Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Hacker News stories for 7 PM on Tuesday Mar 20, 2012

0.748 Cashless currency takes off in Volos, Greece comments

0.733 NASA’s Swift narrows down origin of important supernova class comments

0.603 Robotics Trends for 2012 comments

0.511 An Hour a Day comments

0.500 Extending the Scope of Syntactic Abstraction comments

0.486 The numbers behind the Copyright Math comments

0.468 “Tagging” skyscapers using lasers & a projector comments

0.400 Killer at 70,000 Feet comments

0.393 StrangeLoop speaker slides comments

0.390 Worlds: Controlling the Scope of Side Effects comments

0.388 Bundling in Negotiation comments

0.364 How to extract square roots in just 3 seconds comments

0.352 Travel.Stackexchange passes 1500 questions, 2000 users while in Beta comments

0.279 Nokia: Around The World On 1 Battery comments

0.274 142,000 dragged through UK’s courts IN A YEAR for not paying BBC fees comments

0.271 Piecing the malware puzzle – Exploring a spike in exploit activity comments

0.223 FED Chairman lecture (w/ Q&A) on US economy & monetary policy comments

0.218 Internet Explorer: The Browser You Love to Hate comments

0.201 Tools for Prototyping Web Applications comments

0.179 Ancient sites spotted from space comments

0.153 Europe moving 60 ms closer to Japan with new undersea cables comments

0.148 Innovation History via 6,000 Pages of Annual Reports comments

0.140 Man Successfully Flies With Custom-Built Bird Wings comments

0.007 Show HN: Free Unlimited Private File Sending (Beta) comments

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