Saturday, March 17, 2012

Hacker News stories for 8 AM on Saturday Mar 17, 2012

0.985 Free online books for learning Scala comments

0.727 Healthy Skepticism for the Impossible: Pycon 2012 comments

0.696 SummerQAmp - teach underprivileged youth to QA for the tech sector comments

0.691 Robot learns to recognize itself comments

0.685 10 Lessons from Einstein comments

0.678 (take 5 baishampayan-ghose) comments

0.656 Sprint Kills Its LightSquared Relationship, Returns $65 Million comments

0.653 Penetration Testing Considered Harmful Today comments

0.625 Django Class-Based-View Inspector - Classy CBV comments

0.615 Assange ‘to run for Australian senate’ comments

0.576 Smooth.js 0.1.5 released, now with sinc and lanczos filters comments

0.575 Nine months in trade school. Job guaranteed. comments

0.555 The fall of Big Paper comments

0.482 More real than Battlefield: soldier’s headcam during firefight in Afghanistan comments

0.461 MIT, 1956 (pics) comments

0.448 Please stay classy and stop copying BirchBox comments

0.391 How we made the Awesomenauts level art comments

0.387 An entire Mobile OS built using HTML, CSS and JS - by Mozilla comments

0.368 LeakedIn - Stories About Data Leaks and Related Stuff comments

0.356 Methods & Properties with Javascript OOP comments

0.249 PDF format is dead end for e-publishing (TeleRead) comments

0.233 Secure FTP Site with FileZilla comments

0.222 Actionable definition A Players and how to hire them comments

0.220 The Best Alternative File Browser for Linux comments

0.217 Tell HN: I would love to use Duck Duck Go, but it’s just too slow comments

0.208 Android interface design/impl,because UI/UX matter even more on small screens comments

0.207 Abstract of Bin Laden’s final ramblings comments

0.207 Linux Directory Structure (File System Structure) Explained with Examples comments

0.146 The Danger of Having Only a Single Story - Chimamanda Adichie (video) comments

0.067 WebOS Open Source Roadmap Update comments

0.022 Trello for Android: The unofficial app comments

0.009 Ask HN: prices of electronics in Europe comments

0.006 Untethered jailbreak for new iPad shown on YouTube, not quite ready for download comments

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