Monday, April 16, 2012

Hacker News stories for 9 AM on Monday Apr 16, 2012

0.999 Pirate Party Sues Hollywood Backed Group over Pirate Bay Censorship comments

0.995 How to Speed up Machine Learning using a Set-Oriented Approach comments

0.920 Baboons can learn to recognize words comments

0.862 From the Birthplace of Big Brother comments

0.832 Selling experiences rather than products comments

0.803 Is there a Japanese plan to evacuate 40 million people? comments

0.749 Her, an ORM for REST APIs comments

0.717 Reverend Bayes, meet Countess Lovelace comments

0.709 Samsung Galaxy S III to feature ceramic and metal case, physical home button comments

0.707 Sergey Brin: I’m Worried About the Internet comments

0.659 Crab-powered computer created by scientists comments

0.646 Sacred Language Cows Part 2: we can rebuild it. We have the technology. comments

0.644 Trade-off coding for quantum communication provides benefits comments

0.589 Syntax Matters…? comments

0.586 1982 Atari Drawings Predict Wikipedia + Portable Computers comments

0.558 UCLA-engineered stem cells seek out and kill HIV in living organisms comments

0.547 How to use RestTemplate with Basic Authentication in Spring comments

0.543 London Real-Time Hackathon: An orgiastic festival of social awkwardness comments

0.500 Marissa Mayer nominated to Walmart board comments

0.496 Google and Oracle slated to meet in ‘World Series’ of lawsuits comments

0.467 Of parser-fetishists and semi-colons comments

0.459 has altered the VC business as we know it comments

0.442 An experiment on working exclusively in the cloud comments

0.431 I have a game idea, not sure where to go from there… comments

0.427 Introducing Iris: a completely rebuilt Readability engine. comments

0.425 An evidence-based refutation of the Project Glass parodies comments

0.410 First study of piracy in emerging economies comments

0.372 Post on someone else’s Twitter comments

0.365 Paramount Thinks That Louis CK Making $1m In 12 Days Means He’s Not Monetizing comments

0.349 Om Malik: Why Path is no Instagram comments

0.340 Now Recruiting: Civic Startups comments

0.335 What is causing your connectivity problems? (Android) comments

0.333 In defense of iTunes comments

0.322 Tracking Twitter buttons in KISSmetrics comments

0.312 User Personas for HTTP APIs comments

0.308 The Site I Don’t Promote comments

0.300 Amazing map of SF made by CMU using check-ins comments

0.286 Don’t leave a comment comments

0.276 Truth, television and the animal kingdom comments

0.227 Tupac’s hologram performance at Coachella comments

0.211 Bitcoins IRC bootstrap method is flawed comments

0.200 With so much at stake, companies turn to hired hackers comments

0.192 Samsung Replaces Nokia As Top Mobile Seller comments

0.185 New in the all new Basecamp: To-dos on the calendar comments

0.168 Google says “MEH” to FCC Investigators; has to pay fines for blowing them off comments

0.163 Fruugo: How to make an eCommerce site that burns €40M and earns €100K comments

0.149 Deploying a Symfony2 and Composer app on Pagoda Box comments

0.134 Yap.TV Launches Live Pulse Second Screen Integration comments

0.115 A New Focus for Camera Makers comments

0.096 Tiny particles key to understanding early solar system comments

0.095 Dubai joins the accelerator race with SeedStartup US$25K + 3 months in dubai comments

0.093 Motorola Employee’s Photo Possibly Confirms Existence Of Droid Razr HD comments

0.092 “Start With Needs; Do Less; Iterate” UK Government’s Digital Design Principles comments

0.070 Amazon permanently closed my seller account, no warning, no questions. comments

0.066 IPad Mini This Year? comments

0.047 Oracle suit vs. Google over Android hits trial comments

0.039 Chat for all your online assets. Help with estimation. comments

0.036 PaloRadio:An experimental radio and possibly worlds first legal music sharing comments

0.022 Show HN: We decided not to apply to YC so we could try Kickstarter comments

0.014 Ask HN: How does having dogs affect SF housing rental? comments

0.012 Show HN: Onion Browser, an open-source iOS web browser w/Tor comments

0.004 Ask HN: Mobile First? comments

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