Monday, March 19, 2012

Hacker News stories for 12 AM on Monday Mar 19, 2012

0.994 Pirate Bay hosting machines on cheap, small drones comments

0.992 Mongorito - MongoDB ODM for Node.js comments

0.984 Megaupload Seizure Order “Null and Void” Says High Court comments

0.950 “We don’t do programming, we do strategy” comments

0.943 Lessons I learnt in Silicon Valley and SXSW comments

0.926 After Some Initial Doubts, I’m Sold On The JOBS Act comments

0.923 Here’s how you kill Hollywood comments

0.893 3/23 signup deadline for Stanford Tech Entrepreneurship class comments

0.884 Writing and Speaking comments

0.881 Paperwork goof may mean Kim DotCom can reclaim assets comments

0.874 “The Audrey Test”: Or, What Should Every Techie Know About Education? comments

0.870 Failing the Future: Unsuccessful Attempts to Replicate ‘Retroactive Recall’ comments

0.866 What You Can Learn About User Experience From An Eccentric Billionaire comments

0.856 Crossrail unveils German machines that will bore into the heart of London comments

0.851 I’m Savin’ Up comments

0.813 Bank of America: Too Crooked to Fail comments

0.778 Good really is light, and Evil really is the dark side. comments

0.751 School for Quants - Inside UCL’s Financial Computing Centre comments

0.734 Fighting Stereotypes One Day at a Time comments

0.723 The Rise of the ‘Brogrammer’ comments

0.722 My thoughts on Social Commerce comments

0.715 The most important thing we ignore is… comments

0.714 Async I/O and Fork-Join comments

0.710 A faith rock, and a faith hard place comments

0.707 Steal, Don’t Borrow comments

0.706 Kwindla Kramer (Oblong Ind.): The Next, Next Thing comments

0.700 HTC Loses Apple Patent Dispute comments

0.696 In Sweden, cash is king no more comments

0.695 An Easier Analysis of Competing Hypotheses comments

0.686 Is it copyright curtains for Pinterest? comments

0.675 UEFI : More ways for firmware to screw you comments

0.674 Cellphone Radiation Causes ADHD in Lab Mice STUDY comments

0.669 Science Asks: Why Can’t We All Just Get Along? comments

0.668 Launch Now - Gamify your Startup comments

0.667 MultiVM Vagrantfile for Chef comments

0.667 The Journey of Teaching comments

0.667 The Benefits of Bilingualism comments

0.660 Why Can’t Journalists Who Write Articles About Gambling Understand Math? comments

0.655 India: Funding Startups Could be Classified as Income comments

0.644 Cellphone Radiation Causes ADHD in Lab Mice comments

0.635 The “Small Steps” It Takes to Build a Multibillion Dollar Business comments

0.635 Kroll Ontrack paints a staggering portrait of data loss (and recovery). comments

0.625 Newest Freebies from the Designmoo Community comments

0.625 Pollly - Simple Frictionless (and Free) Surveys comments

0.618 Affiliate Marketing Startups on the Rise comments

0.613 Working with memory in PHP. Is it exists? Explained with examples. comments

0.612 30 Resources to Find Data For Your Apps comments

0.612 Reasons To Choose A Startup Over A Corporate Job comments

0.610 Marginal Tax Rates and Wishful Thinking comments

0.602 Can Kickstarter be used to develop a nanosat launcher? comments

0.600 12 Websites to Create Free Websites comments

0.597 Don’t use ID selectors in CSS comments

0.576 A Day In The Life Of A Multi-Billion-Dollar Startup Founder comments

0.571 IE6 in the browser comments

0.571 A Curious Company comments

0.571 “AI-Driven Dynamic Dialog” at GDC 2012 comments

0.570 By one benchmark at least, we are probably halfway through the (r)evolution comments

