Monday, April 23, 2012

Hacker News stories for 11 PM on Monday Apr 23, 2012

0.982 I’m a student, what language, framework, API, concept should I learn? comments

0.943 Building a Heroku add-on in Django for fun and profit comments

0.914 WHATWG is going back to W3C as a Community Group comments

0.908 Samsung Galaxy S2 Hard Sided Zebra Head Print Shell Case comments

0.907 I make a living building other people’s startups, and that’s OK comments

0.903 (India) Doctors pursuing higher studies in the US to sign return bond comments

0.900 Asteroid Mining Venture Backed by Google Execs, James Cameron Unveiled comments

0.891 Are patents killing Innovation? comments

0.885 Raw socket programming in winsock comments

0.875 Students see benefits from Wikipedia assignment comments

0.790 Intermediary Lending Pilot Program – Lend Money to Small Businesses comments

0.782 Disruptive Innovation: 4 Mistakes of Sony, 4 Lessons for Apple comments

0.781 12 More Billionaires To Commit Over Half Of Their Fortunes To Bill Gates comments

0.754 A lesson plan for front-end developers comments

0.752 Turing was right: Two proteins fit decades-old prediction comments

0.745 It’s “Cyber Week” in Washington … Quick rundown of “cyber” bills… comments

0.695 Commandments for choosing a co-founder comments

0.670 Netflix not buying Comcast excuse about Xfinity data comments

0.667 The Creative Monopoly (David Brooks) comments

0.662 Top 8 Worst Kids Boardgames comments

0.661 Clone2go DVD Ripper 2 7 0 comments

0.656 ICANN’s domain explosion backfires, fizzles out comments

0.651 Master your Gmail - save time, manage todos and more. comments

0.640 Current Status of the Browser Wars comments

0.639 Multiplying two 3-digit numbers together mentally in just one line comments

0.636 Why teachers should try out Tumblr comments

0.625 Federal IT Survey: Hacktivists, Cybercriminals Are Top Threats comments

0.613 Google Continues Product Purge comments

0.600 Near-final Version of Windows 8 Due in Early June comments

0.593 Is the Internet making us more lonely or less lonely? Yes. comments

0.589 I just launched a killer security plugin for WordPress. comments

0.581 Why Megaupload’s Kim Dotcom Might Walk Free comments

0.574 Idea: keep clientside js in localStorage comments

0.568 Compile .NET Code In A Browser comments

0.566 Ready to Blow? Mexico Volcano Rumbles comments

0.566 Asteroid the ‘Size of a Minivan’ Exploded over California comments

0.559 Obama Authorizes Sanctions over Iran5an and Syrian Internet Crackdowns comments

0.556 What Your Smartphone Home Screen Says About You comments

0.533 The PreMortem: Preventing Failure Before You Fail comments

0.533 Hackathons Saved My Life comments

0.530 Erlang Embedded - Episode 1 : Raspberry Pi with a dash of Erlang comments

0.523 Adventure into Electronics comments

0.511 Job trends per languages/frameworks comments

0.511 In Pursuit of Riches, and Travelers’ Supplies, in the Asteroid Belt comments

0.510 Wired Confirms Planetary Resources is Asteroid Mining comments

0.508 Does Open Source development suggest Cross Platform? comments

0.502 Secret Source Codes Threaten Modern Science comments

0.500 Farmers Abandon Kerosene for Solar Microgrids in India, Africa comments

0.500 Pat Helland - Idempotence Is Not a Medical Condition comments

0.488 Kindness: A nice way to bootstrap your box (with chef) comments

0.477 Radiohead Was Right comments

0.467 Loopy Lattices comments

0.467 Oakley Alinghi comments

0.465 How Statement Pooling in JDBC affects the Garbage Collection comments

0.464 Firefox killing off favicon in nightly build comments

0.460 Get the Most Out of Your Board comments

0.442 Zipper on Google Doodle celebrating Gideon Sundback comments

0.440 Not your father’s IBM comments

0.439 Prototype wind turbine condenses 1,000 liters of water a day from desert air comments

0.437 I just built this with my bare hands! (EXPLICIT audio) comments

0.416 Has Physics Made Philosophy and Religion Obsolete? comments

0.414 SVPullToRefresh - Give pull-to-refresh to any UIScrollView with 1 line of code comments

