Friday, March 23, 2012

Hacker News stories for 7 PM on Friday Mar 23, 2012

0.980 Setting up hadoop cluster on local machine comments

0.968 Node.js is Cancer comments

0.968 Node.js is Cancer comments

0.956 The Stanford Education Experiment Could Change Higher Learning Forever comments

0.943 How Heroku Manages High Availability comments

0.918 How to Build a Killer Startup: A Chat with Chill’s Brian Norgard comments

0.889 Why You Should Be Excited About Garbage Collection in Ruby 2.0 comments

0.886 How can Hollywood studios become more profitable using Internet? comments

0.883 Marketing start-ups: Geeks aren’t known for their social skills comments

0.882 How to get into your zone comments

0.849 Vulnerability analysis, practical data flow analysis and visualization comments

0.836 GVM - the Go version manager comments

0.812 Hosted MySQL: Amazon RDS (and backups) comments

0.792 Ember.js or Backbone.js with Rails? comments

0.773 Orbital: A real-time map built on top of Websockets and ZeroMQ comments

0.760 Revisiting Network I/O APIs: The netmap Framework comments

0.756 Pinterest does something about copyright infringement comments

0.750 » Charts you’ll care about comments

0.747 Tweets printed using Arduino in a replica Tickertape machine comments

0.746 Leaked - The Complete Project Management Professional Exam comments

0.746 Old style tweet printing machine comments

0.709 Blekko Partners With Lavasoft on Spam-Free Search comments

0.700 What You Can’t See You Can’t Get comments

0.694 “It’s Official: OpenBSD Helps Me Do Better Science” comments

0.686 The Privacy Chain - Your Site’s Privacy Policy as the 3rd Party services pile up comments

0.626 Meet Svbtle, the blog tool you’re not invited to, and Obtvse, its clone comments

0.615 On Blogging: A Response to Svbtle and Obtvse comments

0.604 CPAN as a Source for Startup Ideas comments

0.604 My Opinion About The Geeklist Sexism Case comments

0.593 The Essence of Blogging, A UI Experiment Inspired by Svbtle comments

0.590 Htaccess python script, Clean URL comments

0.588 A Note On Benchmarking comments

0.570 Things You Didn’t Know About… Math comments

0.545 Authentication Systems: Per-Site vs. Single Sign On comments

0.543 IMDb Data Analysis in Pure SQL comments

0.535 Writing great Javascript comments

0.510 Unpaid work, sexism, and racism comments

0.500 Farewell, Lolapps comments

0.500 Money B-Ball comments

0.489 rails-core request.xhr? returns 0 or nil instead of boolean comments

0.486 Early exposure to germs has lasting benefits comments

0.477 BB84 Protocol, the first quantum cryptography protocol, explained comments

0.470 Secrets To Increasing Your App Rankings on iTunes comments

0.467 Excerpts from ‘Gamesmanship’ (Potter) comments

0.463 When did SourceForge become so nice? comments

0.449 In-Depth Interviews with Dell’s EIR & MassChallenge Founders comments

0.447 A Group Saving A Crime-Ridden Michigan City With Social Media comments

0.444 45-foot-long paper airplane soars over Arizona desert comments

0.444 Destination Mankind (1972) comments

0.438 Tactical NAV: Created for the troops, by the troops comments

0.395 These 34 app makers got a letter from congress comments

0.386 Embrace The Fact That Your Business Ideas Suck comments

0.380 Sacrosanct Linux feature dies comments

0.353 Tacocopter: The Coolest Airborne Taco Delivery System That’s Completely Fake comments

0.352 Personal Computing Units Shipped Graph Through 1975 comments

0.348 WordPress Bootstrap - Twitter bootstrap in a wordpress theme comments

0.344 Microsoft patent on web page ranking system (2010) comments

0.341 What Apple plans to do with their wad of cash comments

0.339 The Google problem: paying for ‘Angry Birds’ with battery life instead of money comments

0.323 Caching Cocoa Drawing Code comments

0.318 Birth of a Book comments

0.314 Microsoft Hadoop with Javascript Map/Reduce comments

0.314 Clever PR: Facebook bends a non-story to their favor comments

0.293 Desktop Games on Windows 8 Consumer Preview comments

0.287 Askolo: Ask people questions comments

0.285 Social Sharing Buttons are Busted comments

0.284 Free software downloads comments

0.284 General workings of an LCD; live teardown by Bill Hammack comments

0.278 Why Cloning Is The New Gaming Business Model comments

0.257 Freaky Scary Google Plus comments

0.257 A Peek at’s Much-Anticipated Beta comments

0.245 Understanding IE10 Enhanced Protected Mode comments

0.235 Javascript memory optimization and texture loading comments

0.229 Your donation WILL change lives. comments

0.216 A Prize List for Zero Day Exploits comments

0.207 10 Questions, 10 Answers on Roslyn comments

0.207 Pair (YC W12) is a Path for the Two of Us comments

0.182 Dart: Structured web apps Slides comments

0.180 Firefox versions change faster than my kids clothes comments

0.172 My daughter uses pinterest style comments

0.170 Sells for $228,600 at Auction comments

0.136 Project-management-as-a-service (Validation needed) comments

0.119 Facebook asserts trademark on word ‘Book’ in new user agreement comments

0.106 Holy Crap, Super Time Force Looks Cool comments

0.096 Army launches apps marketplace prototype comments

0.095 Blast Aliens in Your Browser with Your iOS Trigger Device comments

0.091 Smashing Magazine: My Website Design Was Stolen, Now What? comments

0.078 Firefox Clinic: In-person, In-depth Support (San Francisco, March 24) comments

0.073 Apple loses appeal; fined $1.2m for ‘misleading’ AppleCare customers comments

0.073 SQL Server 2012 Licensing Changes, Price Hikes comments

0.073 Autodetecting reference-counting bugs: the video comments

0.069 Gliimpse: Animate the transition between markup and content comments

0.069 The End of Support for Firefox 3.6, Windows 2000, and Windows XP RTM & SP1 comments

0.057 Shopping For Zero-Days: A Price List For Hackers’ Secret Software Exploits comments

0.054 Marketplace? Network(s). 4 questions about growth. comments

0.052 Help me Hack the Lottery or, the worst $90 investment ever comments

0.036 Homeless Boy Steals The Talent Show. Applicable to startups comments

0.034 Free Android app gives accurate, live fuel economy as you drive comments

0.029 WooT, the new iPad has nospot feature enabled… almost for europeans comments

0.021 Ask HN: What are the best core values / mission statements for companies? comments

0.018 My first app for the WikiReader, a huge image viewer comments

0.015 How large is github. Is there a legit way to download it all? comments

0.013 Import GTFS data to SQLite for use in iOS and Android apps comments

0.011 Hackers Can Make $250,000 Selling iOS Exploits To The Government comments

0.010 Apple’s new iPad boasts better colors – how did they do it? comments

0.007 Show HN: Get feedback on your iTunes app page comments

0.006 Ask HN: Who’s Using Obtvse/Svbtle comments

0.005 Ask HN: How useful are these “ambient apps”? comments

0.003 Ask HN:Getting a site on first page of Google? comments

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