Thursday, March 8, 2012

Hacker News stories for 11 PM on Thursday Mar 08, 2012

0.958 Microsoft’s plan for Hadoop and big data comments

0.864 The magnificent Stanford University comments

0.811 Time Machine for every Unix out there comments

0.755 Gears: compiles and concatenates JS and CSS (Python, Django, Flask) comments

0.695 Why Richard Branson Won’t Wear a Tie comments

0.623 I collected the best quotes from Paul Graham’s essays comments

0.611 Why cross-platform mobile toolkits are a bad idea comments

0.506 Why I Pirate - An Open Letter To Content Creators comments

0.502 Secret space plane in ordit for over a year – nobody knows what it is doing. comments

0.500 Recalibrate Your Reality comments

0.467 Into The Woods comments

0.467 A Qt Console for IPython comments

0.461 OpenGL render-to-texture-via-FBO in Golang problem comments

0.381 XBRL Software comments

0.363 Texas vulture study upends forensics comments

0.349 Lost in Space: What really happened to Russia’s missing cosmonauts? comments

0.325 Sprint plans to end LightSquared deal comments

0.317 Look Out, Google—’Amazon Is Already Doing More Than $1 Billion In Ad Revenue’ comments

0.288 Tutorial: How to Deploy Your HTML5 App on StackMob (Part 2) comments

0.242 Android Market rule prohibits use of third-party in-app payment services comments

0.237 A Startup Exposes SEO Secrets, on the Cheap comments

0.198 #26 Hackers Love Mass Assignment (revised) comments

0.179 Facebook Co-Founder Chris Hughes Is Buying ‘The New Republic’ comments

0.132 Linux Action Show with Richard Stallman comments

0.119 Tweet-A-Beer Lets You Buy Drinks for Twitter Pals comments

0.099 Motorola Introducing today DEFY XT535 the Next Iteration of Life-Proof to China comments

0.058 Raspberry Pi Linux distro released, but the $35 computer faces new delays comments

0.056 Qwilt Debuts Network Video Delivery Platform comments

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