Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Hacker News stories for 8 AM on Tuesday Mar 06, 2012

0.978 Making Rich Domain Models in Ruby is Better than in Java | Architects Zone comments

0.857 Agile Adoption: How Low Can You Go comments

0.824 JsMaker - Visual JavaScript Programming comments

0.782 Graphene: A D3.js, Backbone.js based Graphite Dashboard Toolkit comments

0.750 Congressman demands details of secretive ACTA treat be made public comments

0.722 Education and Society: Why Both Need Technology comments

0.687 Why Your Brilliant Idea Just Got Watered Down To Nothing comments

0.667 CoffeeScript and Progress comments

0.650 Annotated slides on d3.js from its creator Mike Bostock comments

0.645 Typesetting.js comments

0.632 Sencha Touch 2.0 comments

0.620 A guide to well designed sign-up forms comments

0.556 Understanding Ember.Object comments

0.518 A rough guide to TomatoCart – powerful, open source ecommerce comments

0.517 Automated security audit for Rails application comments

0.510 Business Cloud Consulting Is Consolidating comments

0.509 The Linux Setup, Noah Lorang, 37signals comments

0.500 When To See a Doctor comments

0.492 Packages: The Way Forward for PHP comments

0.487 Don’t trap me bro! comments

0.475 Surveillance Inc: How Western Tech Firms Are Helping Arab Dictators comments

0.467 Abstraction begets fragmentation comments

0.467 Onward and Upward comments

0.457 Windows 8: A Giant Misstep Forward comments

0.440 New Research Supports Theory of Extraterrestrial Impact ~13,000 Years Ago comments

0.429 Interactive Canvas comments

0.429 Checking in with GooseChase comments

0.411 CoffeeScriptLineMatcher comments

0.394 The Perfect Storm for Cloud Computing comments

0.386 Instapaper and Readability: Why Good is Better than Free comments

0.369 Unmasking the world’s most wanted hacker comments

0.363 Dollar Shave club offers shaving-as-a-service comments

0.337 Compiler Construction - NYU class notes (Fall 2006) comments

0.320 Make More Time by Scheduling Your Media comments

0.308 Good way to crash any page with jQuery comments

0.305 Using Rails for API-only Apps comments

0.305 The National Advises You To Quit Your Day Job, Do What You Love comments

0.287 “Everything will be software” - storytelling and technology merge. comments

0.264 Developer Income Report - February comments

0.255 Remember login, not password comments

0.242 Cosmetic Surgery Marketing: Inbound Marketing and SEO comments

0.222 Browser Wars: Is Internet Explorer 10 a Relevant Browser? comments

0.222 Infinity and Beyond - How Endless Games Stretch Our Minds comments

0.210 Incredible Lion Photos Taken with Camouflaged RC Camera Car comments

0.205 Josh and Mathias from Travis CI on The ChangeLog Show comments

0.205 One click SSH Tunneling for the masses comments

0.182 The Secrets of the World-Record-Setting Paper Plane|Popular Mechanics comments

0.168 Graceful SFTP Access in a Distributed Cloud Environment - An SFTP-GIT hybrid comments

0.157 Hiring a Co-op/Intern comments

0.135 Inside LulzSec, a mastermind turns on his minions comments

0.126 ThoughtLeaderGlobal.com Architects Change in the Cloud comments

0.121 Ubuntu founder touts UI innovation in 12.04 beta release comments

0.117 LulzSec Leader Sabu Identified, Reportedly Worked As Government Informant comments

0.110 Another CSS image replacement technique comments

0.108 Simulate touch events with a mouse on your desktop browser comments

0.087 Application Streaming Gets a New Face With Cloudpaging comments

0.061 IOS 5: Enabling the Emoji Keyboard comments

0.054 Apple Vet Lars Albright Unveils New Mobile Ad Platform, SessionM comments

0.049 Researchers Detail Remote iPad Hack comments

0.049 Apple: No SxSW Apple Store this Year comments

0.038 Lulzsec FBI Complaint pdf comments

0.028 Apple Wins Access to Information on Android Development History comments

0.021 Show HN: Hosting my first developer event comments

0.009 Apple’s iPad price hits a sweet spot between popularity and profits comments

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