Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Hacker News stories for 11 AM on Wednesday Mar 21, 2012

0.976 SOPA and PIPA return as toilet paper comments

0.963 Monorail.js - Ultra lightweight MVC for Node.js comments

0.919 10 Principles for Keeping Your Programming Code Clean comments

0.855 3, 2, 1, blast off into Scala development with using the mvn archetype comments

0.845 Comparing the general static analysis in Visual Studio 2010 and PVS-Studio comments

0.786 Tips on Creating a Successful Crowdfunding Campaign. comments

0.784 Hustle: The rug dealing VC comments

0.625 The camera that can see around corners comments

0.615 Practical Electric Motorcycles comments

0.592 Mailcheck.js - jQuery Plugin Suggests A Domain When Misspelled In Email Address comments

0.592 James Allspaw in response to NoOps at NetFlix comments

0.588 100 Beer Ventures comments

0.583 Is the electric car dying? Only if you believe the rumors comments

0.561 Have researchers discovered how memories are encoded in our brains? comments

0.559 Visual tool to create impression.js presentations comments

0.555 The Domain Market Is Booming, And It’s No Wonder Why comments

0.533 The Conspecific Hybrid Cloud comments

0.509 Twitter turns six comments

0.470 Paul Graham has lost the plot comments

0.467 The Singularity Is Here In Chess comments

0.467 The infrastructure gnomes of tomorrow comments

0.467 Kraft to Be Renamed Mondelez After Grocery Unit Is Spun Off comments

0.467 Eavesdropping on cockroach neurons … and some MITM jiggles comments

0.451 Looks Like Zynga Just Bought OMGPOP For $200 Million comments

0.442 Why I Joined MS (from Google) comments

0.430 How long is “lean”? comments

0.417 Un-Printer laser removes toner from paper, leaving page blank & ready to reuse comments

0.411 H.264 and patents comments

0.410 Metro UI applied to enterprise apps comments

0.390 Why Amazon bought a robot army comments

0.386 RightJS - A Modular, Fast JavaScript Framework comments

0.377 Breaking tables for fun & profit: building responsive email at Redfin comments

0.365 ModMyPi Raspberry Pi case offers 5% kickback to Foundation comments

0.334 Zynga Buys OMGPOP For $200 Million comments

0.319 10 Points About the Science of Spreading Good comments

0.303 Why technology should always be simple comments

0.294 Indian Government playing unfair with Vodafone after losing tax case comments

0.278 Behind the Scenes: Launching in 4 Days comments

0.266 Git Coding Guidelines comments

0.255 Trying to get beta users and comments on new startup comments

0.241 Publishing Open Data – Do you really need an API? comments

0.226 Instagram and Hipstamatic Partnering On Photo-Sharing Service comments

0.221 Doppler-effect lets you add gestures to your computer comments

0.219 LiveReload just $0.99 for today only comments

0.187 Video TEST for YC, tell me if it’s clear comments

0.186 PHP’s Source Code For PHP Developers - Part 3 - Variables comments

0.155 Clang and Objective-C on Windows comments

0.139 Time Warner Cable Talks About IPv6 Launch comments

0.123 OMG(pop)? Zynga plans announcement comments

0.100 Spell checking powered by the web comments

0.058 Content Providers and App Developers to Subsidize LTE/3G Bandwidth Costs? comments

0.055 My iOS 6 wish list comments

0.043 New Website Startup Looking For Beta Users/Feedback comments

0.043 The Architecture Behind Picle App comments

0.039 Geometric Porn Deemed Too Explicit for Apple App Store comments

0.035 Ask HN: Are there opensource alternatives to backend services like Parse? comments

0.027 Ask HN: What’s your favorite exit strategy from a webapp comments

0.027 Chrome Overtakes Internet Explorer As World’s Most Popular Browser, For A Day comments

0.013 Developer Tear-Down of HTML5/CSS3 Hunger Games site comments

0.007 Show HN: SpaceBase - a New Realtime Spatial Data Store comments

0.002 LungoJS - Create Powerful Mobile Apps With Just HTML5, CSS3, And JavaScript comments

0.000 Ask HN: Would You Pay $7/mo for Server Monitoring? comments

0.000 Show HN: Mandelbrot Maps, a real-time Mandelbrot/Julia fractal app for Android comments

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