Friday, March 2, 2012

Hacker News stories for 6 PM on Friday Mar 02, 2012

0.999 The Pirate Bay Is Down, But Don’t Panic comments

0.987 America’s 10 Most Sleep-Deprived Jobs (Programmers are #5) comments

0.984 RIAA CEO Hopes SOPA Protests Were a ‘One-Time Thing’ comments

0.983 There are no bad programming languages, only bad programmers comments

0.975 DNA and RNA are being used to build computers that can run inside cells comments

0.961 What Makes a Robot Fish Attractive? Robot Fish Moves to the Head of the School comments

0.940 Scalable Machine Learning - A. Smola’s course at Berkeley (video) comments

0.909 Where the Jobs Are, the Training May Not Be comments

0.882 Validation in Scala comments

0.845 This Week in Scala (02/03/2012) comments

0.841 Danish Police Censor Google, Facebook and 8,000 Other Sites by Accident comments

0.821 Big Data Investment Map comments

0.816 Distributed Computing in Python Using Multiprocessing comments

0.808 Don’t Be Evil, but do be annoying (Google’s advanced search feature disappear) comments

0.792 Why Germany should copy Silicon Valley’s culture rather than their startups comments

0.779 A/B Testing your way into a great product launch comments

0.761 CSSmania: Our way of fighting SPAM with submissions comments

0.755 Thoughts on managing complexity in Spring code comments

0.748 Social media’s inconvenient truth comments

0.733 R17 1.4.3 and (some of) the evils of C’s strptime & mktime comments

0.728 Ocean acidification on track to be among the worst of the last 300 million years comments

0.722 Discounts for PenTest Subscribers to SecTor IT Security Education Conference comments

0.715 Is The ‘Right To Be Forgotten’ The ‘Biggest Threat To Free Speech’? comments

0.710 Guardian says open journalism is the only way forward comments

0.695 GPS Spoofers comments

0.684 Clojure OSGi - Down the rabbit hole comments

0.671 Simple ways to profile a Python Script comments

0.667 March PenTest Regular Is Out comments

0.655 An Overview of Go in Five Examples comments

0.654 “The Art of Using Few Words” – if you write stuff other people actually see comments

