Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Hacker News stories for 5 AM on Wednesday Mar 14, 2012

0.961 Five must have characteristics of women entrepreneurs comments

0.958 NASA set to launch 5 rockets in 5 minutes comments

0.749 Happy Pi Day comments

0.733 Goodbye, cruel Google–an ex-employee’s lament comments

0.714 Not just the Higgs boson comments

0.622 5 Branding must-haves for startups comments

0.608 Firefox 11.0 released comments

0.551 I would be so happy to have your review on my new product comments

0.527 The XKCD Holistic Web Browser comments

0.521 Email Habits and Annoyances You Should Avoid comments

0.500 The laser unprinter comments

0.465 The Beginning And The End comments

0.452 Rearrange photos in Google using Album Organizer New Feature launched comments

0.422 A Free License of charismathics iEnigma for BlackBerry comments

0.381 Funny accident while my spontaneously application for Y Combinator comments

0.372 Where’s the coffee in my strawberry latte? comments

0.363 Vagrant Virtualised Dev Environments comments

0.362 Apple Hit With Class Action Lawsuit Over Siri comments

0.360 Startups will be collage of startups comments

0.329 Man finds his way home using Google Earth - after 25 years comments

0.295 Firefox in 2011 – Firefox plans for 2012 comments

0.280 Elements of a Clean Web Design comments

0.276 Stratfor ‘Source’ James Casey Leaves FBI comments

0.222 Itsy-Forth: a 1K Tiny Compiler comments

0.217 NASA, GM working on a ‘Robo-Glove’ to assist astronauts and autoworkers alike comments

0.179 Open Sourcers Drop Software Religion for Common Sense comments

0.106 Dell in talks to buy firewall vendor SonicWall comments

0.099 Encyclopaedia Britannica drops print edition comments

0.067 The Currency Cloud raises $4m comments

0.037 Developer Tools in Firefox 11 - 3D DOM Inspector and Live Style Editor comments

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