Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Hacker News stories for 1 PM on Tuesday Mar 06, 2012

0.967 Why Are Lawyers So Expensive Even With The Excess Supply Of Lawyers? comments

0.936 Twitter co-founder Dorsey’s advice to young innovators comments

0.923 Re-Format Rails 3.1 Sessions/Cookies for Better Logging comments

0.876 The Dirty Little Secret of Programming comments

0.869 StarCluster: Simplifying cluster management on EC2 comments

0.820 A Stand-Up Joke Is Born comments

0.816 Ask For Forgiveness Programming - Or How We’ll Program 1000 Cores comments

0.774 Sorry, I am not a programmer. Sorry then you should not be writing code for me. comments

0.755 Going behind the scenes building Windows 8 comments

0.710 Obscenity Filters: Bad Idea, or Incredibly Intercoursing Bad Idea? comments

0.708 List of Coursera, Udacity, and MITx classes maintained by dhawalhs comments

0.708 If You Think Making Money is Hard, Try a Non-Profit comments

0.705 On Keeping Busy and Staying Sane in Startups comments

0.670 Managing the Information Avalanche - Ron Ashkenas comments

0.668 I want to teach my wife to code…where do I start? comments

0.667 Electromigration comments

0.659 NSA Data Center Construction in Utah comments

0.651 SQL.js: SQLite in JavaScript comments

0.633 Your startup needs the design process (not necessarily a designer) comments

0.628 Looking for my Woz comments

0.628 Dont try to model the real world - it doesnt exist comments

0.627 Doing Conditional Comments for your IE css fixes better comments

0.627 Why Startups Should Curate Content comments

0.620 Platform to organize online hackathons comments

0.606 Bobber Interactive and “The Spouse Test” comments

0.597 With New Hardware, Square Begins Taxi Rollout comments

0.572 In-Your-Face: Can Computers Catch You Telling a Lie? comments

0.547 Rails Jenkins CI Server with Capybara-Webkit comments

0.544 Announcing Marginalia v0.7.0 comments

0.540 What do I need to do in order to be a programmer out at sea? comments

0.530 Vagrant 1.0 - Virtualized development for the masses comments

0.527 Reverse IP lookup of DOJ/ICE seized domain server reveals all seized domains comments

0.502 The Next Time You Cut Your Finger, Save a Life comments

0.500 Significant Health Benefits In Breaking Up Prolonged Sitting comments

0.500 Flickr DMCA takedown’s false positive consequences comments

0.499 Apple TV out of stock in 98% of U.S. Apple stores — prepare for something new comments

0.497 IBM Watson heads to Wall Street comments

0.487 The ASP.NET WebAPI and its shortcomings comments

0.467 Dwolla’s terms-of-service salad comments

0.465 Robert Graham’s notes on Sabu arrest comments

0.461 Experiment: sprites, isometry, and cursor interaction comments

0.458 How are major undersea cables laid in the ocean? comments

0.443 What’s wrong with the Independent Games Festival (IGF) comments

0.420 What early-stage investors really want comments

0.416 Mythbusters Banned From Discussing RFID By Visa And Mastercard comments

0.411 Apple’s ‘iPad mini’ may be even more mini than you thought comments

0.400 ROCA-style: Simple recommendations for decent Web application frontends comments

0.396 Apple (and the universe itself) are due for a fall comments

0.391 Intel Xeon E5 (Sandy Bridge-EP) Server Processor Launches comments

0.390 Netflix: No, We Don’t Advertise with Rush Limbaugh comments

0.364 SQL Server Migration Assistant: Getting Started comments

0.363 Taming gVim on a GNOME desktop comments

0.363 Photon heralds entanglement in new quantum repeater comments

0.358 Free Monads for Less: Codensity comments

0.356 A Lot Of Dropbox Employee Stock Is Being Bought Right Now comments

0.355 Wow, who would down vote me for that??? comments

0.354 Matt Goffrey: What Is Inbound Marketing comments

0.348 Kartograph: beautiful map projections in SVG comments

0.340 Font Awesome, the pictographic font designed for use with Twitter Bootstrap comments

0.333 Self-reproducing Lempel-Ziv zip/gzip streams comments

0.333 Troubleshooting responsive layout with :after comments

0.330 Top tips for a great video meeting comments

0.320 Before, after, and around Moose comments

0.313 The Biggest Potholes in the Path of Car-Sharing comments

0.302 Bloatware and the 80/20 Myth (2001) comments

0.280 Grantoo Lets Students Play to Pay for Tuition comments

0.259 Cursor:none abuse (trick users into clicking Facebook ‘like’) comments

0.241 JSLintMate - JSLint and JSHint in TextMate. comments

0.233 Adobe Gaming: Better games. More easily. comments

0.233 SQL.js: SQLite Compiled to JavaScript via Emscripten comments

0.206 Cheetah robot sets new speed record (+video) comments

0.195 Audiogalaxy music service is reborn, with a new approach comments

0.184 The Most Astounding Fact about the Universe comments

0.161 Captain’s Blog: Chronicling Every Star Trek Episode comments

0.160 Github easy unwatching bookmarklet comments

0.159 SQLite compiled to JavaScript through Emscripten comments

0.159 Facebook: China is top Asia software partner, despite block comments

0.158 Google Play comments

0.150 GDC 2012: RIM tries harder to woo game devs, but needs to show them the money comments

0.149 The Hybrid Safety System (or Making Industrial Robots Safe Around Humans) comments

0.146 Inside SQL Server 2012: First Look comments

0.123 IPad 3 Release Date and What to Expect From Apple comments

0.102 SignNow raises from Khosla to help kill faxing comments

0.097 New Darpa challenge wants unique algorithms for space applications comments

0.091 How many neurons make a human brain? (hint: not 100 billion)b comments

0.084 How Pinweel Uses Linux to Power Group Photo Sharing comments

0.079 Google Rebrands Android Market, Google Music as ‘Play’ comments

0.058 Write Apps on the go using Android AIDE comments

0.049 Airbnb beign robbed by Zukbox comments

0.048 AppMobi Accelerates Android HTML5 Performance With new directCanvas SDK comments

0.029 Build mobile apps powered by Cloud Foundry & FeedHenry comments

0.028 Ask HN: Is the term “Startup” always mean Tech Startup? comments

0.017 Meet the Man Behind the Very First Camera Phone comments

0.016 Mobile Morning Coffee - Kindle Fire 1/3 of tablet traffic comments

0.013 Show HN: social news prototype for the publisher wanna be comments

0.013 AIDE, an IDE That Lets You Write Android Apps On Android comments

0.012 Sources: Apple TV update, iPad 3 for Verizon and AT&T LTE launching tomorrow comments

0.010 Facebook’s first desktop app for Windows gets its official launch today comments

0.005 IPad share of tablet OS market falls below 50% comments

0.004 Android, iOS Make Up 91% of Mobile OS Market comments

0.002 Hey Google Wallet, Square and PayPal – Mobile Payments Should Be This Easy comments

0.001 Ask HN: how do you estimate your cloud costs? comments

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