Sunday, March 25, 2012

Hacker News stories for 8 PM on Sunday Mar 25, 2012

0.975 Just under 14% of Y Combinator applications so far are no-idea applications comments

0.847 Traction Verticals: How to Gain Traction for Your Startup comments

0.786 Purgatory.rb - Mine Expiring Domains from the Command Line comments

0.783 Twitter Won’t Hand Over Data on Occupy Wall Street Protester comments

0.668 A look inside a revolutionary public high school for software engineering in NYC comments

0.667 James Cameron Completes Record-Breaking Mariana Trench Dive comments

0.660 Rise of the global entrepreneurial class comments

0.550 The Amazing Story Of How Charity:Water Was Founded And How You Can Do It Too comments

0.546 Secret Visa data center banks on security, even has moat comments

0.537 How Google Organic Links Have Lost Value comments

0.511 On Women In Tech comments

0.395 Can Coders save America’s cities? comments

0.375 Want To Hook Your Users? Drive Them Crazy. comments

0.373 List of cognitive biases comments

0.339 Not Cloudy Enough comments

0.225 1-kilo “gold bar” actually filled with Tungsten discovered in UK (photos) comments

0.129 The Real Issue With Comment Spam – Marketing Is Fine, Irrelevant is Annoying comments

0.098 Making the leap from coder to enterprise architect. Any suggestions? comments

0.055 Turns any video into a screenshot palette comments

0.044 Apply with me to YC in the next 3 days and change the world comments

0.021 Community-driven list of mobile and web app ideas. comments

0.020 Ask HN: Do you use Quora? comments

0.016 Hacker News Tokyo Japan Meetup #12 – 30th March 2012 comments

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