Thursday, March 15, 2012

Hacker News stories for 2 PM on Thursday Mar 15, 2012

0.981 Educators dedicated to teaching your kid how to build a robot comments

0.977 American ISPs to launch massive copyright spying scheme on July 12 comments

0.963 CSS tutorial for beginners comments

0.943 Planning for Big Data: free ebook comments

0.941 What I learned from being horribly wrong about Facebook as business comments

0.916 12 tips for Blagojevich comments

0.906 Greg Smith, Tell Me Something I Don’t Know comments

0.842 So You Think You Can Freelance? comments

0.835 Introducing PayPal Here: The Future of Commerce for Small Business comments

0.830 Clojure quick reference comments

0.819 What you could do if you were Google and had their databases comments

0.796 Resources on Startup Naming, Domains, Trademarks comments

0.778 Rest Made Simple (part 3) comments

0.769 A great Coffescript guide comments

0.763 Tips for a New Federal Prison Inmate comments

0.738 How the NY Times Got the JOBS Act Wrong comments

0.732 Militarizing your backyard with Python, Arduino, and computer vision. comments

0.719 So You’re A Startup: How To Write A One Pager comments

0.719 Left and right and wrong comments

0.667 Spin up your Heroku dyno automatically after deploy comments

0.667 Crowdsourced budget deficit reduction comments

0.647 What did people do at the bus stop before cell phones? comments

0.636 Type-level Fibonacci numbers in Scala comments

0.633 Inform: a design system for interactive fiction based on natural language comments

0.632 Should You Focus On The Impossible? comments

0.629 How Social Media Makes Things Happen comments

0.612 List of Quora users whose cool names got them banned comments

0.595 Crossroads I/O is a fork of the ZeroMQ project comments

0.583 Roots: A better framework comments

0.579 “Folk programming” and | Nicklas Noterar comments

0.577 Coopr: A COmmon Optimization Python Repository comments

0.567 The Growth of Unstructured Data:What to do with all those Zettabytes? comments

0.542 Cohort Analysis for MailChimp Lists comments

0.539 Blossom Bindings (Re: Backbone Events vs Ember Bindings: A Benchmark) comments

0.538 The real reason why Facebook, Google Etc Are Being Prosecuted In India comments

0.513 The Browser You Loved To Hate - By IE comments

0.475 How Spam Ranks In Google: A Detailed Case Study comments

0.467 Want military’s attention? Sell fake service documentation on the Internet comments

0.467 Kate Upton Topless in Esquire Magazine comments

0.449 AJAX and Django Views comments

0.446 Why Finish Books? comments

0.432 Raising money for Breadpig comments

0.429 Sex-deprived males – alcohol comments

0.424 How the new monopolies are destroying open markets comments

0.420 Yale researchers find Facebook an Internet addiction comments

0.420 Caffeinated: The Beautiful Google Reader Client comments

0.417 My Git Habits comments

0.410 Apple & HDTV: Shifting from Domination to Delight comments

0.403 A supercapacitor in your optical drive: DVD-RW used to burn graphene capacitors comments

0.395 The Limitation of MapReduce: A Probing Case and a Lightweight Solution comments

0.393 Sites which use the konami code comments

0.390 Pivotal Labs in talks to be acquired comments

0.354 Rechner, A Gesture Based Calculator comments

0.352 Setting Up an ExpressionEngine Site on Pagoda Box comments

0.345 Super-Secret Google Builds Servers in the Dark comments

0.335 Why the NYC startup scene needs Sean Parker comments

0.333 Zeromq forked comments

0.332 Kony 2012 screening in Uganda met with anger, rocks thrown at screen comments

0.308 Dutch Artist Berndnaut Smilde Creates Miniature Indoor Clouds comments

0.298 Advanced tech conflict: China’s rare earth stranglehold comments

0.282 PayPal’s fake Square comments

0.271 Anonymous Releases Their Own Operating System comments

0.269 Report: poor battery life in 4G smartphones makes for unhappy customers comments

0.262 “Anonymous OS” Taken Offline Due to Security Concerns comments

0.248 Make Commodity Beautiful comments

0.240 NodeJS - Http vs Https comments

0.240 Why Sold for $185,000 comments

0.233 Follow Up: Why Ubuntu Linux is ready for prime time - Part 2 comments

0.224 YC backed 500friends raises $4.5M from Crosslink, Intel, founder himself comments

0.207 How to Square any 2-digit number at a tremendous speed comments

0.198 American Airlines Doesn’t Like Letting Your Traxo Account Access Your Data comments

0.197 Diagrammer: Buy PowerPoint-Ready Diagrams for $0.99 a Piece comments

0.183 Steve Blank Answers Your Questions comments

0.178 How to Divide any number By 9, 90, 900 and so on at a tremendous speed comments

0.174 The Best Netflix Device for the Living Room comments

0.163 Download Anyone’s Oink Data comments

0.154 Why The Best Venture Capitalists Are Former Entrepreneurs (Steve Blank video) comments

0.151 Camera+ 3: now with API comments

0.149 Walmart to begin selling new iPads at 12:01AM tomorrow comments

0.140 Keynote: Guido Van Rossum (PyCon 2012) comments

0.135 Making the Streets of San Francisco Easier to Park On comments

0.129 Looking for a technical cofounder comments

0.122 Easy-fied iPad Reviews For Very Stupid People comments

0.102 Marblar is hiring engineers, interns and product designers in Oxford, UK comments

0.066 PayPal Here - Mobile credit card reader comments

0.058 NUIverse application designed by David Brown for Microsoft Surface comments

0.043 Inconsistent updates, bugs, … Why should I buy a Nexus device again? comments

0.043 Email’s disruptor will be mobile comments

0.042 Rob Reid: The $8 billion iPod comments

0.037 Show HN: We added an Oink data importer for Cheers comments

0.034 Anonymous operating system prompts security warnings comments

0.025 Confessions of an App Store Manipulator comments

0.022 Ask HN: Are we addicted to screens? comments

0.022 Apple Shares Hit $600 Ahead of iPad Release comments

0.021 Ask HN: Do you still watch the news? comments

0.018 Why I Decided Not to Buy the New iPad comments

0.017 Sparrow leaps from Mac to iPhone, but Apple limits its appeal comments

0.014 Review: Adobe Photoshop Touch for the iPad comments

0.013 Phone and email records to be stored in new spy plan comments

0.007 Ask HN: Need a web-based news agreggator/filterer comments

0.002 No Card Needed: PayPal Here Powered By Mobile Payment Startup comments

0.001 Show HN: How we adapt “Wings of Fury” for Android comments

0.000 Show HN: detect new inbound links to your static HTML/Jekyll website (Mac app) comments

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