Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Hacker News stories for 9 AM on Tuesday Mar 06, 2012

0.842 List of All Countries in All Languages and All Data Formats comments

0.841 Visual Studio 11 Beta Performance Part #1 comments

0.742 Why are local variables definitely assigned in unreachable statements? comments

0.699 How SV Startup Ifeelgoods Prevents Fraud Using Social Data comments

0.685 Evolving Blogging comments

0.646 Git Magic comments

0.628 Data Visualizations comments

0.595 California all-you-can-fly airline startup subscription “less than $1000/m” comments

0.594 Forget chocolate on Valentine’s Day, try semen comments

0.551 My US Visa got denied comments

0.538 Visualizing Code with Visual Studio 11 Beta comments

0.538 WTFramework 2.1 bookmarklet - Compare JS versions with latest at cdnjs.com comments

0.528 Cloud Paging Startup Numecent exits stealth mode comments

0.510 NLP_class, algo-class and crypto-class are now live comments

0.467 MailCatcher comments

0.467 More about LulzSec’s Sabu comments

0.448 AMD Confirms Existence of CPU Bug comments

0.400 Smartphones Leak Cryptographic Keys Via Electromagnetic Emissions comments

0.394 Don’t send a resume, send a pull request. comments

0.388 The world’s new premier tech conference comments

0.379 Coursera Cryptography goes live comments

0.371 Kids born later in the year more likely to be diagnosed with ADHD: Study comments

0.344 What’s Your Escape Plan? comments

0.303 What is ‘Space’ expanding into? comments

0.273 Deutsche Telecom sets new data transfer record 400Gbps comments

0.269 Apple, Google to Meet with Senator Over Mobile Privacy Concerns comments

0.252 Video: Chris Dodd/Others Discuss Copyright Infringement on College Campus comments

0.185 Barbie “Dream Closet” Comes to Life for NYFW comments

0.178 Color hunter: create and find color palettes made from images comments

0.176 Dell Allows SIPCOM to deliver Software to Users Worldwide comments

0.170 London Real-Time: A hackathon for Twilio, Pusher and GoSquared Apps comments

0.157 Fake Name Generator comments

0.149 Touchscreen alternative uses a depth camera and thumb gestures comments

0.102 LulzSec leader Sabu turns FBI snitch, reportedly gives up five top hackers comments

0.093 LulzSec leader “Sabu” worked with FBI since last summer comments

0.065 Colleges and Employers Demanding Facebook Passwords comments

0.046 Financial Software Projects (C++) - NYU Fall 2011 comments

0.021 Apple’s next iPad will be unveiled tomorrow – here’s what to expect comments

0.013 Deploy a new app on PHP Fog - get $29 Credit comments

0.004 Evaluation of Malware Detection Apps for Android comments

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