Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Hacker News stories for 8 PM on Wednesday Mar 07, 2012

0.870 Why American Entrepreneurs Are Superior… comments

0.736 Massive solar storm threatens to disrupt communications and power grids comments

0.731 Re-live positive experiences, increase productivity by about 31% comments

0.712 Water-dwelling life form can teach us about the regeneration of human tissue comments

0.690 Jason Calacanis Moves Launch Festival Website to Launch.CO comments

0.667 Tumor Evolution More Complex than Imagined comments

0.665 Neat little feature with Ruby’s Time object comments

0.548 Java won’t curl up and die like Cobol, insists Oracle comments

0.507 Think before handing over your cash to Kony 2012 comments

0.500 The Mystery of Duqu comments

0.467 In defense of localStorage comments

0.467 Potential Tax penalties for Expats comments

0.453 U.S. Warns Apple, Publishers on E-Book Pricing comments

0.408 Why Apple’s latest iPad hurts the future of Windows 8 comments

0.357 Copy, Paste, Remix: Digital Tricks That Originated on the Printed Page comments

0.340 TSA Pooh-Poohs Video Purporting to Defeat Airport Body Scanners comments

0.318 A Matlab programmer’s take on the Julia language comments

0.201 Chrome Hacked In 5 Minutes comments

0.187 It’s called ipad comments

0.145 Everything we think we know about Apple events is wrong. comments

0.095 Did you notice the book being read in the Dollar Shave Club spot? comments

0.045 Sublime Text Plugin: Activate & reload Chrome with a keyboard shorcut comments

0.024 IOS 5.1 Released; Battery fixes, Redesigned camera App comments

0.023 Anonymous hacks Panda Security in response to LulzSec arrests comments

0.008 Using the Heap Profiler in Chrome Dev Tools comments

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