Sunday, April 22, 2012

Hacker News stories for 6 PM on Sunday Apr 22, 2012

0.904 MegaUpload Trial Might Not Happen Due To Procedural Error comments

0.898 Mechanical Turk Tips for Startups comments

0.885 Julia, Python and Cython comments

0.857 Compulsory coding in school: The new Nerd Tourism comments

0.818 MongoAdmin - admin interface for MongoDB I wrote using Django and Bootstrap comments

0.817 Free Popular Coding Tutorials Sites comments

0.799 University of Florida Eliminates Computer Science Department comments

0.770 Try not to worry about learning quickly comments

0.769 Are Travel Agents Back? comments

0.766 Apple vs. Google: Lessons from Bill Gates’ playbook comments

0.753 Best Tips On Configuring Amazon Web Services comments

0.738 RE: Technical = Coder; Definition of “Technical” can be rewritten. comments

0.729 Standardized Testing: the Pineapple and the Hare? comments

0.729 Oracle v Google round-up: The show so far comments

0.714 Some Olympic Thoughts comments

0.714 TV-based botnets? DoS attacks on your fridge? More plausible than you think comments

0.704 Could you pass a US citizenship test? comments

0.663 Hamburg court: Google must police YouTube content comments

0.662 Meta-test your developer candidates comments

0.629 Turning down the volume: sound-cloaking acoustic metamaterials are on the way comments

0.587 As unstructured data heats up, will you need a license to webcrawl? comments

0.545 Thinking in a Foreign Tongue Reduces Decision Biases comments

0.514 How Apple Killed Cinema comments

0.494 How science failed during the Gulf oil disaster comments

0.486 Alfred 1.2 — The Best New Features comments

0.464 Is it possible to create a quantum electromagnetic “black hole” at the LHC? comments

0.464 As Pinterest’s Hype Peaks, There Are External Signs That Its Growth Is Slowing comments

0.402 Your Privacy Is Tested With Every Click You Make comments

0.384 To manage a startup, you need to manage your time first. comments

0.308 Grading on a Curve, Engadget Edition comments

0.294 Drawing the line comments

0.291 Robotic Drums comments

0.284 Finally a craigslist redesign comments

0.283 In Noisy Digital Era, ‘Elegant’ Internet Still Thrives comments

0.201 What is the best monitor for coding? comments

0.193 MIT Completes Holy Grail of Hacks - Tetris comments

0.157 A Readable Conway’s Game of Life comments

0.060 Cinemizer - New Multimedia Video Glasses comments

0.040 Why I Owe My Life To Steve Jobs comments

0.013 HN4D: Recent Hacker News Front Page Activity comments

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