Monday, April 23, 2012

Hacker News stories for 12 PM on Monday Apr 23, 2012

0.998 The Jaded Bayes classifier – hipster machine learning means better predictions comments

0.985 The future of programming comments

0.968 Using SendGrid with Node.js comments

0.850 The Unreasonable Institute: Where Ideals Go to Become Businesses comments

0.838 Newly revived patent gives Oracle extra ammunition in Google trial comments

0.791 Collate.js - Node module/CLI to concatenate and minify .js/.coffee & .css/.less comments

0.790 What Can You Do In 2 Years Anyway? comments

0.786 Review: Clojure Programming comments

0.774 Humorous Tumblr dedicated to startup satire. I’m sure we can contribute. comments

0.732 Venture Capital in Chinese Tech Firms declines by 84 percent in a year comments

0.680 Golden Balls Split or Steal – Explain This Episode to My Students comments

0.615 Modern Web Development - in-depth guide to web development tools comments

0.606 SOA example application comments

0.531 Does your writing SUCK-A? Set your words on fire]( comments

0.468 Volatile Software comments

0.465 Ignore the Headlines. The Euro Is Still Doomed. comments

0.447 Unique Startup Cultural Traditions comments

0.434 PGP Creator Phil Zimmerman Has a New Venture Called Silent Circle comments

0.421 Dwolla Now Hosting Developer Open Office Hours (via G+) comments

0.417 Tom Keegan Interview on Battlefield 3 comments

0.359 Learning GNU Emacs while reading a manual comments

0.354 Facebook Camo - disguise your Facebook browsing with a Government agency theme comments

0.354 Open sourcing all my private projects comments

0.331 Investors Who Gave Groupon A Billion Dollars Get Closer To Breaking Even comments

0.330 Is a list of people who’ve liked your photo necessary? comments

0.327 Facebook will buy 650 AOL patents from Microsoft comments

0.309 HotorNot founder answering questions on Askolo comments

0.303 The Man Who Broke Atlantic City comments

0.290 Noobs unite - Get those dotfiles in order comments

0.276 Review Intel Ivy Bridge Quad-Core Processors comments

0.257 A guess as to why there is tech sexism comments

0.237 Alternative start for to do lists comments

0.237 From Personal Computers to Personal Clouds (Phil Windley) comments

0.235 Squarespace 6: A Look into the Private Beta comments

0.222 Let’s Let Telnet Die comments

0.214 Airbnb Saved My Life comments

0.202 Modular Module Systems: A Survey comments

0.197 In online video, minorities find an audience comments

0.186 Get official AWS CLI tools in a single github repo comments

0.168 Facebook paying Microsoft $550 million for 650 patents, Ballmer clicks ‘like’ comments

0.168 Viddy adds 5.5M users in 11 days comments

0.159 How Star Wars Toys Changed the Movie Industry Forever comments

0.142 Review Asus G75V (mobile Ivy Bridge CPU) comments

0.131 Video Job Interview Mistakes: 6 Tips For Hackers comments

0.119 Facebook buys AOL patents from Microsoft for $550 million comments

0.107 The Ultimate List of Useful WordPress Plugins (+ suggestions wanted) comments

0.103 Andreessen Horowitz Made $78M Off $250,000 Investment in Instagram comments

0.103 The #1 App Monetization Method Almost Everyone Misses comments

0.101 ‘Ultra-high definition’ coming to TVs comments

0.088 How does Google search work? comments

0.073 Show HN: Find Haiku in Your Tweets comments

0.059 3D Printing Robot Produces Chairs And Tables From Recycled Waste comments

0.053 Measuring Mobile Apps: The Problem with Mobile Analytics comments

0.029 Ask HN: Interview at YC Sunday. At a YC company? Want a sneak peek at Blueprint? comments

0.028 Delta Airlines Tires of Oil Speculators, Looks to Buy Their Own Refinery comments

0.023 Show HN: Hottest items based off Twitter discussion. What do you think? comments

0.018 Ask HN: Is Google Analytics compliante with the new regulation in Europe? comments

0.015 Ask HN: What’s wrong with this jobs page? comments

0.014 Capturing Feedback in Your iPhone App comments

0.010 Ask HN: Recommendations for a product photographer in San Francisco comments

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