Monday, March 12, 2012

Hacker News stories for 5 AM on Monday Mar 12, 2012

0.997 Potential SOPA / PIPA Revisions comments

0.985 Where can I find programming puzzles and challenges comments

0.975 Khan Academy on 60 Minutes comments

0.964 Node-lazy: pkrumins library for lazy lists in node.js comments

0.961 Can big data fix a broken system for software patents? comments

0.959 Netflix Wants Everyone to Know What You’re Watching comments

0.952 Fibers and Threads in node.js comments

0.907 MPAA: Any Popular Online Content Must Be Infringing comments

0.897 Coursera / Stanford PGM Class is Open comments

0.872 Rabbit holes: Why being smart hurts your productivity comments

0.872 30 minutes to make a collaborative paint with Play2, Canvas and WebSocket comments

0.870 Fffuuuuuuuu: The Internet anthropologist’s field guide to “rage faces” comments

0.869 Hear Eric Ries and Dr Werner Vogels speak on Lean Cloud online event comments

0.864 Ruby Workflow Benchmark - how does your computer stack up? comments

0.864 Tech giants back effort to revolutionize teaching comments

0.856 Cevin Soling: Why Public Schools Must Be Abolished comments

0.850 What the websites of 145 Y Combinator companies told me about their marketing comments

0.817 5 Graph Databases to Consider comments

0.811 Inventor fury as patents prove too costly to defend comments

0.809 “Screw this, I’m going back to Windows” comments

0.803 The most awesome startup I have ever seen. comments

0.795 The future of U.S. manufacturing: Nanotech, 3D printing, & self-aware factories comments

0.783 Stanford Tech Entrepreneurship Class separated from Coursera comments

0.776 Bethnal Green Ventures: a UK accelerator programme for stuff that matters comments

0.761 Solving the Wrong Problem comments

0.757 You are awesome and you should know it or be happy, you will be productive comments

0.753 Web Problems I Care About (And Think You Should Too) comments

0.748 Static code analysis comments

0.736 Romans, rubies and the D language comments

0.734 Learn Three.js by writing 3D Tetris comments

0.721 Free online music comments

0.717 Yahoo didn’t mean to censor emails about Wall Street protests comments

0.697 US military unveils non-lethal heat ray weapon comments

0.696 Top Ten Distributions comments

0.696 Greenland melt at lower temps: Multistability & critical thresholds of ice sheet comments

0.694 Adding a new statement to Python comments

0.687 Mentorship in Software Craftsmanship comments

0.685 Do you have trouble saying no, even when you have too much work on your plate? comments

0.678 LG Takes On Samsung In Local Smartphones Battle comments

0.674 The extaordinary software development manager comments

0.647 Webdevs, you have no idea how much you know comments

0.631 Controversies On Adult Search Engines comments

0.628 Build a professional Coupon Site comments

0.625 Communication comments

0.615 Michael Chabon Attacks Prejudice Against Science Fiction comments

0.615 Learn how Praba Murugaiah handled multi-sided market problem comments

0.604 Cutting words comments

0.600 Ebooks: Defending the Agency Model comments

0.590 From 0 to IPv6-enabled-Apache in 5 minutes running on the HP Cloud Beta comments

0.589 Duqu Trojan contains unknown programming language comments

0.581 The Google that never was: how the search giant killed a 2007 redesign comments

0.578 The Aggregate Magic Algorithms comments

0.577 Draw and save circuits online comments

0.571 PyCon 2012: An Educator’s Perspective comments

0.563 Can we stop with the maps? Or do something better? comments

0.560 Can Kinect Make Windows Cool Again? comments

0.558 Run .exe on a Webpage using Firefox comments

0.556 Republic of Moldova - the information free zone comments

