, Another Bootstrap Site comments

0.207 Dwolla being sued by former Bitcoin Exchange comments

0.206 Netflix, Please Don’t Go Cable comments

0.200 Will We Be Living in a Dump? comments

0.182 Some economics of pay-what-you-want pricing comments

0.177 Why Facebook app namespace must be at least 7 characters long? comments

0.176 Never Threaten Your Users comments

0.141 Firefox can now migrate bookmarks from chrome (2 yrs in the making?) comments

0.137 First iPad to touch you back? comments

0.127 Best NFC development kit comments

0.115 Airscape - Astounding rotating HTML5 platform game comments

0.096 Brazilian ASCAP charges a monthly rate of blogs that use YouTube videos. ptBR comments

0.089 Microsoft releases to manufacturing SQL Server 2012 comments

0.086 Crazy Hedgy 2.0 - iPad 3 graphic teaser comments

0.067 How SnapHop found a niche automating time consuming mobile marketing activities comments

0.049 Google Play Unveiled; It Replaces Android Market comments

0.027 Liquidmetal announces it is now shipping commercial parts to unnamed customers comments

0.025 Why the holdouts aren’t buying an iPad comments

0.013 Ask HN: Quitting a well paid job comments

0.013 Kendo UI Giving Away iPad, iPod Touch, GalaxyTab, PlayBook for Next Release comments

0.011 Ask HN: Review my startup, n3rds comments

0.009 Ask HN: Highest Ranking of HN Submission? comments

0.007 7 Mac Apps at Insanely Low Price comments

0.006 Show HN: results comments

0.000 Ask HN: Does anyone still use Lamer News, the HN alternative? comments

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