Monday, April 16, 2012

Hacker News stories for 10 AM on Monday Apr 16, 2012

0.989 Wikipedia:Plagiarism,Copyright Violation are major issues with Indian students comments

0.940 In-App Product Placement Or The Future of Mobile Ads comments

0.919 Higher education situation in india comments

0.895 Presentation: Big Data And Intelligent Platforms comments

0.870 ACM/IEEE-CS strawman computer science curricula for the next decade comments

0.867 The Downside of Cohabiting Before Marriage comments

0.837 Europe’s Economic Suicide comments

0.826 Skill Doesn’t Matter If You Lack Taste comments

0.821 MATE 1.2 released comments

0.820 Embarrassingly Parallel comments

0.816 All-Optical Networks: The Last Piece of the Puzzle comments

0.776 Connectivity grief. My insights gathered from 1.5 years of “Restart Connections” comments

0.774 Benford’s Law comments

0.770 CIVIC STARTUP? Apply for the Code for America Accelerator comments

0.736 Ruby ‘debugger’ gem pulled into rails master. ‘ruby-debug19’ tossed. comments

0.723 The novel saved by a police forensic team comments

0.713 Lighting a rocket is easy; tough part is controlling it comments

0.674 It has to be quick, too. comments

0.667 Fang Lizhi (1936-2012) Physicist and Freedom Fighter comments

0.642 S.F. tech boom triggers concern about another bust comments

0.626 Stop Blabbing About Innovation and Start Actually Doing It comments

0.617 Y Combinator Apply comments

0.607 Tupac Hologram Performs at Coachella comments

0.600 Andrew Chen’s Law of Shitty ClickThrough’s comments

0.598 Redpoint Leads $40M Funding Round for Path comments

0.559 See told ya 2pac is alive and working at pinky’s chicken on Santa Monica blvd comments

0.521 Quick review of Influence: Psychology of Persuasion comments

0.505 Diamond-based LED sends single photons flying comments

0.500 Organize tasks hierarchically comments

0.496 Is Flow Addictive? comments

0.470 18 Months, 16 Countries, 120k Miles, Self-Funded - Exercising Around The World comments

0.470 Sensu - open source monitoring framework comments

0.468 Top 25 Most Dangerous Software Errors comments

0.467 Why Everyone Else is More Popular Than You Are comments

0.432 RavenDB & FreeDB: An optimization opportunity comments

0.429 The Death of the Wireframe comments

0.414 JavaScript Drama comments

0.387 Twitter open sources their MySQL optimizations comments

0.370 Riding The Third Wave of TV Transformation comments

0.337 Travelling Salesman: The Movie comments

0.285 Parents: Read the damn box comments

0.282 3BNC: free speaker meetups for young hackers and old hands comments

0.269 Instagram for Babies? comments

0.249 Could Instagram Have Become a Successful, Independent Business? comments

0.238 Is Monitoring The New Must-Have of Security? comments

0.233 Why You Need a Web Application Firewall comments

0.232 Diorama art as videogame inspiration source comments

0.227 Information is the Interface comments

0.224 Bell Labs Created Our Digital World. What They Teach Us about Innovation. comments

0.218 Turn email attachments into URLs comments

0.215 How you get the average (Elon Musk & everyone else) comments

0.173 Ask HN: How to kickstart a product idea? comments

0.155 CoffeeScript is For Closers (video) comments

0.152 Why should ebooks cost $15? comments

0.138 Banner ads flop in consumer-trust poll comments

0.119 How bad are you at generating random numbers? comments

0.112 Launches Social Dating Site, Raises $1.22M comments

0.096 Some months and hard work later, Metricfire announces pricing and GA comments

0.088 Another Mac Trojan Detected, Potentially Bigger Than the First comments

0.074 (Video)Eric Ries Pushed Steve Blank to Publish His 1st Lean Startup Book comments

0.070 Norman McLean: The end of the world of books. comments

0.065 Vert.x - Scalable “real-time” web apps in JS, Ruby or Java. Now supports Groovy comments

0.050 Tupac Hologram performs live at Coachella video comments

0.039 Show HN: ViralBees, create viral promotions in mins comments

0.032 Tomahawk: Fixing Our Fractured Digital Music Collections comments

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