Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Hacker News stories for 8 AM on Tuesday Apr 24, 2012

0.958 5 Cash Flow Management Tips for Your Business comments

0.904 Funding Platform-backed Products comments

0.900 Arab Tech Startups Try To Seize The Moment comments

0.893 Is The Internet Closing Our Minds Politically? comments

0.891 Software Piracy… by Australian NSW Police comments

0.884 CISPA: Where’s The Outrage And The Anger That We Saw With SOPA? comments

0.861 Imaginary training can replace the real thing comments

0.850 Five Months of eBook Sales (the traditional way) comments

0.850 Space-based online strategy game implemented entirely within a PostgreSQL db comments

0.841 LocalBonus Raises Funding, Expands Merchant Reward Program comments

0.820 Discount coupon for the Rails Tutorial (2nd Edition) comments

0.788 The Easiest Way for Wikipedia to Make Money comments

0.774 What Bloggers Are Saying About Your PR Pitch comments

0.767 Building a great work culture: in praise of Hack Day comments

0.757 CISPA: SOPA’s Big Brother comments

0.745 Lessons from Valve’s Employee Handbook comments

0.741 “Why I break DRM on e-books”: A publishing exec speaks out comments

0.734 JQuery UI components for your ASP.NET Web Forms based startup comments

0.723 How Travis Is Teaching Me To Cook (Chef) comments

0.689 Ruby newest release breaks Rails, no fix until RailsConf ends comments

0.682 CSRF afterparty & Must Read rules comments

0.667 Birds cultivate decorative plants to attract mates comments

0.652 Whitelist Your Routes, “match” is Evil comments

0.617 Visualizing entropy using space-filling curves comments

0.612 Apache Cassandra v1.1 comments

0.596 Must Stache comments

0.592 Asana launches premium version comments

0.566 Water from Desert Air: Wind Turbine System Can Produce 800 Liters/Day comments

0.555 I don’t have nice stuff anymore comments

0.533 Physicists Observe the Splitting of an Electron Inside a Solid comments

0.526 Be Mindful With Your Code comments

0.526 It Doesn’t Pay to Be Yourself at Work comments

0.519 Should I invest my savings in this startup? comments

0.509 Hasbro faces boycott after siccing lawyers onto fan site comments

0.467 Enormous Integers comments

0.467 How to Be a CIO comments

0.467 Deadly Bows and Nano Domes comments

0.467 Pwning a Spammer’s Keylogger comments

0.465 Who’s up for a challenge. Colorado GiveCamp, Spring 2012 comments

0.448 53% of ‘light’ AWS users are paying too much comments

0.430 Neuroethics: Whose Mind Is It Anyway? comments

0.423 Near death, explained comments

0.419 Megaupload Trial May Never Happen Because of Possible FBI Error comments

0.411 TCP engineer Ray Tomlinson joins Internet Hall of Fame comments

0.409 Google doodle celebrates creator of the zipper comments

0.393 HomePage comments

0.387 Cloud Computing: Is It Powerful and Can It Lead to Bankruptcy? comments

0.386 Biz dev is a clever name for dirty work. comments

0.385 Announcing Premium Workspaces for Asana comments

0.381 Project InGen - ranking your friends by film taste compatibility comments

0.373 A Pragmatic Exploration of Tech Debt comments

0.370 Amazon promises further S3 price cuts as it touts cloud computing security comments

0.352 Designs that will outlive mankind comments

0.346 Postponing one week SpaceX comments

0.342 Typecase - Google WebFonts for WordPress comments

0.341 Apple loses its luster on Wall Street comments

0.322 Interesting Study on Creativity comments

0.315 DDoS Attacks on SSL: Something Old, Something New comments

0.314 Ranking the 10 most important moments on Everest comments

0.309 FAA reveals list of organizations authorized to fly unmanned drones in the US comments

0.289 Our first 15,000 commits comments

0.279 Most people will enter in the middle of your site, click twice, then leave comments

0.258 Introducing plown: security scanner for Plone CMS comments

0.255 Motorola EX130 price in india, Motorola EX130 Dual Display comments

0.246 Screenshot Porn (for mobile enthusiasts) comments

0.234 PXtoEM.com redesigned; uses normalize.css for generated CSS comments

0.222 Google Announces Free Cloud Storage Service Four Years After Dropbox comments

0.213 Need some advice before going “all in” on my start up project comments

0.180 Kendou UI Mobile Lets Developers Cut to the Chase comments

0.160 Coursekit Is Now Lore; Peter Thiel Invests comments

0.150 Ask : Free equity to celebrity web profiles comments

0.135 Introducing Google Drive comments

0.125 All about Servers comments

0.092 HTML5 in Drupal 7 comments

0.092 MappedIn: Where are they now? comments

0.092 Q.bo open source robot now available to pre-order comments

0.079 Flickr’s new images sizes (also in the API) comments

0.072 Store.nike.com/robots.txt comments

0.052 Initially Metasploit(v1.0) looked like this comments

0.044 Alfred App + iDoneThis for logging your todo’s, GTD style comments

0.037 Ask HN: 3 Artisan cheeses for 30 flat fee comments

0.037 Hasbro tricks blogger into revealing his address so they can threaten him comments

0.033 Show HN : One click DDG search comments

0.018 Show HN: made a game you can play safely at work comments

0.018 Ask HN: Why can’t I have 51% of profits? comments

0.012 Playing With Referer & Origin + disqus.com and yfrog.com Vulnerability comments

0.010 Show HN: In Mint.com, click on links in Footer under “Your Money” comments

0.004 Best Video Editor for Mac comments

0.002 Ask HN: Drop in the quality of Google Video Search? comments

0.000 Ask HN: How to know the tech stack behind an “insanely great looking” iOS app? comments

0.000 Codea Runtime Open Sourced: Make Native iOS Apps on iPad comments

0.000 Show HN: my attempt to improve website password fields (Chrome Extension) comments

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