Friday, March 16, 2012

Hacker News stories for 2 AM on Friday Mar 16, 2012

0.971 Shutting down a product? Open source it. comments

0.876 Oreilly Media gives away free handbook to understand and use big data comments

0.729 The essential startup team: content, analytics, design, engineering comments

0.692 Simple Comet Implementation Using PHP and jQuery comments

0.626 What can you do with a supercomputer? comments

0.606 - cleverest startup name in a while comments

0.528 Membership services ASP.Net comments

0.501 Online Campaigning: Obama’s 17-min Re-election Campaign Film watch comments

0.500 Ignore Everybody. comments

0.495 Online e-TDS Software - eTDS Return Filing Online Solutions | Zen I-TDS comments

0.461 Touchscreen Touch Feedback comments

0.410 TED Talks joins Netflix’s stable of streaming content comments

0.384 Podcasts as a Lifestyle comments

0.334 XBRL Software - E-Filing xbrl software Tools, XBRL Efiling Solution | eXBace comments

0.289 Yammer offers $25K bounty for Yahoo engineers comments

0.273 The absurd math of digital media copyright law: $8 billion iPod comments

0.238 Newly redesigned Pinterest profile pages go live comments

0.233 The Best Summary of Objective-C comments

0.226 Film Review Script, Film Rating Script Online comments

0.094 Chinese Square clone has finally arrived comments

0.086 Best of San Francisco Photos comments

0.084 New Tab comments

0.058 Ask HN: At Palantir, what is the difference between… comments

0.025 Paypal Launches A Very Not Square-Shaped Mobile Phone Card Reader comments

0.021 How to Multiply numbers by 9, 99, 999 and so on in less than 3 seconds comments

0.008 How to download video from comments

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