Thursday, March 8, 2012

Hacker News stories for 2 AM on Thursday Mar 08, 2012

0.990 Online python interpreter on top of sandboxed pypy interpreter comments

0.877 Is It Time For NoSQL 2.0? comments

0.770 Can social media predict election outcomes? comments

0.765 Amazon Kindle format broke Python’s indention comments

0.667 Some evidence on multi-word passphrases comments

0.595 Which languages young and intrested student should choose? comments

0.579 Go binary distributions comments

0.515 Exploring Wikipedia with Gremlin Graph Traversals comments

0.414 Spanx inventor, who never took outside investment, enters billionaires’ list comments

0.331 Nuclear Accident Denied in Beijing? comments

0.259 New EC2 Feature: Connect to Linux instances from Browser comments

0.243 Viewpoints: What will you do with your Pi? comments

0.162 What will the Apple TV Controller look like? comments

0.122 Github, remote pair programming sucks. Here’s how to solve it. comments

0.121 On the topic of responsive web design comments

0.043 Apple unveils 4G iPad comments

0.034 Apple’s new iPad: Hands-on comments

0.029 Show HN: PSD to Bootstrap - Convert your PSDs to Twitter Bootstrap comments

0.026 Ask HN: Planning to start a company in the Valley. Not an American. Visas comments

0.010 How to find an open source project to work on using github search. comments

0.004 JavaFX 2.1 Developer Preview for Linux and Mac OS X comments

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