Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Hacker News stories for 6 PM on Tuesday Apr 24, 2012

0.919 Will classes with a lot of memorization become illegal in the computer age? comments

0.813 Repo Man director: “The studios…are pretty clearly a criminal enterprise” comments

0.773 Working At Walmart: A Dream? comments

0.696 New Study Abroad Blogging Community: Students Gone Global comments

0.676 Hidden Improvements in Visual Basic 11 comments

0.669 Andreessen Horowitz Has “Nearly Returned” Fund One comments

0.637 Music programming with cellular automata comments

0.575 Create Meaning comments

0.559 Perl is My Medium–An Interview with Lisa Jevbratt comments

0.556 Kickstarter game project rasies $10k, made using a DIY Platformer tutorial. comments

0.526 Galaxy S3 Hottest Selling Phone At Amazon Germany comments

0.495 Writing init scripts with Daemon::Control comments

0.433 I Was a Teenage Punk Rocker - Why Dedication Beats Fanaticism Anyday comments

0.363 Hack, life, hack, life comments

0.350 Bitcoinica(advanced bitcoin trading platform)management change comments

0.333 Permanently disable ‘re-open windows’ on OSX comments

0.332 Ford Cuts Global Waste by 100 Million Pounds and Counting comments

0.327 High Klout Score Will Likely Get You Hired comments

0.276 Is Amazon a tyrant or a saint? comments

0.266 First Licensed Advanced Trading Platform For Bitcoin comments

0.238 Kickstarter: Large base for LEGO Mindstorms comments

0.232 Bebo founders, shareholders sue owner for ‘destroying’ site comments

0.222 Socialcam added 4 million users in one weekend comments

0.203 Why is adobe cs6 good for photographers and beginers comments

0.191 A ruby gem to help during job interviews comments

0.183 Your malware-infected PC or router needs to get clean, or lose Internet access comments

0.159 Skylight is testing paypal integration for its invoicing system comments

0.146 Motivate HN: Featured in Giz & LifeHacker Tonight comments

0.141 GitHub ❤ ~/ comments

0.090 Visualization of every road, air and shipping route on earth comments

0.024 Ask HN: What’s the best solution for non-recurring payment? comments

0.005 Show HN: Get a new Technical Interview Question every other Day (InterTechTion) comments

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