0.567 T. rex’s killer smile revealed comments

0.562 March Madness - SQL Azure - sys.databases comments

0.556 The Age of the Female-Centric Startup comments

0.545 Google Ventures Building Design Team To Help Portfolio Companies comments

0.543 Replacing with simple Python script comments

0.540 Panasonic Lumix GF5 Micro Four Thirds Camera Leaked Cameras comments

0.536 Glassmap’s founders get clear about online privacy comments

0.533 Germany’s unheralded computer inventor comments

0.533 Computer hardware chart (Cheat sheet) comments

0.533 The Sad and Infuriating Mike Daisey Case comments

0.533 Carpet cleaning solutions and residential cleaning comments

0.533 My Semi-Secret Federal Lawsuit comments

0.522 The genius of RealTimeWWII comments

0.518 Professor diagnoses diabetes before he actually developed it comments

0.500 Arguments that are too clever for their own good comments

0.500 The Midwest Mentality comments

0.500 Solution to fuelvm keygenme comments

0.498 Why companies reinvent solutions comments

0.498 The Real SXSW “Winner” Is The Mophie Juice Pack comments

0.496 Pinterest Analytics - From Strategic Planning to Tactical Measurement comments

0.495 Separating bunk from fact in Malcolm Gladwell’s performance comments

0.493 Why Highlight Wasn’t A Breakout Success At SXSW comments

0.493 Why Highlight Wasn’t A Breakout Success At SXSW comments

0.493 Cloud computing is entering its teen years comments

0.491 SeeGit - The Git Repository Visualizer (gh:Haacked/SeeGit) comments

0.481 EC2 On-Demand vs Reserved Instance Cost Savings Calculator comments

0.472 Sony Tegra 3 slate benchmarked, Tablet S successor on the way? comments

0.470 Why This Is What Samsung Is Calling Ice Cream Sandwich comments

0.468 Software to slice bread comments

0.467 Why Mike Daisey Lied About Foxconn According to Mike Daisy Foxconn comments

0.467 PaintCode Trial comments

0.467 Prosperity contributes to societal isolation comments

0.448 Los Angeles Times launches new membership program comments

0.440 The cost of developing a good idea comments

0.434 Why is Twitter promoting rape tweets? comments

0.432 Visualizing Networks with Hive Plots comments

0.432 FireHost Continues Expansion, Launches Data Center in Phoenix, Arizona comments

0.431 Making Something People Love comments

0.430 Is magazine publishing dying? comments

0.415 Even Before Your Secure Coding… Patch Your Server comments

0.410 The LoveDsgn Story - starting up and closing down a design community comments

0.407 On choosing a friend comments

0.402 NASA’s new WISE mission atlas reveals the entire sky in infrared comments

0.400 Dont Follow Your Passion, Follow Your Effort comments

0.400 TCPDF - A PHP-Class with 26.000 loc comments

0.390 Why you should contribute to open source projects comments

0.384 Pinterest allows impersonators free range—but for how long? comments

0.376 Beautiful large full screen online stopwatch comments

0.362 Executive Order – National Defense Resources Preparedness comments

0.353 Don’t Trust Stories comments

0.351 How am i supposed to get the experience you want? comments

0.337 Where I introduce devproxy comments

0.336 User Experience Vision for Startups comments

0.333 E to the pi Minus pi comments

0.328 Mastering Threads on MacOS X comments

0.323 What Does It Mean To Love What You Do? comments

0.317 Text Based LSB : stegnography comments

0.312 50 (mostly) free social media tools you can’t live without in 2012 comments

