Monday, April 23, 2012

Hacker News stories for 11 AM on Monday Apr 23, 2012

0.974 A short critique of the Khan Academy comments

0.971 2 Lessons Learned Managing Big Data In Cloud comments

0.907 Domainers are entrepreneurs too comments

0.891 The top 12 Internet Marketing Myths you should avoid comments

0.872 Hitchhiker’s Guide to Metaprogramming: Class/Module Hooks comments

0.872 Microsoft’s Top Lawyer: We Never Wanted All of AOL’s Patents comments

0.851 Wallpaper - “Don’t Ignore Your Dreams…” comments

0.849 The Figure 8: Essentials for Master Data Management, Part 1 comments

0.827 Python Deployment Anti-Patterns comments

0.824 How Y Combinator might be misjudged comments

0.767 Google’s Computerized Glasses Can Actually Run A Web Browser comments

0.727 OpenStack Swift eventual consistency analysis & bottlenecks comments

0.699 Virus Attack Kills Iranian Oil comments

0.688 The Internet Gets a Hall of Fame comments

0.680 Microsoft Sells AOL Patents to Facebook comments

0.678 Is higher rez always better? comments

0.671 What causes brain freeze? comments

0.669 Python Punchfork Recipes API comments

0.667 Herb Sutter “Welcome to the Jungle” comments

0.638 Scientists discover the first white killer whale in the wild comments

0.615 Open Source Shakespeare (in MySQL) comments

0.598 Disappearing Net Names Hint at Amazon Data Center Expansion comments

0.554 Quantum decision affects results of measurements taken earlier in time comments

0.538 Incredible JavaScript-based Data Grid comments

0.537 When look at similar lists of errors, wonders how the C++ program can work comments

0.533 Tapping into Identity and the Inside-Out Enterprise comments

0.518 Our Investment in Singly (distributed social networking by Jabber/XMPP creator) comments

0.500 The student hacks from the Rutgers Hackathon comments

0.495 How to heat your dorm room with a Tweet comments

0.485 Dgrid - A lightweight AMD JavaScript data grid comments

0.484 Iran cuts off Internet access to oil refineries following malware attack comments

0.477 Increase Conversions with a Mobile-friendly Website comments

0.467 Phil Zimmerman launches new encryption company comments

0.467 No Excuses comments

0.467 Synthetic Genetic Evolution comments

0.467 HIV/AIDS Rethinkers comments

0.465 Web scraping: Reliably and efficiently pull data from pages that don’t expect it comments

0.465 13 Quad-Core Intel Ivy Bridge Chips Expected comments

0.461 Major downtime at the Toronto Sun comments

0.455 Usability and Human–computer interaction example comments

0.444 Barrister RPC - IDL based JSON-RPC comments

0.432 Introducing David 8 comments

0.429 Inside YouTube’s complex, crazy German court defeat comments

0.429 Synthetic Genetic Polymers Capable of Heredity and Evolution comments

0.422 Microsoft comes to Facebook’s aid with 550 patents comments

0.421 Katalyst vs Singularity comments

0.411 Microsoft, Facebook Announce Patent Agreement comments

0.411 Microsoft, Facebook Announce Patent Agreement comments

0.410 IEEE publication of Virtuoso, a Hybrid RDBMS/Graph Column Store comments

0.407 Dean Potter walks a 130-foot slackline without a harness or net comments

0.405 Interview with Michael Graves About the Design of Wheelchairs comments

0.402 FAKEGRIMLOCK Now Advising a Startup Near You comments

0.399 JavaScript and HTML5 – Simple Game Creation Tutorial (part 1) « Cubicle Ninja comments

0.364 IBM fires Power-powered Penguins at x86’s weak spots comments

0.359 Meet Google’s secret weapon for fighting Apple and Microsoft comments

0.359 Lotte Time Lapse: Birth to 12 years in 2 min. 45. comments

0.355 Idb.filesystem.js - HTML5 Filesystem API polyfill that runs on IndexedDB comments

0.322 UX vs. UI Infographic as Cereal comments

0.308 Enable Your To-Do List With Preemptive Multitasking comments

0.291 team moving on to something else. domain name for sale. comments

0.276 Intel’s Ivy Bridge reviewed comments

0.272 Earth Day greendreams: a compendium of environmental APIs comments

0.271 NimbleTV - watch TV anywhere, on any device comments

0.251 Mozilla Popcorn : Link social media, news feeds, visualizations to moving images comments

0.242 India leads world in junk emails comments

0.238 Obama Wants Sanctions On Those Using Technology In Human Rights Abuses comments

0.237 A review of the latest Internet surveillance act: CISPA comments

0.237 Incredible motion timelapse, shot by single person comments

0.233 Show HN: 5in5NYC - 5 NYC startups, 5 minutes each. comments

0.231 How I Landed a Job With Slideshare comments

0.219 Facebook Buys $550 Million in Patents from Microsoft comments

0.208 123exchanges SlideshowBox. Need feedback. Let us know what sucks about it comments

0.207 Vint Cerf: We Knew What We Were Unleashing on the World comments

0.180 Digital Modernism Done Right comments

0.179 The Intel Ivy Bridge (Core i7 3770K) Review: AnandTech comments

0.174 Microsoft To Sell Some AOL Patents To Facebook For $550M comments

0.163 App zaps junk mail comments

0.161 Cops Would Be Liable Arresting Citizens For Recording Under Approved Conn. Bill comments

0.160 Personal Data Connector Singly Raises $7M comments

0.160 CrossFit For Your Contact List comments

0.151 Inside the Oracle vs. Google courtroom: questions, code, and a file cabinet comments

0.147 Show HN: A Ruby script to generate (cheap) quines in other programming languages comments

0.143 Sun’s Tim Bray on Java under GPL: ‘There will be lots of forks and I approve’ comments

0.139 Google App Engine charges you for read even when no data is retunred comments

0.136 IOS Mirroring and Programmatic Airplay Selection comments

0.127 Pitfalls when Renaming your GitHub Account comments

0.120 Quality has a new name comments

0.119 Anyone in Hyderabad next week? comments

0.106 Iran: Oil Industry Hit By Malware Attack comments

0.104 How a Few Popular Android Apps Could Get a 4.0 UI Refresh & Keep Their Branding comments

0.100 Facebook-Instagram deal highlights Zuckerberg’s hacker spirit comments

0.096 How Reddit and Hacker News Took Down My Blog, and How I Got It Back Up comments

0.094 Cloud storage for Windows available anywhere comments

0.082 Pinterest clones flooding Chinese web space comments

0.072 Ask Me About Your Upcoming YC Interview comments

0.049 Windows notepad in pure CSS3) comments

0.048 Inside Sustainability Base: NASA’s Space Station On Earth comments

0.045 FBI hackers fail to crack TrueCrypt comments

0.037 The latest on Firefox for Windows 8 Metro, status update 4 comments

0.023 Show HN: Ask and Tally comments

0.021 Skype for Windows Phone is basically useless comments

0.014 Ask HN: Bootstrap preference? comments

0.013 Ask HN: How many project have you started but haven’t shipped? comments

0.009 Show HN: Startup Weekend but carrying on Instant insurance quotes comments

0.008 Show HN: ChartBRAIN - Video playlists from the top music charts. comments

0.004 NFC Contactless credit card information can be read in plain text comments

0.002 Microsoft Takes On Dropbox With SkyDrive For Windows, Mac and iOS comments

0.001 Show HN: Super simple social poll app comments

0.000 Microsoft releases SkyDrive for Mac app, updates iOS app comments

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