Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Hacker News stories for 2 PM on Tuesday Apr 17, 2012

0.966 BitTorrent Troll Admits Its All About Making Even More Money comments

0.953 EBooks are the future. Let the past go. comments

0.938 Teller Sues Other Magician For Doing The Same Trick comments

0.936 Twitter’s no-lawsuit pledge: “We will not join the patent wars” comments

0.911 Congress ending privacy with CISPA? Fight back with TMI comments

0.847 Why the IRS Wants the Right to Seize Your Passport comments

0.833 How to Scam Online Food Websites and Eat for Free (or Cheap) comments

0.819 Some Thoughts on Branding Startups and Communities comments

0.818 Why Every Ruby Developer Should Learn Smalltalk comments

0.814 What Not To Say in a Business Plan comments

0.807 1/3 of US Homes Cost More to Build Than They’re Worth comments

0.786 Python from Scratch- The shortcut comments

0.743 Sergey Brin: I’m Worried About the Internet comments

0.734 Commuter trains increase number of “quiet cars” comments

0.727 The Five Reasons to be Wary of CISPA comments

0.727 How I Lost 30 Pounds on Tim Ferriss’s Slow Carb Diet comments

0.723 Plastic surgery in mexico – Dr Luis suarez comments

0.714 The Clojure Toolbox comments

0.703 At NAB: The Media And Cloud Businesses Are Evolving To The Same Economic Model comments

0.703 Patent Matters – Don’t Hate the Player, Hate the Game comments

0.700 The Pebble Watch, A Success Waiting To Happen? comments

0.685 Calepin is shutting its doors in 90 days comments

0.672 Answer on Quora to: What’s it like living in a rainforest? comments

0.620 Breast cancer. — CER Clinic Blog comments

0.620 For Japanese Linguist, A Long And Lonely Schlep comments

0.618 MongoDB: what are the technical limitations preventing document-level locking? comments

0.610 Cybercrime loss estimates about as reliable as piracy estimates comments

0.588 eHarmony research BS: UCLA professors say customers are ‘duped’ comments

0.571 I don’t believe in Spanish companies comments

0.571 The Student Loan Forgiveness Act of 2012 (H.R. 4170) comments

0.556 NASA PDS Challenge comments

0.550 The (Re)birth of the Next Big Cloud Provider (Dell) comments

0.546 Most online fraud in US from NYC followed by Atlanta, Chicago, LA, Omaha comments

0.503 Oracle CEO Larry Ellison: I don’t know if Java is free comments

0.498 Our job board is free this month and reaches 1000s of gamedevs comments

0.496 Am I a good enough programmer? comments

0.495 Wooster Scripting for Fun & Profit comments

0.492 Clustering related stories comments

0.482 Riots ‘could have been predicted via Twitter’ comments

0.475 Pricing in reverse: use a product’s price to figure out what you need to build comments

0.467 How to Foster Group Creativity comments

0.467 Sexism comments

0.467 Goat Invasion in GIMP comments

0.467 Washington Post editors don’t know what ‘orders of magnitude’ means comments

0.443 20 Years of ODBC comments

0.438 Taking Privacy Seriously comments

0.430 Consumerization of IT? comments

0.428 Hubble spots early galaxy using gravitational lens comments

0.426 Semicolon - language of semicolons comments

0.418 Opensource the IRS comments

0.416 CRN Buzz - Top 200 Twitter Influencers on Topic of Security comments

0.408 Using Origami to Mockup Gestural Interfaces comments

0.401 Floating point error is the least of my worries comments

0.375 Sins of Omission comments

0.369 A new resume template for Programmers comments

0.343 Job Posts That Sell comments

0.332 April Fool’s Joke Made Real Through Kickstarter comments

0.332 15-year-old arrested for hacking 259 companies comments

0.332 15-year-old arrested for hacking 259 companies comments

0.326 Kickstarter game projects: Where does the money go? comments

0.322 GNU Wget in decline? comments

0.307 Interview with Robert Surrency, UX Designer at AKQA comments

0.299 Mobile Carriers Warn of ‘Spectrum Crisis’; Others See Hyperbole comments

0.288 Building Windows 8: Reclaiming memory from Metro style apps comments

0.281 Data-Driven Security Presentation at IANS Security Forum comments

0.268 Tumblr makes their “Fire Hose” available to developers comments

0.268 Ask HN: Anyone using Vertx(Node.js inspired for the JVM)? comments

0.262 Do you know of a website that wants to make extra income? comments

0.258 Are robotic guards the answer to controlling prison costs? comments

0.255 Properly Salting Passwords, The Case Against Pepper comments

0.250 Smartwatch in crowdfunding record comments

0.247 Is Javascript Code always so full of bugs? comments

0.246 How do i catch interest and make cash? comments

0.238 Iran publishes “Request for Information” for “halal” Internet comments

0.236 History of Ubuntu: Revisited & Updated comments

0.232 Dart’s new Isolate API comments

0.232 Knowledge… comments

0.230 Google’s Opening Statement - Language is free comments

0.220 Skybox Imaging Raises $70M To Launch Two High-Res Imaging Microsatellites comments

0.213 Why Read It Later/Pocket Went Free comments

0.213 MapBox releases iOS SDK comments

0.210 Get All Wordpress Navigation Menus comments

0.196 Oakley Tests Technology That Would Rival Google’s Project Glass comments

0.185 A Call for Google+ to Enable Posting via its API comments

0.183 Benefit of electric cars found to vary by location comments

0.169 Fuck You, Pay Me - SaaS Edition comments

0.157 Space Shuttle Discovery’s Final Flight Over Washington DC (Pics) comments

0.135 Tech help for non-tech startup founders comments

0.120 The Kinect Accelerator is now in session comments

0.114 Happy Birthday, Apple II (35 years old today) comments

0.102 Analyst: Dropbox and Box should be seriously worried about Google Drive comments

0.097 Is it still possible to make a living as a web developer? comments

0.092 Add SPDY support to your Apache server with mod_spdy comments

0.092 Senses - The HTML5 Media Center comments

0.079 JQuery for Android, or AQuery | Do away with boiler plate. comments

0.079 IKEA announces UPPLEVA: an integrated smart TV and entertainment center comments

0.071 Offer HN: YC interview pep talk for upcoming candidates (Cloudkick, W09) comments

0.070 Network Services Aren’t Free or Nonfree; They Raise Other Issues comments

0.067 The problem with digital design tools comments

0.064 Tax Startup Needs Your Review comments

0.057 MySpace buys Oldify for $1 Billion comments

0.032 Propellerheads unveils Music Making App comments

0.023 Show HN: Cronk - issues for the commandline comments

0.020 Ask HN: Fuck Itunes? comments

0.013 Show HN: Sreenshot Bookmarks, a Weekend Project comments

0.011 HTML5/CSS3/Javascript experimental Adobe Photoshop clone comments

0.000 Chrome For Android Gets Desktop View, Home Screen Bookmarks, File Downloads comments

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