Monday, March 5, 2012

Hacker News stories for 10 AM on Monday Mar 05, 2012

0.937 Education 2.0 - the Business Model comments

0.931 Study finds thickest parts of Arctic ice cap melting faster comments

0.918 The future will be better than we think if politicians don’t ruin it comments

0.798 Two Sources of Stress that (probably) apply to you comments

0.774 Bruce Dawson: Tricks With the Floating-Point Format comments

0.759 Open Source Rules of Engagement comments

0.719 Branding platform matches socially focused startups with hand-picked designers comments

0.689 Hacker School: Why I’m learning to code comments

0.679 How to Build the muscle of change comments

0.667 Iran overturns death sentence for ‘CIA spy’ and Game Programmer Hekmati comments

0.664 What algorithms could be used to rank popular blog posts in blog aggregator? comments

0.646 The Ministry of Truth in Advertising comments

0.646 Asynchronous HTTP Requests in Perl Using AnyEvent comments

0.645 Why Early Stage Startups Should Not Exhibit at Conferences comments

0.633 The Enterprise Model: Build or Buy? comments

0.633 Automated stress testing for Web 2.0 applications comments

0.633 The Giants Among Us comments

0.626 “Do it anyway” 5 Lessons to my younger self comments

0.616 Bay Area Wakes Up To Magnitude 4.0 East Bay Quake comments

0.605 The Ruby Colored Box comments

0.602 Linode vs Github: A comparison of how two companies handled a security issue comments

0.554 Hello, #World - dynamic Twitter background comments

0.553 Cash prizes for technological innvoation: A 400-year history comments

0.504 Capitalism is dead, long live the organism comments

0.465 Google launches K-12 Art Contest comments

0.432 How to stay healthy on the road comments

0.432 Testflight acquired by Burstly comments

0.421 Magit Cheat Sheet, a mode for using git in Emacs comments

0.421 Isaacs on “Trying to be less sexist” comments

0.395 How is babby formed? comments

0.374 New software responds to students’ emotions, boredom comments

0.350 a victory and an extrapolation comments

0.339 Tinker — Social Code Collaboration comments

0.333 Post-Apocalyptic Zombie Revolution - Applications Welcome comments

0.333 TestFlight acquired by Burstly comments

0.323 10 Interesting Pins about Obama on Pinterest comments

0.281 Personal memories of Dennis Ritchie (dmr) by those who worked alongside him comments

0.279 The Benefits and Pitfalls of ESPN’s new Developer Center comments

0.273 How to make your django app slow comments

0.252 ‘Be Bold’ is a bust: Ad blitz didn’t help BlackBerry 7 sales in February comments

0.249 redesigns using private beta of Hoefler & Frere-Jones webfont service comments

0.246 TestFlight + Burstly = TestFlight Live comments

0.238 Windows support coming to Qubes comments

0.235 What’s Wrong with Amazon’s DynamoDB Pricing? comments

0.231 DIY : USB Password Dongle comments

0.203 Why I hate tumblr. comments

0.198 Zynga shares lose altitude on downgrade comments

0.198 Thinking differently about the pulse of life (video) comments

0.156 ASP.NET Web API Processing Architecture comments

0.152 The Warlord and the Basketball Star: A Story of Congo’s Corrupt Gold Trade comments

0.145 Google’s rules of acquisition: How to be an Android, not an Aardvark comments

0.137 It’s time for us all to rally behind the Raspberry Pi comments

0.132 NYC Hackers and Designers List comments

0.125 GTA clone in HTML5 comments

0.116 Porsche + Facebook + Pinterest: Sign of the Times. comments

0.115 Misys targeted by CVC and ValueAct in new bid comments

0.115 Delta Offers Free Wi-Fi Access To comments

0.095 Darpa shows off running “cheetah” robot comments

0.079 Angry Birds' Maker Says No Concrete IPO Plans [video]]( [*comments*](

0.072 Why do you need a good web design? comments

0.044 How to extract text from image or PDF files comments

0.044 HTML5 terminal/SSH client goes 1.0 with Quake-style demo (press ESC on any page) comments

0.039 This Week in Location Based Marketing #67: Location-connected radio + Yelp IPO comments

0.033 Please view this website in a WebKit enabled browser comments

0.023 iOS App Discovery Service comments

0.019 How to Recover Deleted files on Your MAC OSX comments

0.017 Hands-on with iPad 3 Front Glass, Rear Shell, and Cases (video) comments

0.015 FlashJS - opensource HTML5 game engine with API similar to Flash one comments

0.014 AUO lands panel orders for Apple 7.85-inch iPads, says paper comments

0.004 Induction ⚡ A Polyglot Database Client For Mac OS X comments

0.003 Ask HN: How would you grow and monetize a free image hosting site? comments

0.002 Google Wallet Now Showing as Unsupported on Rooted Devices comments

0.002 25 Billion App Store Downloads comments

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