0.393 Bash-it (oh-my-zsh for bash) comments

0.377 Filtering through news noise comments

0.374 Allowing human nature to work successfully comments

0.373 The Slow Decay Of The Microsoft Consumer comments

0.358 Survival Strategy(Everyone Should Have One) comments

0.356 LINQ To Objects in C++ comments

0.354 All Valve, all the time comments

0.342 Super Secret Hypersonic Aircraft Flew Out of Its Skin comments

0.330 You can zip open Google’s homepage today. comments

0.329 Lufthansa Cloud Service comments

0.323 Content Sections as Poetry. An Email WYSIWYG Alternative comments

0.309 Why We Don’t Support the Kickstarter 100% Model (Yet) comments

0.309 Agile: Physical card wall is injurious to health of the project comments

0.309 Spurring more vulnerability research through increased rewards comments

0.300 The Instagram Culture comments

0.296 Master’s Degree or Startup? comments

0.285 Robotic ExoHand gives realtime sensory feedback to the wearer comments

0.277 Google to Offer its Own Dropbox Rival comments

0.276 How we built Classyfy in 24 hours to win the Facebook UCLA Hackathon comments

0.276 On Types and Type Schemes Rust comments

0.274 Are men stupid? comments

0.252 Geekiness and autism: Is there a connection? comments

0.250 I’m Comic Sans, asshole. comments

0.242 Rooting and tweaking the Kindle Fire comments

0.230 How To Create A Google Plus Badge Wordpress Widget comments

0.228 A New Breed of Heterogeneous Computing comments

0.227 Instagram and Value Judgements comments

0.226 SpaceX space station launch on hold for about a week comments

0.218 NYC TechCrunch Disrupt Hackathon – Workshops & Judges announced comments

0.199 Zebra Animal Print Leather Coated Hard Back Case for Apple iPhone 4 / 4S comments

0.197 Should I Check My Email? comments

0.159 Intel Core i7-3770K CPU review roundup: crossing the Ivy Bridge comments

0.139 Demand your free Dropbox space - 1GB instead of 250MB now! comments

0.133 Siasto Now Has Hardcore Drag and Drop Action comments

0.133 Beta-testing microjob site comments

0.129 The hidden ways mobile sites and free games are killing your battery comments

0.125 Facebook’s first-quarter finances underwhelm as IPO nears comments

0.109 Mobile Carriers Lobby Against Cellphone Location Privacy Bill comments

0.107 Microsoft’s Mobile Comeback Is Looking Terrible comments

0.100 Bitcoin startup Coinlab lands $500k in VC comments

0.099 Microsoft takes on Dropbox with major SkyDrive update comments

0.097 Ask HN: What is the best way to find a technical co-founder? comments

0.089 A brief, inaccurate history of the iPhone Nano, 2007-present. comments

0.071 Physics-based HTML5 Worm-style game comments

0.070 Dropbox has a lot of employees comments

0.054 Google Ups Bounty For Bugs To $20,000 comments

0.054 The Hardware Store for Researchers and Developers comments

0.052 The Incorporation of Hydro Storage into a Spot Price Model for New Zealand comments

0.051 No Favicon in Address bar of Firefox comments

0.049 Apple Doesn’t Need an iPhone Nano comments

0.048 How five full-timers built an iPhone app in 3 months with no xCode experience comments

0.047 Where web apps need to be. comments

0.040 Show HN: gifBase - user tagged gif database built with Slim PHP comments

0.029 Rebootless updates: now available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux, too comments

0.016 Hacker News Tokyo Japan Meetup #13 – 27th of April 2012 comments

0.012 Show HN: The coolest little calculator you ever did see. comments

0.011 Hacker News comments

0.008 Ask HN: How to choose the right business model for my web app? comments

0.007 Show HN: Curious where your time goes every week? comments

0.002 Ask HN: How did Socialcam gain 4M users this weekend? comments

0.001 Ask HN: Partnership, LLC, or Inc for 3-person mobile app team comments

0.001 Show HN - Focus on what matters most in your life iOS app comments

0.001 Mac OS X 10.8 restricted to App Store, signed apps by default comments

0.000 Ask HN: Who’s interning this summmer in San Francisco? comments

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