Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Hacker News stories for 12 PM on Tuesday Apr 17, 2012

0.999 Tutorial from PyData Workshop: scikit-learn - Machine Learning in Python comments

0.958 How Go Daddy Keeps 52 Million Domains Running (Data Center tour) comments

0.929 Tying the Knot- recursive data structures in Haskell comments

0.913 Why My Slime Mold Is Better Than Your Hadoop Cluster comments

0.900 Udacity vs Stanford’s vs MIT’s OCW vs Khan Academy vs Code Academy comments

0.892 Big Data or Big Boondoggle? comments

0.877 Websockets and More: 20 awesome node.js npm modules we use every day comments

0.850 Learning to code comments

0.811 Twitter’s Innovators Patent Agreement comments

0.785 Florida standardized science tests are a disaster comments

0.785 RubySource | Deploying Rails in 5 minutesRubySource comments

0.784 How soon should your startup focus on profit? comments

0.778 How To Build A Killer Landing Page Using Premise 2.0 comments

0.763 NumPy on PyPy progress report comments

0.750 Googlewhack comments

0.749 Connecting the dots (all they way to Silicon Valley) comments

0.741 NYC: David Lee of SV Angel speaking April 23rd at NYU comments

0.733 Losing Sales? Try comments

0.725 What makes a great tweet? comments

0.713 There is No Such Thing as Mandatory. Every Day & Everything is Optional. comments

0.713 VC Ben Horowitz ft Rick Ross - Politics in Business comments

0.709 Insanely Expensive Gadgets comments

0.705 IPage web hosting is bad even for shared hosting comments

0.696 Openstack: Where Enterprise Enemies Hug comments

0.696 Is that Tupac? No It’s A Hologram comments

0.689 Wordpress blog installs leak install and environment data back to wp.org comments

0.686 What Happened To WWDC 2012? comments

0.670 How we run our agile dev process using only Trello and Google Docs comments

0.667 Slaves to the smartphone comments

0.667 Kangaroos have three vaginas comments

0.655 Announcing Titanium Studio 2.0.1 comments

0.649 A High Frequency Trader’s Apologia, Part 2 comments

0.647 Why Argentina is going down (again) comments

0.643 Tumblr Gets a Data Firehose comments

0.635 Tupac Shakur hologram might tour with Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg comments

0.631 Face recognition through eigenvectors comments

0.626 Twitter Introduces Innovators Patent Agreement comments

0.607 CouchDB Resources List comments

0.603 SymbolHound: Search Better. Code Better. comments

0.594 Introducing the Innovator’s Patent Agreement comments

0.592 A nasty disease returns to start-up land comments

0.590 Will write code, won’t sign NDA comments

0.568 Occupy Wall Street: Here’s how you can beat the 1% at their own game. comments

0.556 Larry Ellison takes the stand in Android IP trial comments

0.545 13 Strategies to Get Buy-In for Your Great Ideas comments

0.533 Wikify Your Metadata comments

0.515 Are we in a startup bubble? comments

0.500 Demons comments

0.500 Gods as Topological Invariants comments

0.486 Why Exact Match Domain Names are Good (or Bad) for SEO comments

0.486 University mail hosted on Google Cloud goes down comments

0.482 When Will The Social Sharing Button Madness Stop comments

0.477 A Journey Into Linker Hell, And A Mistake comments

0.477 Gmail Temporarily Unavailable Error 500 comments

0.471 What does Twitter know about me? My .zip file with 50Mb of data comments

0.467 The Trapezium Conundrum comments

0.467 Overcoming Artificial Stupidity comments

0.467 Monet’s ultraviolet vision comments

0.467 Train your self-awareness everyday comments

0.467 Phabricator comments

0.463 The Distinction of Past and Future - Richard Feynman comments

0.461 Translating Krug’s Usability to Edtech comments

0.434 Path Admits It Raised A Mega $30 Million+ Series B Led By Redpoint Ventures comments

0.426 Semicolon: A language of semicolons comments

0.421 Never pay to pitch investors. You’re the prize, not the mark. comments

0.397 Skeuomorphic Design: What it is, Who uses it, and Why You Need to Know comments

0.393 Act 2 of The Microsoft Accelerator (Azure) comments

0.391 The Museum of Modern Betas: VERSEU comments

0.375 Homoiconicity isn’t the point comments

0.375 GMail is down comments

0.375 Overcoming Artificial Stupidity comments

0.345 Going With the Flow: Google’s Secret Switch to the Next Wave of Networking comments

0.343 Email Rookie Mistakes comments

0.337 How to decide the membership model? comments

0.334 Oracle v. Google - Did Google need a license for JAVA on Android? comments

0.325 Use the source, don’t read it (comic) comments

0.325 How does HN’s ranking work? This seems like an error comments

0.318 Wearable Computing Might Soon Intensify The Platform Wars comments

0.307 Gmail Down comments

0.303 Japan gambles on displays comments

0.298 C42 Launchpad - India’s hacker school comments

0.291 Gmail suffering downtime comments

0.291 Google and Oracle CEOs face off in court comments

0.276 How to customize your LaunchRock widget with a skin comments

0.276 Introducing the Rutgers Hackathon Club comments

0.276 Release of ‘iPad mini’ from Apple viewed as ‘question of when, not if’ comments

0.265 Spire.io Releases 1.1, Introducing Named Subscriptions & iOS Push Notifications comments

0.254 Search engine Blekko’s Traffic Is Up Almost 400 Percent comments

0.233 Outside Lands 2012 Lineup comments

0.225 Major League Gaming Announces Partnership with CBS comments

0.222 Google Earth, RMS Titanic Layer comments

0.219 Webbygram: a web interface for instagram comments

0.218 Foursquare : 20 million users and 2 billion check-ins comments

0.214 Redis + RDBMS use cases? comments

0.206 How do you downvote? comments

0.204 Drug To Diagnose Alzheimer’s Disease Receives FDA Approval comments

0.184 Idea: A tool to make it easy to subscribe to web-based lists of Twitter accounts comments

0.180 Gnip Adds Tumblr to its List of Social Data Sources comments

0.175 Pinterest Cracking Down on Amazon Affiliates comments

0.175 Tumblr Makes Its Firehose Available comments

0.169 Android Users Are Apathetic comments

0.162 How Zynga will be a $54 Billion+ company comments

0.139 Should tech talks be rated comments

0.137 Given I like reading Source Code by the fire with my smoking jacket and brandy comments

0.131 French Presidential Candidate’s Website Hides an 8-Bit Konami Code Surprise comments

0.126 Easily Keep Track of Subscriptions Using spire.io with Join and Part Events comments

0.099 Show HN: Hooking up Twitter with Angellist comments

0.097 Facebook “Listen” Button comments

0.095 Lake.js - Make your images look like they’re reflected by a lake comments

0.093 4 ways that Stripe innovated Credit Card payments comments

0.082 Comcast App Flap: Shows Anxiety in Xfinity App to Compete Effectively comments

0.072 Ask PG: Interview advice for no idea applicants? comments

0.062 Top Ubuntu app downloads for March 2012 comments

0.052 Reference: USGS Enhances Real-Time Earthquake Information Pages comments

0.014 Ask HN: Which laptop do you use? comments

0.014 Ask HN: 99Designs vs Local Designers? comments

0.009 Ask HN: The build vs buy debate… should we hire a programmer? comments

0.008 Show HN: Bidgram- Sell to or collect offers from your social networks comments

0.004 Show HN: Cloudeo.tv - Live video and voice for developers comments

0.002 Chrome for Android Update comments

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