Friday, March 16, 2012

Hacker News stories for 2 PM on Friday Mar 16, 2012

0.986 Why We Have to Go Back to a 40-Hour Work Week to Keep Our Sanity comments

0.983 Collection of tutorials on Node.js comments

0.968 More from PyData 2012: Python for Big Data, NumPy, & SciPy comments

0.920 Diagnosing weird problems - a Stack Overflow case study comments

0.919 I’m moving to Silicon Valley and living in my car comments

0.918 How to win the war on trolls comments

0.846 Node.js based Sandbox game, WIP comments

0.799 Neutrinos not faster than light comments

0.799 Defendant in Rutgers Spying Case Guilty of Hate Crimes comments

0.749 Screams of Silica, the college essay that got Garry Tan into Stanford comments

0.739 Study: Even a Little Red Meat Is Bad For You comments

0.718 Rumor: Nexus tablet is a “done deal” comments

0.706 RFC 2119 All the things comments

0.696 The curious incident of the Lisp in the night-time comments

0.636 Anant Agarwal is leaving CSAIL to direct MITx comments

0.625 Shooting the Proscenium Arch: How People Fail to Realize Technology’s Potential comments

0.608 German Court Delays Apple’s Slide-To-Unlock Lawsuit comments

0.608 Scientists build graphene from scratch, heralds new age of designer materials comments

0.604 Why do all tech companies have exactly the same tone of voice comments

0.603 Samsung looking to invest in RIM? comments

0.587 Cisco’s Bold Networking Start-Up comments

0.571 Augmented Reality in the Browser, Springbase, jQRange comments

0.563 The Labor Activist Who Just Can’t Do It Without His iPhone (re: Mike Daisey) comments

0.533 How the internet allows us to scale trust comments

0.529 Which VPN Providers Really Take Anonymity Seriously? comments

0.518 What Every Start-up Should Know about PR comments

0.500 I am pivoting comments

0.487 GSoC 2012 accepted organizations announced comments

0.467 Stockpickr comments

0.467 Why We Mourn Kodak And Dance On Yahoo’s Grave comments

0.467 Why Oink Failed comments

0.467 Matrix style chicken farming comments

0.460 Who Wouldn’t Pay a Penny for a Sports Car? Right Strategy Doesn’t Win Auctions. comments

0.420 UltraViolet: DRM by any other name still stinks comments

0.390 Mike Daisey’s theatrical piece on Foxconn workers’ plight is mostly theatrics comments

0.364 MemCachier in-memory cache now in Heroku Beta offering 10MB for FREE comments

0.334 Google Summer of Code 2012 Mentors Announced comments

0.329 Accelerators 101: Everything You’ll Need to Get In comments

0.326 Apple A5X likely still 45 nm comments

0.321 Potential Bitcoin vulnerability could lead to centralized control comments

0.320 Mentoring Organizations for Google Summer of Code 2012 Announced comments

0.314 When users out-think you comments

0.314 RSA public exponent size comments

0.307 America’s Richest Cities Don’t Buy American Cars comments

0.300 Websocket + nodejs: Explained simply comments

0.255 Clues To Weird Saturn Moon Found in Earth Ice comments

0.255 The Road Ahead: The Death of the PC comments

0.248 violates privacy by displaying email domains as registered companies comments

0.241 Google Safari Workaround Leads To FTC Probe comments

0.240 Kevin Rose An Example Why Users Don’t (And Shouldn’t) Trust Startups comments

0.238 Cassandra and Solid State Drives comments

0.232 IRC for Hackrepreneurs. comments

0.213 Great Sites Great First Impressions? Learning from great landing pages. comments

0.200 Yahoo Decides to Fire Its Brightest Tech Minds. Facebook Will Gladly Take Them. comments

0.176 NASA: Evolution of the Moon comments

0.148 Invisible Children Co-Founder Detained: SDPD | NBC San Diego comments

0.111 Dependency Injection (& Small Furry Animals) comments

0.093 Don’t Click Here: The Art of Hyperlinking (2007) comments

0.092 HN “Beta testing” section? comments

0.084 Show HN: Twitter meets bookmarks comments

0.081 The whole world wants an iPad in its hand. comments

0.079 Italy Said to Pay Morgan Stanley $3.4 Billion comments

0.055 “Sweet Home Alabama” - Musical Tesla Coils comments

0.048 Walmart buys a Facebook-based calendar app to get a look at customers’ dates comments

0.045 Fab: In 2 Years, iPad Users Will Account For A Quarter Of Our Revenue comments

0.038 The Verizon Store on Launch Day of the New iPad comments

0.037 Witness the Awesome iPad Game That Lets You Intimate with the Universe comments

0.037 IPad review (2012) comments

0.032 advertises/leaks full “user” list. comments

0.030 The 529+ Apps That Have Been Updated For The New iPad’s Retina Display comments

0.027 Adobe adds 3D editing capabilities to Photoshop CS6 Extended comments

0.022 Under the microscope: a closer look at the new iPad comments

0.014 We Scrapped The App Store To Find Every Single Retina-Optimized iPad App comments

0.008 IOS game developers cautiously excited about new iPad comments

0.008 Show HN: A Facebook profile picture guessing game I made comments

0.003 Show HN: IndexedDB API examples for Firefox, Chrome and IE comments

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