0.555 Amazon Adds SSH Client to AWS Consoledds SSH Client to AWS Console) comments

0.554 IBM’s Holey Optochip transmits 1Tbps of data, is named awesomely comments

0.536 At SXSW, Todd Park Talks Startups comments

0.533 Respect Theory comments

0.533 Switched On: The iPad’s landscape orientation comments

0.529 Jonah Lehrer on How to Be Creative comments

0.528 CNN in Talks to Acquire Mashable comments

0.516 Gowalla officially shut down, uses Facebook to check-in at SXSW 2012 comments

0.515 How Wall Street Bankers Use Seamless To Feast On Free Lobster, Steak, And Beer comments

0.502 Why the new iPad’s Retina Display matters comments

0.500 What C++ idioms are deprecated in C++11 comments

0.500 Towards smaller units of discourse comments

0.500 Shark Feeding Frenzy Filmed Off Western Australia comments

0.488 Google Stock Screener: why is Apple hard to find? comments

0.480 The Working Poor Electronics Show comments

0.478 How to pamper your website visitors? comments

0.477 CMU study analyzes what China deletes comments

0.477 Sometimes TED talks can go terribly wrong comments

0.468 Are Emotions Prophetic? comments

0.467 Unpacking Your Toolbox comments

0.467 Brewer’s CAP Theorem comments

0.467 Broward and Palm Beach comments

0.467 Euclidean rhythms comments

0.465 Publisher Failure: Centralized control does not scale comments

0.461 Facebook’s moderating sweatshop comments

0.453 New StackMob Platform Feature: Object Browser comments

0.444 Contents Magazine - Essays for Content Strategists comments

0.444 Trend Micro releases HijackThis source code comments

0.444 10 Awesome Accessories to Organize Your Office comments

0.443 Hosted, human-friendly, continuous front-end tests for your live websites comments

0.439 Kirk Sorensen: Thorium, an alternative nuclear fuel comments

0.429 Software Translates Your Voice into Another Language comments

0.427 Dropbox’s URL Shortener Abused by Spammers comments

0.427 An Awesome Interactive “Scale of the Universe” Map comments

0.418 The Borderlands Gun Collector’s Club comments

0.417 Outsourcing Services and Web Agency comments

0.415 Mothership Down: Apple bug halts the production of development certificates. comments

0.403 Numba - A NumPy aware (LLVM-based) optimizing compiler for Python comments

0.397 Simply Tech News comments

0.391 Japan Finds Story of Hope in Undertaker Who Offered Calm Amid Disaster comments

0.389 Microsoft creates special application class for Windows 8 browsers comments

0.388 Interview with Bijan Sabet, investor at Twitter, Tumblr, Foursquare comments

0.385 Facebook’s Missing Millionaires comments

0.384 Twitter Bootstrap Basics comments


0.375 No Waste: Green Lunch Packing comments

0.365 A profile of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos comments


0.364 Automx: automated mail account configuration comments

0.363 Eric Raymond: Homesteading the Noosphere (2000) comments

0.363 Effects of divorce on men comments

0.361 Where are the unit tests for git? comments

0.350 8 Ideas For A Weekend Hacking comments

0.347 How to clean-up Jboss temporary directories using bash scripting comments

0.344 Neil deGrasse Tyson - We Stopped Dreaming comments

0.339 I deleted Julian Assange’s account 2010 comments

0.333 Random freewriting prompt from Accidental Genius comments

0.332 Facebook throws up roadblock for Google-hosted blogs comments

0.332 Eric Salvatierra, executive at PayPal, killed by Caltrain Sunday comments

0.316 Google enables HTTPS worldwide comments

0.308 Oliver Byrne’s Edition of Euclid comments

0.297 Reverse-engineering the ColorSchemer Studio 2 File Format - Mark Embling comments

0.290 Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio 4 released comments

