Saturday, March 17, 2012

Hacker News stories for 6 AM on Saturday Mar 17, 2012

0.932 Shutting down a product? Sell it. comments

0.912 Building an opportunity without a product comments

0.824 Your own good taste may be holding back your creativity — here’s why comments

0.810 Pirate Party Likely to Win Seats in Parliament This Month in Germany comments

0.785 Assange to run for Australian Senate comments

0.750 How to Care for Introverts comments

0.714 CodecriticonArgumentos variables en un m├ętodo comments

0.667 The Trouble with Politics: Tony Judt comments

0.635 Zombie followers and fake re-tweets comments

0.620 Ultracold Experiments Heat Up Quantum Research comments

0.465 Mapping the Infrared Universe - The Entire WISE Sky comments

0.464 0 A.D. is on Pledgie (and cannot be on Kickstarter) comments

0.444 The importance of zero comments

0.403 Sad but true: Napster ‘99 still smokes Spotify 2012 comments

0.322 A Lean Story for Eric Ries at SXSW: MedChart comments

0.309 Seo services comments

0.284 Sorting in C++: 3 times faster than C comments

0.281 Hands on: Firefox 11 improves syncing comments

0.267 How to square numbers closer to 50 in just 3 seconds comments

0.232 What an incredible week this has been comments

0.220 Nano-scale art, smaller than grain of sand (Kickstarter project) comments

0.127 How to install LibreOffice (3.4.5 and 3.5.0) on Linux (Fedora, RHEL, CentOS) comments

0.094 Seagate GoFlex Satellite reportedly getting firmware update on March 19th comments

0.057 Show HN: compare your reading comments

0.002 “InstaPaper App” updated to Support New iPad Retina Display comments

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