Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Hacker News stories for 11 PM on Wednesday Mar 14, 2012

0.704 ICANN making it easier for authorities to seize domains comments

0.633 Open letter to Michael Bay comments

0.618 Predicting sum of 5 large numbers - Magic Number Trick comments

0.604 How Gearbox’s ‘Truth Team’ outwitted Borderlands feedback comments

0.500 Science, Pseudoscience, Nutritional Epidemiology, and Meat comments

0.490 How to Create Email Templates That Get More Clients comments

0.477 C/C++. About size_t and ptrdiff_t comments

0.446 String searching using Aho-Corasick comments

0.352 Technology is empowering investors to never be Goldman Sach’s “muppet” again comments

0.294 Patience and Finance comments

0.250 Byword, an epic review comments

0.224 A look inside Sotheby’s comments

0.221 Lisp Hackers: Edi Weitz comments

0.214 Comic Sans: The Charité in Berlin was … comments

0.194 Vimdb - a powerful way to search vim’s keys, options and commands comments

0.182 C++11. Rvalue reference pitfalls, an update comments

0.156 What is ‘Happiness’ to you? comments

0.110 Sparrow for iPhone comments

0.063 Sparrow Mail’s petition to let them safely deliver push email to iOS comments

0.047 Chinese Android market app passes 100 million downloads comments

0.032 Intel remakes 2004 ‘Pipe Dream’ video comments

0.017 Critical Security Update for Windows XP, Vista and 7 by Microsoft comments

0.016 Apple store being updated?: Are they launching something? comments

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