0.290 Is CNN Acquiring Mashable for $200 Million? comments

0.289 The Most Valuable Video on the Internet comments

0.283 Petition for SimCity 5 on Linux - (sign this petition) comments

0.277 12 Million Page Views A Day With 1 Server comments

0.267 HTC Media Link HD display mirroring box gets FCC rubber stamp comments

0.262 Points from a moderator’s Twitter stream comments

0.252 A proper Fibonacci Server in Node. It will light up all your cores. comments

0.247 How to Convert AVI to FLV Step by Step? comments

0.241 Demagnetizr - Tweetable Magnet URLs comments

0.239 What is the most efficient way to store thousands of telephone numbers comments

0.234 Firefox Metro development begins, status update comments

0.231 Forget passwords comments

0.225 In a triumph of marketing, AT&T upgrades Apple’s iPhone to ‘4G’ comments

0.214 Is CNN Buying Mashable? comments

0.214 Top two Chinese video sites (Youku & Tudou) Merge in huge deal comments

0.209 Vote: How critical is it for new Date and Time API to be implemented in Java 8? comments

0.202 Introducing Adobe SWF Investigator comments

0.202 The return of iSight: motion detection sensor in iOS 6? comments

0.195 Why was Loopt such a failure? comments

0.195 Have online comment sections become ‘a joke’? comments

0.193 The camera with a cat’s eye view comments

0.185 Facebook blocks Indian accounts with Hindi slang comments

0.170 The inorganic app comments

0.164 Popular game developer halts work on Android comments

0.159 MIT fiber could be woven into glasses-free 3D displays, and battle cancer comments

0.158 Forget LTE — the real iPad wireless story is Bluetooth comments

0.155 Main Street USA needs a shot in the arm from Makers and Hackers comments

0.152 Ask HN: How could I monetize a programming language? comments

0.138 Ask HN: Product launch ideas. comments

0.134 Instagram Announces Android Version comments

0.130 China’s Two Largest Online Video Websites Will Merge comments

0.128 Mojolicious + Bootstrap = Awesome comments

0.124 Chrome gets hacked: Just one more reason to hate Flash? comments

0.123 Nokia C2-01 - Full Phone Specifications, Price comments

0.122 ASK HN : Learn to write my own .vimrc configuration comments

0.119 News feed apps comments

0.113 Ask HN: Who signed up for Stanford Technology Entrepreneurship online course? comments

0.101 Why does Posix have recursive mutexes? Because of a dare. comments

0.101 Framework for Q&A site like stackoverflow comments

0.092 Review of Nokia 808 Pureview:41 MP Camera Phone comments

0.091 Firefox will support H264 and MP3 decoding with OS codecs comments

0.091 Why Matt Pecklan is not buying the new iPad comments

0.086 Hacker Sabu Worked Nonstop As Government Informer comments

0.084 Breaking CSA (digital TV encryption) in near real-time comments

0.084 Vimdb - a new way to search vim’s keys, options and commands comments

0.080 Show HN: SETT (blogging platform focused on creating communities) comments

0.070 Ask HN: How to learn Theory of Computation comments

0.069 The iPad (or Kindle) of 1935 comments

0.068 HP Cloud Services Brings Nothing Special comments

0.064 IRobot 110 FirstLook hands-on (video) comments

0.061 Root HTC One X On Android 4.0 Using Superboot comments

0.061 Firefox 11 Available for download now comments

0.046 Show HN: RSync automated parser/management tool comments

0.036 Firebug source base has been moved on comments

0.034 Ask HN: Organizing a (Ruby) User Group comments

0.031 Will 3D Printing Change The World? comments

0.029 Chris DeWolfe Talks SGN and Mobile Gaming Gold Rush TCTV vid. comments

0.027 From Miserable Launch to Decent Success in 3 Months, Thanks to Hacker News comments

0.026 Marvel announces augmented reality app, exclusive digital comics at SXSW comments

0.023 SPDY Indicator - A Firefox extension that shows if a site was loaded using SPDY comments

0.020 WWJC (JailbreakCon) brings freedom fighters to San Francisco on September 29th comments

0.019 Ira Glass on Storytelling at the Gel Conference Youtube Video comments

0.018 Stats Behind MMOs - How they target the $1000+ Users comments

0.018 The Number Of Mobile Devices Will Exceed World’s Population By 2012 comments

0.017 Discuss HN: Do headlines such as these undermine technology and human endeavors comments

0.017 Real-Time Website Stats on the iPad with LiveStats comments

0.017 CNN to buy Mashable for $200 million + comments

0.017 Everything about Mobile Dev! Check our new discounts and subscription options:) comments

0.016 How to Get Windows on the iPad (With Microsoft’s Blessing) comments

0.016 Key Android Executive steps down comments

0.015 Firefox for Android may support h.264 hardware decoding comments

0.011 Hacker News Meetup Shanghai, Thursday 5th April comments

0.008 Instagram hits 27M users, with anticipated Android app on its way comments

0.005 “Photo-sharing app Instagram” Coming To Android Soon comments

0.005 Instagram Finally Shows Off Its Android App comments

0.004 How to convert YouTube Video to Android Phone? comments

0.003 Ask HN: Let’s spend SXSW Interactive developing for Music comments

0.002 Ask HN: Is there a standard for representing phone numbers in text? comments

0.002 Show HN: We all need a boost of positive energy! comments

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