Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Hacker News stories for 9 AM on Tuesday Mar 20, 2012

0.987 Machine Learning in SaaS paradigm comments

0.979 Cycles, belts and cores: applying lessons from science to building startups comments

0.943 50 things I learned at 500 comments

0.927 Supreme court unanimously rules against personalized medicine patent comments

0.896 Uh-Oh: Science Says Creativity And Dishonesty Go Hand-In-Hand comments

0.872 Moodpanda releases API for developers to build from their data comments

0.864 Advices for startup entrepreneurs from Dan Martell, an angel investor comments

0.851 Samsung backside-bitten by emoticon patent trollery comments

0.849 You Can’t Occupy This comments

0.840 Visiting the technology giants of Silicon Valley comments

0.832 Astronomers Discover Rectangular Galaxy comments

0.800 How to find a technical cofounder comments

0.774 Open-plan offices must die comments

0.765 Teacher Suspended For Reading ‘Ender’s Game’ To Middle School Students comments

0.749 The Great Debate: Who Owns Your Data Online comments

0.737 Doing is better than Talking comments

0.714 Mutant thoughts comments

0.708 Making the urban desert bloom in Detroit where profit is still a dirty word comments

0.682 PyPy, Jython and CPython 3 on dotCloud comments

0.662 Metacircular Semantics for Common Lisp Special Forms comments

0.658 Using smartphone users as surveillance nodes comments

0.646 Diversity in Open Source Projects comments

0.634 Take It Easy – TK’s weblog comments

0.627 Thanks or No Thanks - How Hard Could It Be? comments

0.625 The unreasonable necessity of subject experts comments

0.623 On Poetry & Programming comments

0.620 Hiring from the Community comments

0.598 Busting 10 Myths about Hadoop comments

0.598 Microsoft TV remote patent will charge you for skipping adverts comments

0.587 Why Zynga is considering $200M purchase of DrawSomething creator OMGPOP comments

0.578 Greece on the breadline: ‘potato movement’ links shoppers and farmers comments

0.571 Semantic Versioning Specification comments

0.566 RuPy 12 - Connecting Hemispheres comments

0.557 Kickstarter, Bad Idea? comments

0.545 Fab after nine months (slideshare) comments

0.532 Researchers develop blueprint for nuclear clock accurate over billions of years comments

0.518 Google takes aim at MPAA in Hotfile case comments

0.511 MacLeod’s Company Hierarchy And The Corporate Conscious comments

0.500 How to copy and paste with tmux comments

0.499 Architects In SCRUM Are Like Mayonaise In Cake comments

0.478 Windows Phone Outsells Symbian in U.K. Handsets, Study Says comments

0.477 Grand Cru raises $2M to build free-to-play Supernauts superhero game comments

0.467 Die EmacsWiki, Die comments

0.467 π in song comments

0.461 Shoebox Dwelling | Finding comfort, style and dignity in small spaces comments

0.436 TwiTreTube: linear YouTube watching via Twitter trends comments

0.411 Iron Lady lost in Russian translation comments

0.395 The Hidden Risk of Meltdown in the Cloud comments

0.388 JQuery Font Combobox with font preview comments

0.387 Aziz Ansari releases DRM-free standup special for $5 comments

0.379 How To Convince Your Clients To Pay You Hourly comments

0.373 Bootstrap-wysihtml5: a simple, beautiful wysiwyg editor comments

0.373 Launched Today: See Amazon’s Giftcard Deal in Real-Time comments

0.363 An unlimited budget is almost as bad as no budget comments

0.354 Kernel competition in the enterprise space comments

0.347 Another Hidden Bailout: Helping Wall Street Collect Your Rent comments

0.333 Radiolab on the life of Alan Turing comments

0.326 Designer Returns to the Letterpress for Love of Art comments

0.323 Living in my car, working on a start-up comments

0.314 US easing restrictions on providing software to Iran to promote free information comments

0.302 Clever new IE campaign falls down on Windows 8 details comments

0.299 More 50%-off Amazon Gift Cards comments

0.297 Roku Channel for Developers: MadCoderTV is Live - Open source, Open Content comments

0.294 Do You Have To Be Rude To Manage Like Steve Jobs? comments

0.294 Do You Have to Be Rude to Manage Like Steve Jobs? comments

0.291 Senate Votes Today on JOBs Act - Solicit Un-accredited on the Internet comments

0.276 Why I will think twice about the next Kevin Rose endeavour comments

0.262 My Robotic Kitchen Planned This Dinner Party comments

0.254 PwnedList alerts you when you’ve been hacked, for a price comments

0.243 Gridpak: Responsive grid generator. comments

0.197 Another (perhaps final) twist in the disappearance of Amelia Earhart comments

0.195 Fact based, data-oriented news comments

0.185 IPad growth accelerates to 156%, tablet sales to ‘measurably’ exceed PCs comments

0.182 Traffic Spike from Shark Tank appearance comments

0.181 College student looking for some advice on small business comments

0.170 Startups Aim to Make Coding Fun comments

0.156 I Cannot Stop Thinking About The New iPad (3) comments

0.152 Postings on stocktwits correlated with stock prices comments

0.140 How does a weak targeted page compete against a strong kind-of-targeted page? comments

0.135 How to easily double check your calculation comments

0.127 IBM-Texas settle contentious data center consolidation spat; Xerox to step in comments

0.126 Graduating (PhD) soon and wanting a lateral move. Where could I fit? comments

0.126 IBM promo film about the development of 1st hard disk storage unit 1952-1956 comments

0.122 If you use vi-mode under bash, and you miss ESC-dot, Ctrl-a, Ctrl-e, etc comments

0.115 Job applicants asked to sign into Facebook during interview comments

0.111 If you had to raise $500 by tomorrow, what would you do? comments

0.106 Best Buy was born from a tornado comments

0.102 Cow dung investigated by HP as data centre power source comments

0.095 Killed email device Peek resurrected with open source app framework comments

0.089 Make Any Webpage Look Like It Was Made By A 13 Year-Old In 1996 comments

0.076 Verizon updates Revolution with Remote Diagnostics, HTC turns to LogMeIn comments

0.070 Revolutionary new Nokia smartphone to combat ‘poorly designed’ iPhone comments

0.053 Ask PG: Does YC teach companies how to write job descriptions? comments

0.047 Tests confirm new iPad’s display is close to studio reference quality comments

0.024 Ask HN: do you think i should put more efforts in this jquery plugin? comments

0.022 Engadget Giveaway: win a new iPad, courtesy of Kabam comments

0.020 SpaceX CEO claims he can send you on a round-trip to Mars for $500K comments

0.018 Mark Zuckerberg Blows Off Wall Street – An Example More CEOs Should Follow comments

0.014 Make Gmail always show your email images comments

0.012 A rant against Mac OS X comments

0.009 Mobile Devs Interested in Google Over Facebook for Social Mobile Apps comments

0.008 Ask HN: anyone here actually use the right alt/ctrl/meta keys? comments

0.002 Show HN: Souvenir, a nicer way to look at photos on your iPad. comments

0.002 How I wrote an iPhone app in less than 24 hours, part 2 comments

0.001 Show HN: My Newest iPhone Game - Dummy Defense comments

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