Thursday, March 8, 2012

Hacker News stories for 10 AM on Thursday Mar 08, 2012

0.909 Wikipedia finally ditching GoDaddy over SOPA support comments

0.877 When people find smartphones comments

0.865 The Case(s) Against Law School comments

0.857 Useful Ember.js Functions comments

0.801 Companies and ISPs already run large caching web proxies, use them! comments

0.703 Apple’s New UltraViolet-like Movie functionality comments

0.700 Obama Mines for Voters With High-Tech Tools comments

0.675 Should Startup Incubators Offer Charm School? comments

0.671 What’s New in Visual Studio 2012 Dependency Graph Features comments

0.637 The Go Programming Language, or: Why all C-like languages except one suck. comments

0.637 How to Create a Custom Dojo Component comments

0.632 Frog Design Crystal gazing for 2012 design trends comments

0.631 The Streamlined Sales Tax Project is gaining headway. -Internet sales taxes comments

0.616 NodeJS process management at comments

0.606 Jennifer Pahlka: Coding a better government comments

0.592 How we cut Rails boot time by 33% comments

0.584 Hall’s Law: The Nineteenth Century Prequel to Moore’s Law comments

0.575 Product development is dead. Long live product development. comments

0.554 Are You Meeting Expectations? comments

0.545 Undercover Billionaire: Sara Blakely of Spanx comments

0.536 Something Borrowed, Something New (PostgreSQL) comments

0.533 Discussion of Coders At Work starting March 21 comments

0.521 Online Dating, Meet Facebook comments

0.520 Blasting the photoelectric effect out of the quantum realm comments

0.502 House to pass bipartisan bill aimed at start-ups comments

0.477 Observations on Dev / Ops culture comments

0.472 Don’t Waste Your Time On Tech Religions comments

0.467 Sms gratis comments

0.459 Why should you use Unchecked exceptions over Checked exceptions in Java comments

0.441 Welcome to Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio 4 comments

0.429 Give ‘em the how and the why comments

0.423 The JavaScript Renaissance comments

0.406 When Social Media Takes You Offline comments

0.402 Better CSS3 properties for word wrapping comments

0.394 See the new Mixlr comments

0.383 URL shorteners and Twitter comments

0.375 Night Blooms Cardboard Graffiti comments

0.364 Lucid Meetings: Real-Time Web Conferencing & Team Collaboration in the Cloud comments

0.333 The Necessity Of Exceptions comments

0.328 First impressions of the new Basecamp – Managing areas of focus comments

0.303 Dwolla Calls Bitcoin Exchange Suit ‘Specious’ comments

0.295 A graphic timeline of tech that went from fiction to reality comments

0.286 Why you should estimate your todos comments

0.271 Gmail’s New Loading Screen comments

0.265 Ways To Make Your Ecommerce Site More Visually Appealing comments

0.262 Get Paid $5000 To Move To New York City comments

0.256 1 Hideous Step to Overcome Exhaustion and Be More Creative comments

0.247 Why governments should tax the privacy reseller: Google, Facebook & Co comments

0.233 How Brands Are Marketing on Pinterest comments

0.220 Low-Cost Ways To Show Employees They’re Highly Valued comments

0.220 The End of Cheap China comments

0.210 Terminal Scrollback buffer written to disk exploit for linux comments

0.193 Commenting could keep Pinterest from getting sued comments

0.124 Why Do We Want an iPad So Badly? The Psychology of Gadgets, Explained comments

0.123 Geomagnetic Storm has Started, Solar Radiation Storm Continues comments

0.122 Daily Secret Raises $1.85 Million from U.S. Backers comments

0.108 YouTube and NBC Will Livestream the Entire Summer 2012 Olympics For Free comments

0.095 Apple’s iPad Competitors Should Just Give up comments

0.079 Google Chrome Hacked at CanSecWest comments

0.070 How Spanx founder Sara Blakely turned $5000 into a Billion comments

0.053 HTML5 Cross Browser Polyfills comments

0.040 Why I Still Won’t Buy an Apple TV comments

0.025 HTC Sensation XE Gets Official Android 4.0 Update In Germany comments

0.021 Google Chrome Finally hacked Twice comments

0.019 Ask HN: Specific stock option evaluation advice comments

0.014 Ask HN: Startup is Failing, Now What? comments

0.003 Ask HN: Planning on selling statup, what do you think it is worth? comments

0.001 Reload Google Chrome on Mac OS X from Vim comments

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