Thursday, March 15, 2012

Hacker News stories for 11 AM on Thursday Mar 15, 2012

0.974 Browserling on building federated architecture with Node.js comments

0.961 MPAA Exec: Only We Can Make Content That People Want comments

0.927 A Concise Guide to Clojure comments

0.916 Swiss startup Poken: collect people, places, and things with a touch comments

0.914 Consequences of using Copy-Paste method in programming and how to deal with it comments

0.894 Hacking Away: A Coding Dojo Series to Teach Scala comments

0.890 Interactive learning startup Top Hat Monocle wants to gamify learning comments

0.888 UMass Amherst Computer Scientists Design Virtual Tutors for Learning Mathematics comments

0.870 Working with legacy code comments

0.840 Processing XML in Python with ElementTree comments

0.815 Programming Language Popularity comments

0.781 Seed vs. Venture Capital: Explained comments

0.760 Scientists building “cyborg snails” to gather & transmit military intelligence comments

0.738 Matt Cutts – New 30 day challenge: No news comments

0.662 The Standard Model: Beyond the Atom comments

0.631 Larry Lessig on laws that choke creativity comments

0.556 Software Turns Movies Into Comic Books comments

0.556 Goldman Sachs is a Harbinger of American Decline comments

0.528 CityGrid Local, Mobile Stack: GeoIQ comments

0.515 Experiment: Does Googlebot index dynamic content from a JS app? comments

0.489 Microsoft patent application details branded web browser frame comments

0.429 March Madness - SQL Azure - sys.sql_logins comments

0.423 Better Magic Methods in PHP 5.4 comments

0.417 Single Page Web Apps with Backbone.js comments

0.407 How to write low garbage real-time Javascript comments

0.379 Researchers mimic relativity and the Higgs field in graphene-like material comments

0.378 A Structured Search Engine Powered By Hypertable comments

0.361 Google Hires Kevin Rose comments

0.309 Kevin Rose Will Join Google - Liz Gannes - Social - AllThingsD comments

0.301 Kevin Rose Will Join Google comments

0.296 Why linking developer bonuses to Metacritic scores should come to an end comments

0.286 World’s biggest fake conference in computer science comments

0.286 Radeon HD 7990 coming in April comments

0.281 Cave Fossil Find: New Human Species or “Nothing Extraordinary”? comments

0.252 Chronicling the social networking bubble ‘from pump to dump’ comments

0.230 PayPal Here launched today, a direct — and triangular — competitor with Square comments

0.226 Nokia’s design head spending a third of his time developing a tablet comments

0.207 How to Square any 2-digit numbers mentally, easily and quickly comments

0.191 Updated Google Prediction API comments

0.186 MIT’s annual sports stat geek conference - Who’s the best shooter int the NBA? comments

0.160 2lemetry – We’re hiring in Denver comments

0.126 Winning A Bidding War With Facebook, Google Picks Up The Entire Milk Team comments

0.123 Aol Snaps Up Hyper-Local Photosharing App Hipster comments

0.113 What music do you listen to when you hack? comments

0.083 Russian Esquire magazine fined for covering bitcoins SilkRoad story comments

0.078 Tiny particles send a message for the first time comments

0.075 Vector Images for Mobile comments

0.054 Show HN: Foundstyles - Ready to use styles, based on Foundation framework comments

0.029 partners with PayPal comments

0.023 Is there a viable alternative to the iPad? comments

0.006 Give your phone an email address.( comments

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