Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Hacker News stories for 5 PM on Tuesday Apr 24, 2012

0.919 Peter Thiel’s CS183: Startup - Class 6 Notes Essay comments

0.909 Apple: we could settle patent fights if others would “invent their own stuff” comments

0.890 Don’t be a dick. Just be nice. comments

0.885 Automatic migrations made easy with .NET Entity Framework comments

0.870 OMeta#: What if you could subclass your favorite programming language? (2008) comments

0.823 University cutting computer science dept.? An insider’s view comments

0.710 Just how deep is Really Deep comments

0.680 Zed Shaw’s Impress.js Homepage comments

0.676 CISPA cybersecurity bill opposed by Obama administration comments

0.672 Moobile 0.1 Released comments

0.667 Bending the Rules comments

0.658 OAuth 2.0 (as a comic strip) comments

0.653 An Algorithm for Preserving Art comments

0.632 Harvard University Says It Can’t Afford Journal Publishers’ Prices comments

0.621 Are you settling for mediocre solution? comments

0.612 Apple, why don’t you just make this the right way? comments

0.600 Roadmaps : We Should Have Known Better comments

0.598 “Type www.” – “Ok, w-w-w-d-o-t”; antagonising call centre scammers comments

0.593 NDA’s are for amateurs comments

0.586 The Ultimate Guide to WordPress Post Excerpts comments

0.586 Oxford academics tentatively embrace startup culture comments

0.575 Fabric. Because finding freelance work sucks. comments

0.573 Mad Cow Disease Confirmed in U.S. Cow comments

0.554 MetaFilter launches “Best of…” blog comments

0.533 Dark Integers comments

0.533 Infographic: Rise of the Slacktivist comments

0.533 Manning trial: US Gov. ordered to release WikiLeaks damage assessments comments

0.509 Poet: A Web Framework for Perl comments

0.500 BitBucket innovates DVCS with Spooning comments

0.500 Dali Clock comments

0.484 I Can Has Co-Founder: A Tale of Cheezburgers and K-Pop Stars comments

0.467 Sriracha lollipops comments

0.467 Fear of Creativity comments

0.461 5 Things They Told You Not To Use In JavaScript comments

0.451 Want Google to buy your startup? comments

0.427 Boosting JavaScript math: Tau.js comments

0.417 Tab Trick comments

0.412 Planetary Resources founds the asteroid mining industry comments

0.410 App Engine 1.6.5 Released comments

0.393 Douglas Crockford’s JSCheck comments

0.386 Biz Dev is a clever name for dirty work comments

0.363 The Dropbox Difference comments

0.339 RIM Releases GamePlay: open-source cross-platform 3D native C++ game framework comments

0.331 How some HN noobs think comments

0.317 Valuable Content Should be your Goal, and then Engagement will Follow comments

0.311 Google HTML/CSS Style Guide comments

0.307 Great Time to be a Designer comments

0.277 Strong earnings should halt Apple’s stock slide comments

0.276 Women have an obligation to help each other comments

0.259 Obama to outlaw digital guns for hire comments

0.255 Track N Go - Caterpillar Treads For Your Truck. comments

0.222 How I became an intern at DuckDuckGo comments

0.222 Here’s Why Microsoft’s Plan For Windows 8 Is Insane comments

0.201 Zero downtime deploys for Rails apps comments

0.193 Some Investors May Request Protection From Aqui-Hires comments

0.177 Microsoft releases Security Essentials 4.0, includes a streamlined interface comments

0.166 Intel to Buy Chip Technology From Cray for $140 Million comments

0.154 Internet giants should equally value personal privacy and advertising dollars comments

0.140 So you want to work for the videogame industry comments

0.136 Overloading the iOS Menubar comments

0.122 Another step to reward high-quality sites comments

0.121 Google Drive and Dropbox: The Good, the Bad, and the Freaky comments

0.117 Would you use a tool that predicts laptop auction prices with comments

0.113 Introducing T: A command-line power tool for Twitter comments

0.100 Google Drive’s Folder View comments

0.095 Google Drive OSX application is very heavy on the CPU comments

0.078 Official Google+ Share Button comments

0.063 Create games on ipad with Codea comments

0.063 Chartbrain makes watching music videos awesome again. comments

0.054 Michael Norton: How to buy happiness comments

0.035 Live Forum for Mobile Games comments

0.031 Send to Kindle for Mac comments

0.022 The iPad’s split keyboard has 6 invisible keys comments

0.014 Facebook Makes Android Apps More Viral With Social Discovery comments

0.007 $1.9 billion revenue iTunes store, no breakdown media vs apps comments

0.000 Show HN: We created an iPhone app that lets you share your plans for tonight comments

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