Sunday, April 29, 2012

Hacker News stories for 4 AM on Sunday Apr 29, 2012

0.913 Which programming language should I learn first? comments

0.785 You Are Either Problem Solver, Or Not Entrepreneur At All comments

0.777 Explanation of K’s syntax comments

0.768 Letters to a Young Engineer: How to Decide Where to Work comments

0.649 How Can You Tell If Your Market Is A Good One? comments

0.616 Hey, Look, Everybody - Free Money (Just Sue Apple) comments

0.603 Miso: hqa interactive storytelling and data visu comments

0.570 A Quest to Solve One of Math’s Great Puzzles comments

0.532 How effective is online activism? comments

0.467 E-cube-librium: Visu for country’s growth with cubes comments

0.430 Ray Kurzweil: How my predictions are faring 2010, pdf comments

0.426 6yr old bangladeshi programmer comments

0.408 Show HN: balabolka, Ready to go chatroom with 2 lines of code comments

0.388 Toolkit for Web Dev 2012 q1 comments

0.375 Syntax highlight support for DCPU-16 v1.7 in vim comments

0.343 Full text: An epic Bill Gates e-mail rant comments

0.282 The thing that changed the world. comments

0.280 I am a craftsman - I want my personal tools on my smartphone comments

0.272 Hacking with Mathematica and Wolfram API comments

0.208 A startup escape path - what advice would you add to this? comments

0.184 Accounting and finance for Small Businesses comments

0.175 Node-zip compress/uncompress files (ported from JSZip) comments

0.147 How a Developer Spent a Weekend With His Developer Wife comments

0.141 3D nano-printing comments

0.120 Drawing our Linux mascot TuX in TeX with TikZ comments

0.066 The End Game of Passive Income comments

0.061 Cheat sheet for decoding video file names(DVDrip, CAMRip, TC etc.) comments

0.036 Ray Kurzweil interview at SXSW 2012 video comments

0.008 THE CONSTITUTION OF JAPAN is now on Github comments

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