Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Hacker News stories for 4 PM on Tuesday Apr 24, 2012

0.987 More Universities Should Shut Down Their Computer Science Programs comments

0.930 Online-Ed Start-Up Teams w/Top-Ranked Universities: Free Courses comments

0.921 Google Chiefs Back Startup Mining Asteroids for Metals comments

0.894 The Obama Administration’s Big Data Boost comments

0.851 Coolest jobs in tech (literally): running a South Pole data center comments

0.851 The Case For Copyright Reform comments

0.837 Black Hat Politics and Online Dirty Tricks comments

0.813 Here’s How Planetary Resources Plans to Mine Asteroids (Release) comments

0.795 Quick thoughts on Google Drive comments

0.788 The (Hypothetical) Sony Dream Tablet comments

0.764 After Two Startup Accelerators, What I Wish Someone Had Told Me comments

0.762 “A balance between security and privacy online must be struck…” comments

0.755 A Re-examination of a DOE Meta-Study on Online Learning comments

0.717 TelCos oppose California enforcement of the 4th Amendment comments

0.715 An Introduction to Real-time Behaviors comments

0.709 You Are What You Measure, So Choose Your KPIs (Incentives) Wisely comments

0.704 California’s population growth is slowing dramatically, study finds comments

0.685 Philip K. Dick - Letter regarding Blade Runner comments

0.660 Thomas Kuhn’s Structure of Scientific Revolutions, 50 years later comments

0.656 Review: PostGIS 2.0 release comments

0.656 A Ghostly Introduction to Moving in and Out of SSL HTTPS comments

0.656 Building systems of engagement for the social customer comments

0.620 Finding ET may require giant robotic leap comments

0.618 Outsourcing the Startup comments

0.601 Google Drive: It’s slick, integrated…and not exactly free comments

0.588 One-on-One With Watson Creator David Ferrucci » CCC Blog comments

0.587 Building a Virtual World on Hydna comments

0.579 MySQL query comments in Rails comments

0.541 Write whatever you want, but please just serve JavaScript. comments

0.540 Why you should join a start-up - and maybe why you shouldn’t comments

0.533 Writing A Bootloader comments

0.516 Global data science hackathon task revealed comments

0.516 When copying a design, once should at least improve upon it. comments

0.502 Primetime Mystery: Where Did All the TV Viewers Go? comments

0.500 Stigmatizing Resistance to Authority comments

0.500 Quantum Rainbow Photon Gun Unveiled comments

0.484 Google Drive is here, and you can install it right now comments

0.481 Apple infringes Motorola Mobility patent according to ITC judge comments

0.471 The Programmer Reporter comments

0.471 Asteroid mining announcement at 1030 PDT 4/24 comments

0.467 The Evernote Devcup comments

0.466 Are today’s students truly ‘tech savvy’? comments

0.461 Descriptive Camera comments

0.456 Asteroid Mining: Mining in Space comments

0.455 Everything Crowdfunded comments

0.455 Interview of Jeff Atwood comments

0.454 Google acknowledges lobbying on cybersecurity bill CISPA comments

0.441 Think GPS is cool? IPS will blow your mind comments

0.438 API billing surprises and how to avoid them comments

0.430 Is Self-Discipline Overrated? comments

0.428 Jumala: A Future of Gaming Comes out of Microsoft Territory comments

0.427 UserVoice launches Inspector: Rapportive for Customer Service comments

0.427 Might upgrade to the paid version someday comments

0.421 Askers vs Guessers (in Finance) comments

0.420 Gmail bumps free storage to 10GB comments

0.405 Greetings From the New Africa comments

0.396 Google raises Gmail to 10GB free, 10-fold increase since launching in 2004 comments

0.394 Google Drive is real: here’s what it means comments

0.383 The Lowdown on Google Drive comments

0.381 Stop CISPA: Call your reps through your computer & put this widget on your site comments

0.375 Demoting A Loyal Friend comments

0.354 Making Peace with being Lame comments

0.352 Google Drive launches comments

0.348 Sure, I trust Google to index the contents of all my files. Why not? comments

0.326 Current Telecommunications as the railroad business at height of its power comments

0.325 One-star reviews of Fahrenheit 451 will make you want to burn everything down comments

0.322 Skype Home is user-hostile and staying that way comments

0.303 Grandma & Grandpa Jetson: Startup’s tech helps aging stay independent comments

0.300 Anonymous rolls out AnonTunes for the masses comments

0.294 Google Drive revealed in detail comments

0.276 FAA is forced to reveal 63 drone launch sites across U.S. comments

0.259 Google Drive launches comments

0.259 Full details on Google Drive with screenshots & quotes comments

0.251 Change aversion: why users hate what you launched (and what to do about it) comments

0.244 Anontune: social music platform comments

0.242 A Google-a-Day Puzzle for Apr. 24 comments

0.235 Google Drive SDK comments

0.235 Google Drive comments

0.235 Google Drive comments

0.229 Google Drive Announcement comments

0.228 Brian Greene: Why is our universe fine-tuned for life? comments

0.222 Digital preservation comments

0.222 Help TwitchTV Win a Webby Award comments

0.214 How jobs at Homeboy Industries give ex-cons a 2nd chance at life out of prison comments

0.203 Google Drive also launches with an API comments

0.201 Live discussion on how networks are transforming our economy & society comments

0.200 video Interesting “standing” wheelchair replacement comments

0.199 Google Drive officially launches with 5GB free storage, Google Docs integration comments

0.198 Google Offering Unlocked Galaxy Nexus For $399 On Play Store comments

0.184 Introducing the Google Drive SDK comments

0.182 Google Drive has launched comments

0.171 Introducing Google Drive… yes, really comments

0.165 The Importance of User Feedback/Testing comments

0.164 Mobile crowdsourcing interfaces comments

0.153 Google Drive is Live comments

0.148 AT&T and Verizon iPhone sales disappoint comments

0.148 FB Cutting off 30% for apps that ain’t games comments

0.147 Firefox 12 released, introduces silent, Chrome-like updater comments

0.145 Introducing Google Drive… yes, really comments

0.144 Send faxes & sign documents from Google Drive… powered by HelloFax comments

0.141 Google Drive official: 5GB of free storage, business-focused approach comments

0.133 3 minute Planetary Resources video comments

0.131 Google has stopped solving user problems & started solving their own. comments

0.116 Google Drive officially launched, comes with 5GB of free storage comments

0.113 Google Drive goes live comments

0.099 Make Windows 7 Genuine using command prompt.. comments

0.093 Hacker News 2.0 Challenges comments

0.090 Ivy Bridge Debuts: Intel Core i7-3770K Review comments

0.088 Why AT&T and Verizon Are Rooting for Windows Phones comments

0.079 Why This Prominent Female Startup Executive Wants You To Fail (Video) comments

0.063 Introducing the Google Drive SDK comments

0.059 Missing rocks may explain why life started playing shell games comments

0.055 Gmail, now with 10 GB of storage (and counting) comments

0.054 Michael Norton: How to buy happiness comments

0.052 Ask HN: When do you see something you want to come back to later? comments

0.047 Ask HN: Casually enquired about a job, mixed feelings about the response comments

0.033 Introducing Google Drive, the newest member of Google Apps comments

0.029 Show HN: An API for invoicing comments

0.027 Introducing Google Drive, the newest member of Google Apps comments

0.021 Thank you Hacker News comments

0.018 Codea Runtime Library released. Publish Codea Projects as native iOS Apps. comments

0.011 Ask HN: Build Server Alarm/Siren/Toy comments

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