Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Hacker News stories for 7 AM on Tuesday Mar 20, 2012

0.993 Pirate Bay Founders To Spend Sentences In Three Separate Jails comments

0.907 3 blog kings of data comments

0.872 The Manifesto for Teaching Online comments

0.867 Rust: A safe, concurrent, practical language comments

0.838 Thing.js, Object.create wrapper with mixins, object initialization comments

0.820 Authorization and Authentication In Hadoop comments

0.812 Scala - a Roadmap, Martin Odersky talks about Scala 3.0 comments

0.789 Visual Studio 11 Beta Performance Part #3 comments

0.781 Proposal to discuss Coders At Work: Reflections On The Craft Of Programming comments

0.778 The decline of print visualized: US newspaper ad sales falling off a cliff comments

0.774 The Stack Trace from Hell comments

0.758 What .NET meant for developers back in 2002… comments

0.746 On Going Universal comments

0.682 Lets take social marketing offline, cool product comments

0.665 A True Bionic Limb Remains Far Out of Reach comments

0.632 Not just the weather: climate change acceptance nosedives with the economy comments

0.597 When She Ain’t All Apples comments

0.562 After 2 Years in Beta, Venmo Opens Payment Service to Public comments

0.528 Memset Prove It Is Possible To Beat Moore’s Law comments

0.521 H.R.3606: Reopening American Capital Markets to Emerging Growth Companies comments

0.514 Seagate breaks 1 terabit barrier, 60TB hard drives possible comments

0.497 U.S. Government silences major news sites comments

0.484 14 Super Angel investment funds operating in the UK revealed comments

0.467 Polo ralph lauren discount comments

0.467 Baseball cap head-up display comments

0.455 With Software, Small is the new Big comments

0.439 Rumors hint at Windows 8 eReaders comments

0.429 Squared super heroes comments

0.429 Intense Asymmetry and Self-Flagellation comments

0.406 NYT reducing number of free articles available before paywall comments

0.395 Dell Launches XPS 13 Ultrabook in India at Rs 79900 comments

0.395 Rush Limbaugh and the revenge of old media comments

0.391 What if Ubuntu were right? comments

0.386 Stock Market Update: Still a Lost Decade comments

0.309 US teens confess to 60-a-day texting FRENZY comments

0.300 Indeed - A Hiring Powerhouse comments

0.284 Source code is dead (by dhanji) comments

0.272 Photographers Drag Amazon Into Pinterest Copyfight comments

0.266 Powerful Examples of Branding and Identity Design comments

0.263 Developer interest in Android slowly eroding, survey finds comments

0.225 Google Nabs Digg Founder To Boost Google+ comments

0.207 Infographic: How Facebook connections mirror old empires comments

0.200 Ask HN: Go as an intro to low-level programming comments

0.192 Icon Fonts are Awesome comments

0.187 Some Sites Bypass Google Maps comments

0.182 TQuery WebAudio for More Realistic 3D comments

0.179 SEC Cracks Down on Firms Trading Facebook Pre-IPO Shares comments

0.172 Posterous has been acquired by Twitter comments

0.168 On the heels of Draw Something’s success, OMGPOP has multiple suitors comments

0.151 How to double check your answer easily comments

0.139 A Reminder: Private Key Security comments

0.138 More Than 1 Billion People Are Hungry in the World - Aren’t They? comments

0.115 A Vote for CSS Variables comments

0.073 Does Daisey’s lie change what we know about Apple’s manufacturing? comments

0.056 SourceMaps in Chrome comments

0.046 Pure Inspiration - Rock and Roll (video) comments

0.036 First step toward creating a 3D artificial brain comments

0.028 Without ads, Android apps could be more than twice as power-efficient comments

0.010 Camera Mod Brings True 1080p Video Recording To HTC Sensation comments

0.003 Show HN: Textplayer - Simulate live text typing with jquery comments

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