0.638 Callback system, web call back, call back international, Internet callback comments

0.619 The library you create when you are done with Learn C The Hard Way comments

0.607 DHS, Not NSA, Should Lead Cybersecurity, Pentagon Official Says comments

0.574 Are Your Friends Making You Fat? comments

0.571 Grace Hopper on nanoseconds comments

0.569 What Berlin really thinks about the Samwer Brothers comments

0.562 Testing, testing, testing. It prints comments

0.552 UbuntuOne on Debian Testing comments

0.551 Tips to use Virtual Box at its full potential comments

0.540 Blossom 1.0.0-beta.1 (SproutCore 3 candidate) comments

0.533 Case Studies comments

0.532 Pimp my Visual Studio 2010 comments

0.528 Everything you know about state boundaries is wrong comments

0.522 How Three Germans Are Cloning the Web comments

0.500 Blinded By Our Own Experiences comments

0.489 Giving back, the workshop way comments

0.486 Will Your LinkedIn Company Page Replace Your Website? comments

0.482 OpenCourseware on Search comments

0.477 Dear Rackspace: why are you so bloody expensive? comments

0.477 Pinterest is all pink, puppies and pretty ponies comments

0.467 Fashion wedding dress comments

0.467 Undocumented Territory comments

0.467 MG Siegler vows to steal Arrington’s transparency crown comments

0.467 A swarm of Nano Quadrotors comments

0.467 Life’s a Pitch: The Founder’s Journey comments

0.467 Beautiful wedding dresses comments

0.467 Restoring Balance comments

0.449 Never Argue With Success comments

0.448 What Intersections Would Look Like in a World of Driverless Cars comments

0.438 The story of Germany’s Samwer brothers comments

0.423 New low level JavaScript interpreter to boost WebKit performance more than 200% comments

0.416 StackOverflow comments

0.412 Hubticle : Make a blog with your GitHub repository comments

0.384 Stolen NASA laptop contained space station control codes comments

0.373 Easiest method for multiplying numbers comments

0.373 On CPU backdoors - Trusting hardware comments

0.372 Molecular super glue created from flesh-eating bacteria comments

0.366 Zynga readies private cloud to run partners games comments

0.358 Steps towards the glory of REST comments

0.352 Depression: An evolutionary byproduct of immune system? comments

0.351 Bye Bye Google – Foursquare Embraces OpenStreetMap comments

0.338 Apple’s tough talk backfires in negotiations for new streaming TV service comments

0.331 Abstracting Energy comments

0.330 Quickly set your blog to auto update social media comments

0.311 Atlassian is stealing geeks in Europe comments

0.306 What do modern day heroes look like? comments

0.300 Sugar-coated Lorem Ipsum Generator comments

0.289 Jessica Lange To Star In New American Horror StoryAmerican comments

0.285 Best & Top 15 ANDroid SMARTPHONES - Range RS.5000 to 40,000 comments

0.282 Cisco Linksys WAG54GS CSRF Change Admin Password comments

0.264 Lifetime cost to run F-35 fighter: about $1 trillion comments

0.255 Telling the Stories of Hunts Point, One Portrait at a Time comments

0.241 Yelp goes public despite losses comments

0.233 3D Models repo comments

0.222 Bitcoin Heist comments

0.221 How Andrew Breitbart Changed Digital Media comments

0.188 Mozilla’s ‘modest proposal:’ Dump the smartphone OS comments

0.186 Windows 8 Beta is a UI nightmare (Stardock CEO) comments

0.180 Spam text Sim cards are blocked comments

0.172 Accenture chief executive of technology jumps ship abruptly comments

0.160 Vortex radio waves could boost wireless capacity “infinitely” comments

0.158 First Pitch Deck on Pinterest comments

0.153 Getting Results the Hacker Way comments

0.151 Hackers zap Zappos: Info from 24 million users stolen comments

0.140 Different ways to view contents of a file in Linux comments

0.125 US State Department Switches To Google Chrome Browser comments

0.119 New Mobile Application Development Team in Town comments

0.116 Google offers California small businesses free websites comments

0.110 Anonymous hackers ratted out by infiltrators comments

0.108 Review of SIO2 Engine comments

0.107 Weekly roundup of Chromebook articles you should read comments

0.106 The Start-up’s Secret Weapon: Contests or How to Turn $100K into $12,000,000 comments

0.102 Playing with HTML5 Canvas comments

0.089 Picozu - the HTML5 Adobe Photoshop clone comments

0.066 1st video shot on Canon 5D Mark III comments

0.065 Facebook Photo Booth comments

0.059 Adobe Photoshop Touch Application Now Available comments

0.058 Apple’s TV Embarrass Hardware Makers, Destroy Cable Companies comments

0.054 Google take first step to plug into your brain comments

0.043 This Is How Apple Swindled the iPad Trademark comments

0.035 M-Pulse Episode #8: Mobile cross platform Dev tools state of the union comments

0.026 Picozu - a HTML5 Image Editor comments

0.018 Show HN: Our startup Construct 2, how far we’ve come and lessons learnt so far comments

0.014 Show HN: CSS/Canvas Bezier timing function editor comments

0.014 “Microsoft Flight PC Game” for Windows, Download & Play comments

0.011 Android Device Updates - All Manufacturer Support Pages comments

0.006 Releases an iPhone App comments

0.005 Ask HN: What’s the best way to implement an OpenID server? comments

0.004 Show HN - CoinConect-the bitcoin social network. comments

0.001 Show HN: my weekend(s) project, instant websites comments

0.000 Apple giving away US$10,000 Gift card for the 25 billionth app download comments

0.000 Ask HN: Why is “Create Application Shortcut…” dimmed in Chrome for Mac? comments

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