Friday, April 27, 2012

Hacker News stories for 1 PM on Friday Apr 27, 2012

0.908 Just Signed Contract for Fire in the Valley, 3rd Edition comments

0.808 Free resources for Entrepreneurs and Marketers comments

0.795 Apparently there is a Job Called Startup Consulting comments

0.790 Alexis Ohanian: Trying to mess with the Internet? Challenge accepted. comments

0.637 Incredibox - Background music for programming. comments

0.636 LinkedIn For iPad: Tech Teardown (Backbone.js, LocalStorage) comments

0.629 Can Apple Patent the Design of the Macbook Air? comments

0.620 Efficient Padding Oracle Attacks on Cryptographic Hardware comments

0.566 The 2% Catastrophe: How One Number Explains the Miserable Economy comments

0.538 Why the US Can Beat China comments

0.509 Building with Twitter Bootstrap comments

0.505 New Facebook tool fills queries in under a second—even with terabytes of data comments

0.498 DangleTree: Product reviews with a laugh - Nerf Gun comments

0.495 Why it took so long to finish Super Crate Box’s Controls comments

0.467 Down with CISPA comments

0.467 Creator of RoR, David Heinemeier Hansson on Askolo comments

0.395 Historic Photos From the NYC Municipal Archives comments

0.388 The Everyday Lives Of Frugal Billionaires comments

0.342 Investor horror stories comments

0.303 The Man Who Broke Atlantic City comments

0.277 How to: Compete with Amazon S3 without Buying Hardware comments

0.263 Is This Airbnb knock-off Google-stalking potential hosts? comments

0.234 Bret Easton Ellis and his terrible Twitter feed: A necessary intervention comments

0.226 Prototyping with DTO/code-first (strongly typed) web frameworks? Yes! comments

0.222 Should you check your email? A flowchart … comments

0.200 Hubble Images Searchlight Beams from a Preplanetary Nebula comments

0.183 100 Days and Counting to NASA’s Curiosity Mars Rover Landing comments

0.174 Samsung overtakes Nokia - and possibly outsells Apple’s iPhone comments

0.164 Ask PG: Is Y Combinator a (still) startup? comments

0.153 Zynga hit with $85 million loss comments

0.146 Intuit to Acquire Demandforce for $424MM comments

0.115 FotoFest Pays Tribute to Russian Photography comments

0.102 The Problem with Threads (2006) comments

0.080 AirBnb By The Numbers: 85% Of Users Inactive? comments

0.058 Show HN: suppose_its - a simple tool for testing date-related code comments

0.041 Honda car warns you if your driving style is likely to cause traffic jams comments

0.002 Ask HN: How much do I cost to Facebook? comments

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