Thursday, April 26, 2012

Hacker News stories for 5 PM on Thursday Apr 26, 2012

0.973 CISPA Just Got Worse, And Then Passed On Rushed Vote comments

0.948 House Passes CISPA Bill comments

0.913 StartEngine Announces New Class, Prepares for Joint Silicon Valley Demo Day comments

0.911 Political battle over student loans heating up comments

0.908 We want to increase the number of women in software development. comments

0.907 Just finished my pitch deck - looking for feed back comments

0.845 Natural Language Date Parser comments

0.821 U.S. House passes CISPA comments

0.810 Serious About a New Language? Begin With Lesson 1 comments

0.783 Go 1.0.1 released comments

0.720 How do you stay in the zone at work? comments

0.713 Learning Code from Scratch comments

0.627 The Job Decision Matrix comments

0.627 Doing more with less: Raspberry Pi & Software Engineering comments

0.578 Simplicity isn’t Simple comments

0.558 A Billion Dollars isn’t Cool comments

0.500 Beyond 24fps comments

0.489 House passes CISPA bill - Keith Perine and Jennifer Martinez - comments

0.482 FedEx Office Joins the Breezy Partner Network comments

0.439 Latest Quantum Computing Breakthrough comments

0.407 Augment Intelligence - Brain Stimulation Makes the ‘Impossible Problem’ Solvable comments

0.395 Ubuntu 12.04 LTS is out comments

0.329 GMail: designer arrogance and the cult of minimalism comments

0.325 Kaspersky Lab: Apple is ‘10 years behind Microsoft’ on security comments

0.308 Introducing DIY comments

0.291 Hermes Spacecraft Project comments

0.286 Representatives to vote out in November comments

0.222 NeoSmart announces Windows Recovery Essentials comments

0.213 By the numbers: in portable gaming, Nintendo’s loss is Apple’s gain comments

0.107 Video Brief: Civil Liberties comments

0.076 Creating Magic Thumbnails: The art of manipulating PNG gamma comments

0.061 Zombers: A Frantic HTML5 Game Demo comments

0.022 Android in Early 2007 Looked Very Different Than It Does Today comments

0.002 Ask HN: Will Socialcam and Viddy have more users than Instagram soon ? comments

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