Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Hacker News stories for 3 PM on Wednesday Apr 25, 2012

0.968 Profiling Node.js comments

0.963 CISPA isn’t ‘son of SOPA’ comments

0.939 Why Great Design Is the Future of Content Marketing comments

0.913 How To Botch A Product Launch comments

0.893 Why intelligence genes are hard to find comments

0.868 How I monetized a blog in 30 days: what worked, and what didn’t comments

0.837 Netflix “Finding Defeat In The Jaws of Victory” comments

0.813 How to sell products to nerds comments

0.796 Trapped on Technology’s Trailing Edge - Fighting Obsolescence (2008) comments

0.743 10 things you didn’t know Rails could do comments

0.736 Extending Ruby with Ruby comments

0.713 IronWorker Goes Hyperpolyglot - Adds Java, Node and Go Support comments

0.685 Andreessen And Horowitz Are Donating Half Their VC Income To Charity comments

0.644 Someone pirating Tweetbot asks the developer for a promo code () comments

0.594 Climate change proponent realizes he was wrong, but for the wrong reasons comments

0.588 Three Magical Git Aliases comments

0.564 How we shipped in 2 weeks comments

0.540 Kevin Slavin: How algorithms shape our world comments

0.540 Is Psychology About to Come Undone? The Reproducibility Project comments

0.515 One Man’s Email Newsletter Leads the Fight Against Tweet Overload comments

0.508 Sun never told Google to license Java comments

0.495 White House Blasts CISPA, Promises Veto comments

0.488 We tweet in code comments

0.476 Scp | Guide for the newbie and intermediate user to copy files between computers comments

0.467 Square’s ‘sexy growth curve’ accelerates again comments

0.434 Never, Ever Promote From Within comments

0.420 Securing Investment: How to Counter Common Startup Mistakes comments

0.407 Our Philanthropic Commitment comments

0.407 Moving from Gmail to Hotmail: the disastrous conclusion comments

0.379 Deepworld: A Cloud-Based Multiplayer Crafting Adventure comments

0.356 Police to arrest Twitter users who revealed name of Ched Evans rape victim comments

0.339 Google Drive files can end up in ads, even though you still own them comments

0.333 Deploy your own Cloud with Debian ‘Wheezy’ comments

0.324 Andreessen Horowitz to give half their earnings to charity comments

0.298 12.04, precisely what was needed comments

0.269 Startup Advice on When We Build videos comments

0.222 Google’s coherent bouquet comments

0.216 YouWeb and StartEngine incubators to hold Double Demo Day for 20 startups comments

0.198 Real-Time Messaging for the Real World: Detecting Client Disconnects comments

0.182 Maybe Mark Zuckerberg Doesn’t Like Money Enough To Run A $100 Billion Company comments

0.180 The Origins of Night Trap: An Excerpt from Generation Xbox comments

0.159 Android revenue revealed in court case (Slashgear article) comments

0.155 Google discusses partnerships with carmakers for self driving system comments

0.149 Path.To Aims To Be The “eHarmony For Jobs” comments

0.132 Send bitcoin easily with Catapult comments

0.077 Why Jobs Hated the iPad Mini? comments

0.073 Ask PG: Has Hollywood actually peaked? comments

0.053 for real-time applications comments

0.017 Brydge + iPad: Do more. comments

0.013 Ask HN: Would you rather be a great mobile programmer or a great web programmer? comments

0.007 Ask HN: Why is compiling C/C++ so slow compared to Java? comments

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