0.300 Liddel-Hart on the Imperfect Information on a Battlefield comments

0.294 The Unix-Haters Handbook comments

0.286 Don’t Burn Bridges, And Don’t Be A Jerk comments

0.274 Writing a multiplayer game with HTML5’s Canvas, node.js, and Part 1/3 comments

0.271 Sleeping Bag Hammock Lets You Relax Under Any Weather Conditions Outdoors comments

0.270 Open Source Comes to Textbooks comments

0.263 The Linux Setup - Jon “maddog” Hall comments

0.253 Ultra-efficient LED puts out more power than is pumped in comments

0.251 What Facebook and Twitter Mean for News comments

0.250 About those vector icons comments

0.250 Icon Aircraft shipping 2015 comments

0.246 The myth of the lone genius comments

0.230 In China, millions make themselves at home in caves comments

0.229 GatelessVPN - feedback? comments

0.229 What does the noprocrast setting do? comments

0.228 He makes billions inventing, marketing & selling his own products. comments

0.228 Google Wallet’s Founding Engineer, Product Lead Already at Work on Tappmo comments

0.228 Panasonic Lumix GF5 accidentally leaked by Hong Kong spokesperson? comments

0.227 Sent from my phone comments

0.225 State of Technology #50 comments

0.224 Auto refresh HN with style comments

0.222 High-end blueray player scam: Oppo on the Inside, Lexicon on the Outside comments

0.216 Revenue by segment for Apple, Microsoft and Google comments

0.215 Unlike “psychics”, I have a legitimate sixth sense. My brain or DNA has mutated. comments

0.206 MathJax 2.0, probably the nicest way for showing/writing math on the Web comments

0.201 No one likes an unkempt public area - Open Source guidelines to Cleanliness comments

0.192 RDPCheck checks your PC/Network for exposure to RDP vulnerabilies comments

0.179 Digital Media Fundamentals comments

0.175 How non-government actors have removed accountability: Consent of the Networked comments

0.172 The F.A.A. says it will take a “fresh look” at the use of iPads on planes. comments

0.172 Teenage girl arrested after making $300k a year in illegal sports gambling comments

0.172 Hatch Labs CEO Dinesh Moorjani: What Makes Successful Incubator notes+vid comments

0.167 Live editting for Twitter Bootstrap comments

0.162 Dexy - Powerful, Flexible Documentation Tool comments

0.153 An Analysis of Anonymity in the Bitcoin System comments

0.145 Screenshots of Mozilla’s Mobile OS, Boot to Gecko (B2G) comments

0.140 Network analysis deflates Bitcoin’s anonymity myth comments

0.138 Show HN: Are You A Brogrammer? Take the quiz and find out comments

0.135 Missions Impossible: The Joy of Ridiculously Difficult Video Games comments

0.132 A Flaw in Pinterest’s Potential Fair Use Argument comments

0.126 Apple Will Overtake HP As Top Global PC Supplier comments

0.125 Google Is Planning To Penalize Overly Optimized Sites comments

0.120 Crossrail tunnelling to start in less than 100 days comments

0.118 Ingo Molnar on what ails the Linux desktop (Part II) comments

0.112 Researchers Band Together To Force Science Journals To Open Access comments

0.110 Absolutely Mind-blowing New Prometheus Trailer - Ridley Scott comments

0.108 Apple TV (2012) gets torn down, confirmed to have 512MB of RAM, 8GB of storage comments

0.105 Mapper.js allows you to add automatic area highlighting to image maps comments

0.098 Windows Phone is all about UX comments

0.096 Have a .com web address? Know the legal risks comments

0.095 IFixit’s Review of the New iPad’s User Repairability. comments

0.090 LEGO master creates ridiculously cool Game Boy Transformer comments

0.089 Need help rebuilding my web product comments

0.084 Best Ultrabook for Linux? comments

0.083 Linux 3.3 Kernel Android Merge comments

0.081 Creating an Android Widget | Cain’s Vault comments

0.081 Facebook updates Statement of Rights and Responsibilities comments

0.080 HTML5 drawing explained nicely comments

0.065 HTML5 roundup: access a virtualized desktop from your browser with VMware comments

0.061 Shepherding Content to a New E-Commerce Platform comments

0.054 New iPad jailbroken on day one comments

0.053 Interesting concept of generating every image possible comments

0.046 Filmmaker behind Kony video held for public masturbation comments

0.038 HubNotify - Get updates on Github repos comments

0.032 March 16 2012 Executive Order: unlimited power over food, water, property comments

0.030 Sphero goes modular, spins out for a drive (video) comments

0.029 Show HN: Create simple engagement ads for your site. (alfa version) comments

0.026 Paypal fee hike. Removing 1.9% rate for business over $100k. comments

0.024 Ask HN: How do you manage perfection? comments

0.023 Verizon bill pay offering checking before credit card comments

0.023 Ask HN: How would you use 50k to move idea forward? comments

0.021 Show HN: Chat with HN users while you visit HN comments

0.018 Chrome extension for auto-removing utm_* from URLs comments

0.013 Feynman - why do mirrors reflect left-for-right and not top-for-bottom? (video) comments

0.009 Ask HN: Recommended reading for improving retention comments

0.005 Show HN: chessable, correspondence chess for modern devices comments

0.004 IPhone tethering personal hotspot shows up a as a new network each time comments

0.003 Show HN: My weekend project - Tool to manage all your social network settings comments

0.002 Getting a new iPhone or iPad? Don’t forget to enter your password 7 times comments

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